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Katherine & Joe Jackson

We're Shackin' Up

Near the Courthouse

11/4/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine and Joe Jackson are currently on their way to a hotel near the L.A. County Superior courthouse ... so when the jury finally reaches a verdict, they're right near the action.

Katherine and Joe live in Calabasas -- with traffic, it could take over two hours to get to the courthouse ... and we're told, they just didn't want to chance missing a beat.

According to sources, they plan to check in and stay for as long as it takes the jury to come to a decision.

It's unclear if other members of the Jackson family also plan to crash nearby the courthouse.


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Oh here we go......
The LOVING father JOE and the LOVING mother
People are NOT sheep and are not buying into this charade any longer.
Joe Jackson you are a lousy father and a pimp of
your kids to the greedy, lustful "fans".
Michael tried to forgive you, but his hurt lasted a don't merely GET over that kind of
treatment from an abusive father.

1061 days ago


Shackin: Live-in unmarried lovers. Casually moving in with someone you regularly hit the sheets with. Living like a married couple without a legal commitment. Living in sin.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have been married for over 60 years....All of their children were born within the marriage.
Yet TMZ uses the 60's/70's slang term "shackin up" to reference their decision to reside in a hotel near the courthouse for the conclusion of the trial?????

.....All wrong and out of context again.....Just stick to the king's english willyah???? pleasezzzzzzzzz...

1061 days ago


Mr. Jackson, please hold Mrs. Jackson close. It's going to break her heart if they let that lying murdering CM go unpunished. My thoughts are with you and your entire family.

To all Jackson aunts, uncles and cousins: No matter what happens please continue to rally around PPB and keep them strong!!!

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20 (KJV)

1061 days ago


Shakin', Slackin' it's all the same to "show me the
action" Joe Jackson.

LOVE you Michael Jackson!!! Sorry for all your
haters...they will know the truth one day.

1061 days ago


Becca: 4 hours ago

Oh here we go......
The LOVING father JOE and the LOVING mother
People are NOT sheep and are not buying into this charade any longer.
Joe Jackson you are a lousy father and a pimp of
your kids to the greedy, lustful "fans".
Michael tried to forgive you, but his hurt lasted a don't merely GET over that kind of
treatment from an abusive father.
You cannot speak for Michael on this subject for he addressed it personally. Michael and Joe were fine. They made amends for past mistakes. It's done. Mr. Jackson does not have to apologize or answer to anyone for how he chose to raise his family. That's a family matter not a public safety issue.
There are parents today who will not transport their children across town no matter how talented they are. Mr. Jackson drove his children across America because he believed in their talents and gifts. He did it not knowing if they would have enough gas money to get back home. Mr Jackson had the drive and firm resolve to get the job done. Mr. Jackson was determined that his children would not live in poverty. Michael and his siblings acheived all of their goals. I realize immaturity will continue to raise its ugly head with some childish conclusion about the past.... and Joe's choice for discipline.
Best you resolve your own issues of a childhood lost or unfulfilled dreams. Thus you will not have to use Joe Jackson as a dart board for your own frustration and miserable existence......
Michael was a full grown mature adult. He was not crying over spilled milk of what he once believed to be a childhood lost. Michael wanted to heal a hurting world. The only way he could achieve it was to know and experience what it means to be a hurting child. That was the foundation for his humanitarian efforts. (Michael prayed for everything as a have to be careful with your prayer life)
Michael understood their pain, and suffering because he experienced first hand. (Michael was also mischievous as kid too...he was not always well behaved as a youth).
He grew into a wonderful man and human being.
Michael dedicated his life's work through music, song and dance to provide medical care and hope to the less fortunate. God Almighty chose Joe Jackson to be Michael Jackson's father. Who are you or anyone else to judge God's choice?.......

1061 days ago


I always thought MJ's parents lived in Encino. Did they move to Calabasas?

1061 days ago


“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
― Mother Teresa
"You can see it in their eyes. You're being judged. People are looking through you -- not even at you, but through you. They're thinking about all that crap. It's so far from the truth. That hurts."
-Michael Jackson

1061 days ago


Hard to believe all TV channels keep running that 32 star seal of California. Real one has 31. It is like writing Caliphornia and no one seems to notice, not even Harvey. A bit disrespectful to Michael Jackson and the family. Let's hope the jury will look carefully at all evidence, pay attention to details and make the right decision.

1060 days ago


Good idea to stay in a hotel near the courthouse if it takes too long to get there.

