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Kim Kardashian

Warned Family Before Divorce

'I'm Embarrassed'

11/4/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian wrote an emotional email to her extended family members early Monday morning -- giving them a head's up that she was filing for divorce ... and apologizing for "jumping the gun."

TMZ has learned ... Kim emailed several people on her father's side of the family in the hours before she filed the documents with the court ... saying, "I would rather you hear it from me than someone else or the news."

In the letter, Kim explains, "I know this seems crazy ... I've spent the last few months struggling with my marriage."

"Kris is a great guy but we come from such different worlds and he isn't what I thought when we 1st met."

"I'm embarrassed that I took everyone on this journey with me and had this huge wedding. But I have to be happy, so I have to let this relationship go. "

Kim's reps had no comment.


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Just shut up, Kim!!!! There is nothing you can say to make this right. In fact, leaking this piece of information only makes you look worse. Tell your mama to stop trying to spin this and go "recover" in SILENCE.

If you really cared about Kris, you would have (A) told im about the divorce before TMZ; (B) issued a JOINT statement and (C) kept a very low profile for a while and avoided the red carpet and TV interviews.

Unfortunately, you had the misguided idea that the world loved you, only to realize that you and your family are just reality freak show characters.

Do us all a favor and just go away. You might want to take this time to learn a skill or possibly do something for someone other than yourself. Although, if you did the latter at this point, no one would feel you were being sincere.


1063 days ago


The day Bruce Jenner AKA, Bruce Kardashian, was talking with his fifteen your old daughter about popping her cherry was all I could take of this Springer, family. He said it E!, aired it. Do they not know this is not normal for any father to talk that way to his own daughter or any ones daughter. SICK!

1063 days ago


"I have to be happy" That pretty much seems up her self-absorbed outlook -- who cares how I screw anyone else as long as it's good for me. The only thing this idiot understands is money so stop wathcing her ridiculous show and buying her stupid products.

1063 days ago


Youre even lower than your Father!!! Im so glad that i never let any of my kids watch your garbage show or buy anything with you disgraced family name on it.

1063 days ago


So...she told some of her dads side of the family, but not her husband. What the HELL is wrong with her?!? GROW UP dumbass and act like an adult!

1063 days ago


No Kim you don't deserve to be happy but you do deserve to get your fat selfish pig behind kicked around the block.

1063 days ago


She is childish. She pursued this guy from the beginning when she saw him at a basketball game. Since Khloe got married last year, she was hell-bent on getting married this year in order to stay relevant. Then when it all doesn't work, she just throws it away. Now she's surprised that no one likes her. She has no talent. She's not even a good porn star.

1063 days ago


Mother Kris on every morning show yesterday promoting her book. The "girls" are so upset they flew to Australia to promote their purses. Like I said, I immediately grabbed the remote trying to find a channel, any channel that did not have that whore of a mother on it. I would rather watch paint dry then see these people constantly on my television. PBS. Story of the Smothers Brothers censorship lawsuit. Better then Good Morning America, today show, and on and on having this mother trying to make excuses for this marriage. She made 40% off all advertisements aired every time the wedding episode was aired. But the mother claims they made no money off of it. Kim just wants to flaunt her beauty and be reassured that she is beautiful and lusted after. It's just sickening. Sickening. And to think she compares herself to Liz Taylor. Liz Taylor, 8 marriages and lots of jewelery, was an extremely talented actress that also donated her time and money to putting the face on raising money for AIDS research and from what I have read, they have found some relief and hope thru some of her efforts. Where is the talent of any of this Kardashian clan? And why does an olympic gold medal winner, who was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Wheaties, etc., playing 2nd fiddle to this brood of whore hounds. Is he that ***** whipped? Why is he letting himself be known as the dead husband of his wife? Why is he in the show at all? Bruce Jenner, has become Bruce Kardashian. Has he no ego, no self esteem at all? I use to think this girl was fairly attractive, but after stripping away her true intentions and getting down to the fact that the entire family is nothing but a bunch of frauds and grifters...she looks uglier and uglier by the moment. And remove all those fake eyelashes and heavy eye makeup and see what you get.

1063 days ago


She is the stupidest person on the earth. OMG I'm laughing so hard. Every time she opens her mouth its something new and so stupid. Get over yourself. What a whore.

Thankfully goodbye to this whole family.

1063 days ago


she spent all that hard time planning that wedding but not a day trying to save it. i would feel sorry for her if she was married like over 10yrs and actually went thru counseling but $10mil plus on a wedding which they will never own up to now karma is a B and shes never going to find a man that wants to wife her up. because her reality show shows how selfish she is and everything has to be about her. and reggie dont want her triflon @## all those men she slept with after him at least he kept his business private. i hope he marries that old navy chic. lmfao!!!

1063 days ago


whore, lying whore who wants nothing but attention and more money. she is narcisstic along with the rest of the family..kris exploited her kids for money and the camera. all of them need psychartic help. americans need to stop giving these sick people attention so they go away forever and ever and ever. so tired of these people. kim's wedding was all about money and the camera's. she knew exactly where this marriage was going to end up. she is a liar, a camera whore and nothing this chick does would suprise me. go away kardashians go away, dont ever come back

1063 days ago


"I've spent the last few months struggling with my marriage."
Errm she was only married a few months. She gave up way to easy. It's normal for the 1st year to be rocky. You never truly know someone until you have lived together.

1063 days ago


This is the end. **** Kris your prolapse Kim K is loose... GROSS. KKK Kardashian.

1063 days ago


****!!!! enough is enough stop giving this attention whore more attention!

1063 days ago

Natalie C.    

"I would rather you hear it from me than someone else or the news."

So, your family and EXTENDED family gets to hear it first, but you forgot someone else who's pretty important...your HUSBAND. Maybe you should have given HIM a heads up. Just a thought. :/

1063 days ago
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