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Conrad Murray Trial

Jackson Family on Standby

11/4/2011 8:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Jackson family is NOT inside the courtroom this morning ... as they have been for most of the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial ... but sources tell TMZ -- they WILL be when the verdict is read.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... the family is expected to get a 2-hour heads up when the jury is ready to present their verdict to the judge ... at which point, Katherine, Jermaine, La Toya and the rest of the crew will head on down to the courthouse.

The jury has already begun deliberating -- and they could return a verdict at any moment.

Stay tuned.


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So the jury has to sit around and wait 2 hours for the Jackson's to show up? No wonder people git mad at people with money.

1022 days ago


If you ask me (which you didnt) Papa Jackson should be on trial fer killing Micheal as well, cause with all them beatings he broke Michaels spirit and heart. Micheal wouldn't had needed all them drugs pumped into him if he hadnt been freaked out all his life from his daddy.

1022 days ago


Meanwhile conrad murray is with his girlfriend helping her maintain her instrument.

1022 days ago


****roaches...every one of them!

1022 days ago


IN no trials of "regular people" do they give a 2 hour
"heads up". The jury says they have a verdict, they give
maybe 30 minutes to round up everybody (who are told to
stay reasonably close) and that's that. I wonder if
this jury is aware they have to wait 2 hours after they reach a verdict for the Jackson's "publicity bus" to arrive.
This is not right at all.

1022 days ago

nipples mugee    

I notice Janet Jackson keeps her distance from the freak show..

1022 days ago

Just Reading    

I think the "two hour" heads up is being taken out of context just a tad. Murray and his attorney's will also get the heads up since their offices most likely aren't located in or near the court house like the prosecutor's. So the delay to assemble applies to them as's just not interesting enough to include in the article I suppose.

1022 days ago


At least those losers will have a shoulder to cry on when Murray is found not guilty. Ha....

1022 days ago


hard to make a comment what verdict would be. Not sure what 'reasonable doubt' will be in this case. Mr. Walgren did brilliant job. Mt. Chernoff had some good points too. Good luck to the jury.

1022 days ago


This family loves this limelight, what will they do when the whole trial and verdict is over? Try to go on tour? I dont think LaToya is getting calls from Playboy anymore.

1022 days ago


Bunch of gold-digging whores! They all need to get a job!!!

1022 days ago


The Jackson Family share some responsibility in the death of MJ. They, like leaches sucked the money from him, enjoying his incoherent state, now they show outrage over what others did to MJ. One day their own role in his demise should be recognized.

1022 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray, who is being charged with manslaughter for the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson, has said in court papers that he must be granted the right to continue practicing medicine, otherwise, he won't be able to pay for his defense in the case.

Murray was responding to a bid by the California attorney general to suspend his license pending trial, The Associated Press reports. Attorneys for the doctor say if that were to happen, the results would be devastating for the financially strapped Murray.

"He is, without fear of overstatement, hanging on by a thread," the attorneys wrote. "His ability to pay for his own defense depends almost entirely on his ability to continue to treat patients."

Murray, who is due back in court on Monday, has pleaded not guilty to the involuntary-manslaughter charges brought up against him in Jackson's death; the singer was administered anesthetic propofol and other drugs by Murray.

Should he be suspended in California — where he no longer practices — his lawyers fear there might be a domino effect in Texas and Nevada, where the bulk of his practice is.

"If Dr. Murray is unable to practice medicine in Texas, and especially Nevada, he will likely be faced with the inability to adequately defend himself of the charges facing him in the Superior Court of California," his lawyers wrote. "The case with which he is charged will require intensive attorney work and fees. In light of the fact that much of his defense will be scientifically based and involves the death of an internationally famous decedent, expenses for his defense will be considerable."

Lawyers for Murray also say that should he be suspended, he'd struggle to pay child support.

The AP also reports that court records show financial woes aren't new to Murray, and they date back to when he signed on in May at $150,000 per month to keep Jackson healthy through a series of comeback shows planned in London. At that time, he owed at least $780,000 for settlements against his business, outstanding mortgage payments on his house, delinquent student loans, child support and credit cards. He also faced near foreclosure on his Las Vegas country-club home.

In January, he made a payment of $1,003 on a $15,500 child-support debt involving a California woman and her 11-year-old son. The next month, he failed to appear at a Las Vegas court proceeding and was found in default on a $132,000 debt related to office and medical equipment and services.

1022 days ago

moe l.    

Just look at that line up of plastic, botox and other additives!!! They will probably be seen in that line formation at the unemployment office since their moneymaker OD'd.

1022 days ago
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