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Justin Bieber

Slams Alleged Baby Mama

'I'm Never Gonna Be a Victim'

11/4/2011 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber on the Today Show
Justin Bieber has finally decided to address the baby daddy rumors himself -- telling Matt Lauer point blank ... Mariah Yeater is LYING THROUGH HER TEETH.

Bieber appeared on "Today" and said, "I'd just like to say that none of those allegations are true" ... adding, "I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim." 


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Matt you fluff where were the hard questions...pardon the pun. "So when did you lose your virginity?", "How long can you go before ya jizz...longer than 30 secs?", "Have you ever banged a chick in a bathroom?","How many times have you and Selena banged it out in a bathroom?", Where's TMZ photostalkers when ya need them :/

994 days ago


I think it's very possible he knocked the girl up. His hormones are flying,
and if she threw herself at him, well you know, he ain't saying No.
and in heat of moment didn't whip out a condom. All possible.
Now his PR team is going to have to make Him look like the victim.

994 days ago


Such a lying little brat.

This is nothing more than a ''I didn't do it'' based on the knowledge that all his handlers, management, minders, other minions, will just flat out deny ever having seen her and she has no proof otherwise. Round one taken care of. Round two: she will get a settlement, sign a huge non-disclosure agreement, and the whole story will go away.

All this is, is the need to deny it publically. Now everyone will doubt her and believe he's being set up. It's all just so the public will remember that he denied it and there won't be a follow-up. Now watch a few weeks go by and she will suddenly ''drop her claim'', put up with a few more rounds of being called a lame, crazy, star stalker, and then retire to obscurity with baby paid for and him still ''never having met her''.

Such cynicism. Little brat. Everyone knows you're rounding up young girls after your concerts and no one beliebers your nonsense about Jesus, either. Brat. You are no victim at all. I hope the next one keeps her panties and really makes you one.

994 days ago


BABY-BRAINS BIEBER needs some education before making a statement like he's NEVER going to be a victim.....hang's going to be a long rocky road!

994 days ago


good for him standing up for himself and slamming her lies. Girl only wants his money and a little fame

994 days ago


Everyone knows a girl cannot get another girl pregnant!

994 days ago


hey justin..take the DNA test if you have nothing to worry about you should be jumping through hoops to take it.just sayin

994 days ago


I think he is the father, why hasn't he taken the test yet?? I bet he's trying to find a way to pay her to say it was a lie. I bet hes trying to pay his way out of taking the test, and I bet he will feel VERRRY small if he does take the test, because it will come back 99% he IS the father. . . If he wasn't he would've already taken the test and this would be at rest. . . H'es dragging this on and its NOT good for his 'image'

994 days ago


He needs to threaten HER with a lawsuit - that would make her quit lying pretty fast.

994 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

Slam her all you want. CA will order a test and if it is true you will pay. The age difference only means a misdemeanor if they charge her which won't rally matter when she's making $50,000 grand a month in child support.

994 days ago

Home Skillet    

That little trick ho is a lying, opportunistic pig. Leave the Bieb alone ... he's a good kid, and she's a troll doing a very dooshy thing.

994 days ago


I know its not true, because how else would a women be able to impregnate another women?

994 days ago


Just take the damn test and if she is just lying then she test will come out negative but as long as you don
t take that DNA test, it will just prove that you're full of it.

994 days ago


We'll see, won't we? If you TRULY are innocent of this, why are you fighting SO hard against having to take a paternity test?
If you TRULY want to shut this woman up and TRULY didn't sleep with her - TAKE THE TEST!
Your reluctance to do so is making everyone believe her - including me!

994 days ago


He cannot be the father, he and selena are monogamous lesbians.

994 days ago
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