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Lindsay Lohan Case

Judge Misled by Sheriff

11/3/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca may have led Lindsay Lohan's judge astray, by making a public pronouncement that there is room for Lindsay in his jail, when in fact there isn't.

You'll recall ... during Lindsay's hearing last month, an angry Judge Stephanie Sautner threw up her hands, bemoaning the futility of sentencing misdemeanor offenders to jail. Sautner said because of new laws and overcrowding, the jails can't house people convicted of misdemeanors.

The next day, Baca appeared on FOX 11's "Good Day L.A," (above) proclaiming there is indeed room in his jail for Lindsay -- and telegraphing to the judge that a jail sentence would be meaningful.

But as TMZ first reported, Judge Sautner's 30-day sentence is -- as a practical matter -- a joke, because the Sheriff will release her almost immediately -- possibly in an hour or 2 -- because of overcrowding. It appears Sautner was unaware of the revolving jail door when she handed down her sentence.

Lindsay wins again.


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I think it's good Lindsey doesn't deserve to go to jail over a stupid matter that happened years ago.
The amount of times I have done illegal things and I've never been locked up, I've done ALOT worse than linds! I think it's BS! The poor thing made one or two mistakes years ago, she's learnt her lesson, I really think working in the morgue is enough punishment, too much if you ask me! Seeing deceased people could really effect your mind emotionally and mentally, it'll probably scar Lindsey for life. I really don't think it's acceptable! Make her work with drug addicts or something! Not a morgue! Plus it's actually kinda disrespectful to the deceased families as well, since they want thie love one at peace but instead there's a media circus every time linds goes to community service!

1084 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Sheriff Baca was out of line talking about Lindsay like that on the news. He should have better things to do then go on TV to talk about some celebrities jail time.

1084 days ago


Baca finally figured if he can't keep his deputies from beating prisoners, maybe he could manage to keep Lilo for 30 days. He seems to be wrong on an awful lot of things

1084 days ago

Drugsney Drinkhan    

Nice try on trying to cover your own azz TMZ.

1084 days ago


Hopefully Lee Baca never gets re-elected again. He tried to pull a stunt with Pari******on, remember? Her dad had been a "contributor" to his campaign. Dirty politics all the way. DO NOT REELECT LEE BACA!

1084 days ago


Every time this comes up, I say the same thing, she'll do no time. And TMZ keeps trying to keep up the suspense that she will. Once again, she skates. In L.A., celebs can literally get away with murder. Why should it be any different for what Linds did?

1084 days ago


Judge made a big mistake if she believed Baca when he said there was room for Lilo. We all knew better. Baca sounds like a stupid buffoon. At the time he ran for sheriff, most of the deputies were not backing him, but yet the people voted him as sheriff. Baca is not even fit to run for dog catcher.

1084 days ago


LA Judicial System is a joke - Lindsay Lohen will never serve her sentence. It is simple convict and release program for celebrities. In actuality, they should let all inmates go except for Lindsay Lohan and make an example out of her by letting her serve her full term. I am taking waivers, however, that she does not serve any time. It must be nice to be a celebrity in LA -- no punishment for breaking the law. Too bad regular people are not treated the same.

1084 days ago


We have plenty of room at our jails, here in Fl. for her.Maybe she can room with her dad!!!!!!!!!!!

1084 days ago


I meant "taking bets" not waivers. Early morning typing mistake.

1084 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Good Point, I'm sure this IS NOT what the Judge had in mind when sentencing her to 30 days!

1084 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

As for the 30 days Lindsay is getting now -- the judge made it clear ... NO HOUSE ARREST.

The Sheriff's Dept. tells us Lindsay will serve 20% of the 30 days -- 6 days in jail.

THZ's got it all screwed up most of the time when it involves, facts.......

1084 days ago


Your jails are crowded beyond belief for two reasons. Freely available guns and in their wake gun-related crime and secondly an absurd war on drugs. If you really want misdemeanor crime offenders in jail go get the guns and end the war on drugs. And you should stop talking as if the rules and regulations for imprisonment misdemeanors only apply to Lindsay.

1084 days ago

Fat Mike    

Well done Chewie, you moron! Stick to what you know best - being a bitch.

1084 days ago

Fat Mike    

I thought these judges were supposed to be educated? How is it that a dill like me has known of this policy for years but a so called judge doesn't seem to have a clue.
It happened with Pari******on too, when the judge in her case ordered Paris back to prison after she was released early. He too played the "I didn't know" card. How many times have these judges told people in their courtroon "ignorance is no excuse?"

1084 days ago
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