Selena Gomez Judge The Alleged Stalker Dude Needs Due Process!!!

11/4/2011 9:55 AM PDT

Selena Gomez Judge -- The Alleged Stalker Dude Needs Due Process!

Selena Gomez got what she was after in court today -- kinda sorta.  The judge extended the civil restraining order, but refused to make it permanent until her alleged stalker has his day in his court.

Gomez' lawyer, Blair Berk, went to court this AM, trying to win a 3-year extension of the temporary restraining order that was issued last month.  Thomas Brodnicki has made repeated threats, vowing to murder Selena ... this, according to LAPD detectives, who say the threats are extremely concerning.

Nonetheless, the judge felt Brodnicki has a right to due process -- in other words, to be in court and address the allegations.  Problem is -- Brodnicki is in custody on felony stalking charges. 

So the judge extended the temporary restraining order, until Brodnicki gets out of the pokey. 

FYI ... the judge in the criminal case issued his own 3-year protective order, but that order automatically terminates if the case goes away.  The civil restraining order would be set in stone.