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Kim Kardashian

Warned Family Before Divorce

'I'm Embarrassed'

11/4/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian wrote an emotional email to her extended family members early Monday morning -- giving them a head's up that she was filing for divorce ... and apologizing for "jumping the gun."

TMZ has learned ... Kim emailed several people on her father's side of the family in the hours before she filed the documents with the court ... saying, "I would rather you hear it from me than someone else or the news."

In the letter, Kim explains, "I know this seems crazy ... I've spent the last few months struggling with my marriage."

"Kris is a great guy but we come from such different worlds and he isn't what I thought when we 1st met."

"I'm embarrassed that I took everyone on this journey with me and had this huge wedding. But I have to be happy, so I have to let this relationship go. "

Kim's reps had no comment.


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"I've spent the last few months struggling with my marriage"...ummm...her marriage was only a little over 2 months. As to the ring she has admitted she had doubts about marrying him but went ahead with it anyway. Unless she paid for the 2 million ring herself- she needs to return it. How low class can you get! If he wasn't in on this fraud- how absolutely humiliating for him and his family. Contrary to what Kris Jenner says it is crass and tacky to keep the ring. It was a promise to marry- since she admitted she really didn't want to marry him- but went through it anyway for the big hoopla and to keep the ring- it was fraud and she needs to return it. If she bought it herself- well that is just sad and pathetic she tried to pass it off as a gift.

PLEASE she needs to just shut up. She is a talentless hack who has the E network duped somehow. Please get rid of this clan - they contribute nothing to society other than self-centered whininess- I'm sick of seeing them!

1085 days ago


LOL "I spent the last few months struggling with my marriage." B-tch, you were married for less then 2 1/2 months. Kris Jenner and Kim, STOP trying to make yourselves look like the victims. You KNOW you did it for publicity and money, and you're going into panic mode trying to make it go away. But sorry, people have finally discovered your selfishness, greediness and superficiality. I wouldn't doubt if the Kardashians go to the extreme and say that Kris Humphries beat her. They have no shame.

1085 days ago


Can we now tell Miss Kim...goodbye?

1085 days ago


"I'm embarrassed... but $18 million looks pretty good and I can always lie me way out of this with Mom's help.

1085 days ago


The good news on this distasteful saga, is that next week there will be another scandal. I and millions of other Americans are angry by being duped by this Kardashian clan and sickened for the soon-to-be ex, Mr. Humphries. Having a son the same age, moved to the OC after college,I worry about some chick taking him for an emotional ride, born and raised in Iowa, midwestern boys, aren't accustomed to these type of female operators. What a lesson Kris Humphries has learned. The next girl he takes a shine to, I hope for his sake he takes it slow. As for the Kardashians, I think we all have there number.

1085 days ago


Kims high profile marriage that ended in divorce ranks No.1 in terms of duration

1085 days ago


bla. i bet she believes the sh*t she's talking! Or writing...

1085 days ago


I think KK might have finally jumped the shark with this latest fame grab. Hopefully her and her family go the way of Pari******on and they fade off into obscurity. At least that is what I am hoping for.

1085 days ago


Ok first off, @Chris, dude my name is chris too and your hijacking of the thread is just annoying, yes we ALL know she is a stupid bitch, thanks for the 60 reminders......

As for Kim the sad part is this actually seems genuine from her, (still stupid as all hell mind you but genuine) She is a spoiled brat who has absolutely no idea what love is much less true love, the only love she knows is money and sex. I can't take away from her physical beauty as she is pretty cute and all. That being said, being cute doesn't make you smart and doesn't denote "class" she's smart enough to manipulate people for money and that makes her trailer trash.

You can still be trailer trash and be a millionaire if you're a dumb gold-digging whore who doesn't care about anyone but herself.

1085 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Boiycott E! Entertaqinment until they take the Kardashians off the air.

The fraud needs to stop!

1085 days ago

NoMo Lohans    

She needs to shut up. So does the rest of that "family"

1085 days ago


She really needs to just be quiet and go away for a bit. No one believes her because she is not telling the truth! They both should have seen this train wreck coming. Its funny how they waited until AFTER the stupid wedding shows aired to announce it was over. I am sure that was because of the money. The only place you can hurt these people are in the pocketbook. Its about time one of them is finally able to feel the "reality" they have created.

1085 days ago


Wow, are they one of the most despised families or what?
The only ones that look up to them are little girls and teens that do not know any better.
Just goes to show you that their obsession with money surpasses pride. They could care less that virtually everyone loathes and ridicules them.
Even the President's family watches them, so the little girls will learn lessons about not turning out like them-- greedy, on the fat side, six lbs of make-up, plastic, shallow, tweeting pics of near nakedness, the urine thing.(beyond disgusting)
All of Hollywood laughs at them as well with exception to E!Executives & Seacrest who keep them relevant so that they too can cash in on the absurdity of these clowns.
Truly, all that is missing on each of these girls in that family including the mother are the red clown noses.
I would be so ashamed to be hated more than liked.
I would go underground for a very long time, but not this clan, oh no, they revel in it.
Disturbing to say the least.

1085 days ago


This **** makes me sick. She's a liar and everyone but her knows it. She's not even white.

1085 days ago


Earth to Kim.......stop opening your mouth, you are not making it any better, every time you open your pie hole you make it worse, tell your friends, family and especially your mother to SHUT UP!! The more you comment or comments are leaked the more you look like a greedy, heartless fool.

1085 days ago
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