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Chaz Bono

The Report of My Death

Is Greatly Exaggerated

11/4/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono is pissed off at the National Enquirer for running a story that predicts he will DIE in 4 years -- claiming the whole thing's a "smear campaign" that's "blatantly false" ...  TMZ has learned.

The "story" is plastered right on the cover of the Nov. 11 issue with a headline that screams, "Chaz Bono -- ONLY 4 YEARS TO LIVE."

The article cites "expert" opinions from a guy named Dr. Patrick Wanis, who claims Chaz's weight combined with the stress and various medications associated with his gender reassignment "increase Chaz's risk of an early death." The Enquirer says Wanis predicts Chaz will likely die by 2015.

But Chaz claims the whole thing is a steaming pile of crap -- and his legal team fired off a letter to the Enquirer demanding they print a retraction and issue a public apology ASAP.

In the letter, Chaz's lawyer calls the story, "blatantly false and defamatory" -- adding, "The salacious and inflammatory headline and article were crafted for the malicious purpose of discriminating against our client's gender and sexual orientation."

"Further, the statements you attribute to Dr. Patrick Wanis and your depiction of him as a medical doctor specializing in transgender health issues are highly misleading and blatantly false."

Chaz's lawyer says if the Enquirer does not retract the story, Chaz will sue.


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The reports that you are are a man are greatly exaggerated. Look down, you have a vagina.

1082 days ago


If he doesen't croak in 4 years Dr. Patrick owes him a coke.

1082 days ago


If "he" gets arrested then which jail would "he" go to? Again though I ask who is this person and why do I care?

1082 days ago


Experts opinion: "Chaz Bono --ONLY 4 YEARS TO LIVE."

Prediction #2: Chasity Bono will still be a women in 4 years.

1082 days ago


Wow,you guys are really mean. I read his book and he has had life long health problems that were not made public. He had to have a hysterectomy in his twenties. Who knows how much if any truth there is in the story. It's the Enquirer,there may be an element of truth or none at all. He is the child of two great entertainers,that is something you can't change. He may have the need to express himself. If he is ill, I would expect that need would be greater and I would expect he may not want to die in what he feels is the wrong body. It appeared on DWTS that people were more accepting of him as a overweight man than they were ever of him as the lesbian daughter of Sonny and Cher. Guess I was wrong. I feel sorry for him regardless.

1082 days ago


What will the coroner say....MALE or FEMALE?

1082 days ago


It's sad to read all thi*****red towards Chaz.
The one thing I would suggest is Chaz forming a personality.
She looks overwhelmed and unsure of herself alot of the time---like a whole lot's going on in her mind and she can't quite express it all.
I know people who never really formed a personality.
It's always an awkward encounter when I see them.
But I try to be understanding.No one's perfect,afterall.

1082 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

This fatass is likely to suicide her way out of the world. Only monumental self-loathing would cause her to act the way she has.

Think about it, you're a lesbian and you don't like it so you have your breasts removed and pretend to be male. Hot flash time... you're still a lesbian.

Its doubtful there could be any good outcome.

1082 days ago


WOW I can't believe all the cruel things being written about this. He is a HUMAN BEING people and just because he had the guts to become the person he felt he was inside doesn't mean people have to be cruel. He isn't trying to act like his mother ( I love Cher) he is being who he is and trying to help others deal with the feelings they have about being trapped in a body that they don't feel is right the man has a heart people!!! Yes he went on Dancing with the Stars and I give him alot of credit and actually was upset with the way the judges treated him, they were rude and cruel and unprofessional. I thought it was cool that he went on there and he's just living his life and being happy and so don't put people down for being happy and changing their life so they can be happy. There is just way to much judging of others in this world and people seem to thrieve from being nasty and cruel. You go Chaz!!!!!

1082 days ago


this girl is an idiot

1082 days ago


I love all the hateful, right-wing, racist, homophobes that sit in their mommies basement and post their retarded comments on TMZ. You are all a bunch of *******rs:)

1082 days ago

Just Reading    

Chaz is being a bit of a hypocrite about this. In part Chaz did DWTS to promote discussion about transgender individuals in society....well health and wellness should be part of the discussion. Chaz had to undergo surgical procedures and must take hormones to maintain the outward seems fair to discuss the ramifications of that choice and the effects it can have on a clearly overweight individual.

1082 days ago


The first thing that HER legal team should have told her is that you can't sue someone for printing an OPINION that is estimating what will happen to HER in the future. It's not like they said SHE was going to kill HER cat or something. They just extrapolated where SHE will be in a few years. Un-alive.

1082 days ago


I haven't read the article itself, but if it's an opinion, can they really be sued?

1082 days ago


Chaz Bono and the National Enquirer...they both seem to belong together and this country will be better off when both are gone.

1082 days ago
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