1060 days ago


Trial of the Century-Pt.21-The "OVERNIGHT" Edition.....
Okay so this is TOO ridiculous that this jury hasn't returned a verdict of GUILTY already! Sounds like somebody has NOTHING better to do with their time. They've been SITTING there day in and day out and they STILL can't cal a spade a spade? As much as people hate the Anthony and OJ juries, at least they didn't waste time with their verdicts--the case was either proved by one side or the other, it's that simple. Makes me wonder if some of them are simply trying to extend their 15 minutes..."I was Juror #3 on the Michael Jackson Death Trial"...cha-ching....UGH....
So now we have to wait till Monday for them to make up their minds. Oye.
I do believe in the legal system--Innocent until proven Guilty, but that's just the thing: Murray HAS been found GUILTY based on the FACTS in this case. Regardless of how you feel about Michael, the FACTS are:
-Murray was Michael's doctor although he CONVENIENTLY kept NO RECORDS
-Murray CLAIMS Michael asked him for Propofol to help him sleep
-Murray claims he was trying to WEAN Michael off of Propofol for 6 weeks because he thought he was ADDICTED to's ILLEGAL for a Doctor to give Meds to a KNOWN addict
-Pharmacy Receipts PROVE that Murray purchased a TON of Propofol and Benzodiazepides
-FedX receipts backup the Pharmacists testimony that Murray had the Propofol and Banzos shipped to Hootchie #1, Nicole Alvarez
-LAPD and EMT stated NONE of the proper Medical Equipment was in the room at Holmby
-The Coroner stated there were NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE found in Michael's organs, and the only Meds in his system was Propofol and Benzos
-The Coroner stated there was so much Propofol in Michael's system that it overflowed into his eyes and stomach
-Murray's FINGERPRINTS WERE FOUND ON THE 100 ML VIAL OF PROPOFOL that was by Michael's bed
-Michael's finerprints were NOT found on ANY of the bottles of meds in the room
-Murray ADMITTED to LAPD detectives that he gave Michael Propofol and Benzos
-Phone records and email show that Murray was on his phone when he should've been watching Michael. The defense's own expert witness stated that he had to be out of the room longer than 2 minutes
-Murray admitted to LAPD that he stepped out of the room for 2 minutes AFTER administering the Propofol
-Murray failed to call 911 as soon as he CLAIMS he discovered Michael not breathing, instead he called Michael Amir, and left a VOICEMAIL to come to the house
-Murray failed to make proper attempts at LIFESAVING--he should've attempted to RESTORE BREATHING, not restart the heartbeat since he claims he got a faint pulse
-Murray LIED to EMT's when asked what meds he had given Michael
-Murray LIED to UCLA staff when asked what meds he had given Michael
-Murray disappeared from UCLA and LAPD couldn't find him for 2 days until he resurfaced with a Lawyer and PR firm
Bottom line, it's beyond me why it's so hard for the jury to convict him based on these facts. I know there was a lot of Medical Jargon tossed around, but if they have any ability to PROCESS information, they should've been able to get past that. Yes, the defense did their BEST to blow smoke all over the case, but if they paid any attention to Walgren, he took both sides and presented them based on the FACTS a clearly as possible....
I sincerely HOPE that we hear something EARLY Monday morning, if not....then maybe they decided to drink the defense's Kool-aid, but it ain't over till it's over...
I just can't get over the fact that this whole case would've been over and done by now if Michael wasn't the victim...
So funny how many people I heard Whining about why Michael always did his concerts in other countries, and why they didn't choose to do that SCAM Tribute here, but this case is a great example of why. Only in America would this kind of thing happen....apparently JUSTICE is also DEAF and DUMB....

1060 days ago


1060 days ago

LaToya said Joe molested her and Rebbie    

Murray did the world a favor...

-Michael Jackson was thrice accused of child molestation (Chandler, Francia, Arvizo)

-Michael Jackson settled his 1st case for $25 million after a 13-yr-old boy accurately drew a detailed description of his genitals...including marks that can only be seen during an erection.

-Michael Jackson had an alarm system for his bedroom that would go off when someone was approaching.

-Michael Jackson had a 2nd hidden bedroom within his main bedroom.

-Three different types of semen were found on Michael Jackson's mattress--one belonged to him, and the two others belonged to different males. A fourth sample of semen was found in Michael's bedsheets, and a fifth on a size small pair of underwear stored in a bag with Michael's own soiled underwear. No female DNA was detected.

-During the raid, police discovered that Michael Jackson had multiple books of nude children including "Boys Will be Boys", which is an extremely explicit book of young boys in erotic poses (this was locked in a filing cabinet in his room)

-Michael Jackson owned a nude photo of his pubescent friend Jonathan Spence...a boy he shared his bed with for years.

Anyone who still doesn't realize that he was a child predator is an idiot.

1058 days ago
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