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Terrell Owens

I Missed Court

to Audition for the NFL

11/4/2011 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Terrell Owens
claims he wasn't trying to duck his baby's mother by not appearing at a child support hearing last month ... instead, he claims he had an obligation to attend a public workout session in the hopes of securing an NFL contract.

TMZ broke the story ... a California judge issued a bench warrant for the football player's arrest for not appearing at a scheduled hearing on October 24.

But T.O.'s rep tells us he tried like hell to reschedule because he had a massively publicized workout at Calabasas High School that day (below) ... but his baby's mother wouldn't cut him a break.

As far as the child support payments are concerned, T.O's rep says ... "Mr. Owens pays child support payments for his 4 children. The amounts are based on his 2007 Cowboys income of $11-$12 million a year."

T.O. claims the payments are unfair because he was making 1/5 of the money when he was playing for the Bengals after he left Dallas ... and currently has "no income."

The rep concludes, "Mr. Owens is working to resolve all of these matters and appreciates his fans' support. We are confident that Mr. Owens will be signed this season to the NFL and all of his child support payments will be modified fairly according to his true income."

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What a pile of ... baloney! He sets up his unattended tryout for the same time as the court hearing??? So he planned it as an excuse ... what a worm.

That's the definition of a Deadbeat Dad. What a weasel.

1048 days ago

Adam Corbett    

I think every citizen of the country should be transparent about his income though he or she a celebrity or politician or famous business person. Whatever you are, you must earn your income fairly and in legal way.

1048 days ago


Boo Hoo Hoo

1047 days ago


We're not supposed to be racist. but who is it that likes to deny they are the baby daddy or don't want to take responsibility? It tends to be the mocha chocolata ya ya's. Enough said.

1047 days ago

Jeff Becker    

The courts unwillingness to modfy child support payments based on a persons current income is exactly what drove O.J. to cut off Nicole Brown Simpsons head. Sad, but true.

1047 days ago


I hate it when people make babies they can't support. "I have no income" does not make it okay to be a deadbeat. No excuse for T.O.'s behavior. He's made $50 million no excuse as to why he can't financially provide for them.

1047 days ago


im just a poor old n66er sorry

1047 days ago


You people want to sit up here and call him a deadbeat dad, yet you have nothing to say about these women who make a living off the man, I'm about 100% sure not a single one of them has a job, what do you call them? That can't be setting a good example for their children...get knocked up because you were a groupie and then live off your famous daddy?

Yes he is the one who knocked them up, however does that mean he should be paying them ridiculous amounts of money? He has more than supported his children but no child costs between $11-20,000 a month. These women are lazy and want to stay at home and keep themselves in gucci and gold and live in million dollar homes while they are unemployed. With that amount of money coming in each month, those kids college should already be paid for and trust funds set up for them once they graduate college. Yet he needs to modify his child support due to his income and you want to chastise him. Based off his income he could have modified his child support years ago and those women would have gotten less than half of what they currently do. $7,000 a month is what these mothers are complaining about and that is half of what they are normally paid...that is SICK!!! Sounds like a pretty damn good father to me if he has continued to pay child support for years based on his income that was much higher. Also to the people who wondered why his children weren't on his show, did it ever occur to you that their mothers have to give consent for their children to appear on TV? They probably wanted TO to pay them an additional fee for that. These mothers see their children as a bargaining tool, and a way to live a cushy life, that is what is absolutely disgusting. All of you people are so big and bad and want to bash others for trying to provide for their family and talk about what dogs they are...pretty sure no child would be too proud of their parent sitting behind a computer typing disgusting things about other people, lead by example.

Lets all remember this is TMZ, and the media, they don't report everything. You are cursing a man for not paying his child support, yet he was trying to be picked up by another team in order to pay his child support and keep those greedy mothers happy. Also if you look into things, his attorney parted ways with him a matter of hours before he was suppose to be in court. I'm not TO's biggest fan, but give the man a break, he is trying to take care of his responsibilities, remember he is unemployed and shucking out thousands and thousands of dollars a month. All you people sitting behind your computers writing this garbage should thank these celebs and not criticize them so much, because they are obviously interesting enough for you to spend hours on the computer commenting about. At the end of the day, everyone is human and is trying their best, even these celebs whose lives are splashed on media websites everyday for regular joe's to criticize and put down.

1047 days ago


And to clarify....it says he can't pay his FULL child support, $7,000 a month per baby mama and $5,000 for one is pretty damn good! That's NOT a deadbeat dad! Paying half is still paying and $12,000 a month is absurd! NO child needs that much money per month unless they are disabled and require medical care. Get the facts before you make ignorant comments, it makes you look like an idiot, just like the reporters who don't look up these things.

1047 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Giant FREAKING loser.

1047 days ago

Jay W.     

# 28 implies nobody really gives a sh.. !

1047 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Imagine all the Glorihole Alldead attorneys there would be running around if men had the CHOICE to keep the baby or not and the RIGHT to child support!

1047 days ago


What?! A black guy with 4 kids & he's not married to any of the mothers?! HOW SHOCKING!

1047 days ago


Deadbeat could've gone to court to have payments reduced but couldn't fit it into his schedule? Lying POS is trying to evade paying ANY support for his kids, too bad his suicide attempt failed.

1047 days ago


Whoever came up with the racist and stupid "baby mama' or "baby daddy" terms should be shot. But I digress. He wanted the limelight. He got the attention. He got laid. He needs to pay up.

1047 days ago
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