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Katherine & Joe Jackson

We're Shackin' Up

Near the Courthouse

11/4/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine and Joe Jackson are currently on their way to a hotel near the L.A. County Superior courthouse ... so when the jury finally reaches a verdict, they're right near the action.

Katherine and Joe live in Calabasas -- with traffic, it could take over two hours to get to the courthouse ... and we're told, they just didn't want to chance missing a beat.

According to sources, they plan to check in and stay for as long as it takes the jury to come to a decision.

It's unclear if other members of the Jackson family also plan to crash nearby the courthouse.


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If I'm not mistaken, it's Katherine Jackson that lives in Calabasas. Joe lives in Vegas. In any case, Michael loved his mother, took care of his mother all of his life, and if she wants to be in the courtroom during the reading of the verdict, and it takes her too long to get there from her home, WHOSE BUSINESS IS IT BESIDES HERS? And TMZ, how disrespectful of you to say she's "shacked up" with Joe. Joe is a pig, everyone knows it. They stay as far away from each other as they can, just like Michael stayed away from Joe. STOP the hate on Katherine!

1050 days ago


There is a decent hotel near the LA County Courthouse?

1050 days ago


"She lives in LA and has to get a hotel room?"

1. Distance and traffic.

2. Remember the funeral traffic scene? If she were at home and got the verdict message there, the roads and skies would be filled with papparazzi and helicopters and reporters following the parents' vehicles to the courthouse. It would be another LA freeway massacre. Best thing for the parents to do is stay in a hotel near the courthouse. LAPD and Sheriffs might have advised the family to do that.

1050 days ago


this entire "freak show " is sooo stupid. oh gee we have to get an expensive suite to wait for the verdict.
never saw such money hungry bunch in my life.
j sr. look's like a friggin pimp.
mj killed himself !!! he was a drug addict a hellva long time before murray came on the scene!
he jackson family geta f..king life and spend mj billion's and shut the hell up. bro's are loser wannabe's that need to get of their lazy asses and get a damn job. mj is gone ur freeloading day's are over unless madam j continue's to support ur lazy ass. discusting bunch!! ugh !! go away as we hope kk will !!

1050 days ago


I am glad jury didn't decide today. There were so many lies throughout this whole thing. It reminds me of the magic lone bullet theory in the JFK movie. I remember watching the do***entary after he died and Lou Ferigno his trainer said MJ was in great shape for his age. Then we have the producer go on stand and share a copy of an email he had written saying MJ needs psychological assessment, he wasn't eating. Then on top of that we have MJ's own voice saying he was in pain, he was tired. I am really surprised no one ever considered someone other than Conrad Murray pulling the trigger so to speak. Conrad was too wrapped up on the phone. Someone else could easily have snuck in or walked by and heard MJ begging for more milk. Maybe someone wanted revenge on him or maybe someone was just trying to help him out of his misery - maybe even one of his children. MJ had years of drug abuse, there are conflicting reports on the health of his body, he was desperate for money, there were reports of him being booed off a stage in England in the last 10 years. MJ was a dead man walking. He had been that way for at least 10 years. The insurance company was probably going to pull the plug on the show and MJ couldn't deal with it. MJ could have lost the will to live. That alone could have killed him. Kudos to the jury for taking their time to find the real justice. Either way.
Personally, there are too many lies and I think what really happened to him and the reasons have not been heard and likely never will. MJ was worth more dead than alive to most people except Conrad Murray.

1050 days ago


Shackin- up and getting a piece of the action-
yep that would be Joe Jackson...still think they
got the wrong Jackson!

1050 days ago


Oh, I totally agree with comment # 23!

1050 days ago


Of course, they wouldn't want to miss the publicity while trying to look like they actually cared about their son at the same time.

If this poor excuse for mother really actually cared for her son, or *any* of her children, she would have left her husband a long time ago. Yet, she now lets the dude around her grandchildren. WTF?

Kim K is a better example for woman than she is!!!

1050 days ago


yeah use all that money!

didnt they abuse of michael or something like that?
that there dad raped them!

1050 days ago


How is it that MJ get no ridicule whatsoever for doing drugs when his children are in the house?!?! How is it that no one in the house would say a thing to anyone to make sure the kids were in a proper environment? EVERYONE is guilty here!! the least guilty is Murray. Sure, he's a douchebag of a person and doctor, but he certainly didn't murder MJ. I bet the Jacksons were waiting for the day to finally come where MJ would finally die. Don't they all look a lot happier now that they have $$$ and attention??? I know Katherine looks like she's much MUCH happier!!

1050 days ago


Keep going Mr. and Mrs. Jackson. TMZ is not Michael's target market in the first place. Never has and never will be. You're both doing a super job despite everything over the last 50 plus years. Michael was fortunate to have strong resiliant parents. Michael stood on your shoulders and he made you proud. Your vision was the foundation for his unparalelled worldwide success. The last 24 hours on 06/25/2009 are not lost to the ages. Jehovah heard their plan and saw them carry it out. Inner circle enemies, a calculated media lie in a hotel room to deals made in the jugdes chambers.....
Perhaps "they" can sway the jury, but "they" will forever have a billion fans putting them on "B-L-A-S-T" for rest of their lying murdering lives!!

1050 days ago




1050 days ago


Katherine is a strong lady.
With all she's been though she had to deal with that squatter Alejandra.

1050 days ago
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