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Kim Kardashian

Gone Into Hiding

11/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has gone into lockdown, sources close to KK tell TMZ, and she went to great lengths yesterday at LAX to conceal her true location.

Kim's airport arrival caused mass hysteria among the paparazzi (see below). According to our sources, the paps trailed Kim from the airport -- but little did they know ... Kim pulled a switcheroo, switching cars mid-ride, and disappearing to a secret hideout.


We're told Kim will be staying indoors until she begins filming on the Tyler Perry movie "Marriage Counselor." That means Kim will be missing her mother's birthday dinner ... and brother-in-law Lamar Odom's birthday dinner as well.

Our sources say the attention surrounding her because of the divorce is too much for her ... and she's laying low until it dies down.

We're told only her family and a few close friends know where she is.

As we previously reported, Kim has even banned her reality show from shooting any of the divorce aftermath.


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I can't wait to see what hiding mean to Kim. Only going shopping at one store a day? Or having her next prospective husband-candidates interviewed at her home instead of at her lawyer's 'office? I guess the TV crews will have it easy just filming her "spontaneous" expressions of sorrow at home instead of having to follow her around NYC and LA.

1050 days ago


Do they think we are stupid? We'll see how long this will last.

1050 days ago



1050 days ago

Sheila Larson    

You know its so funny...I mean really? Who cares? The people who are the news casters, and her. That's it. Other than that most of us just laugh at Hollywood. HAHA. Bunch of morons who will never be happy because they think you can buy happiness. You cant.

1050 days ago


She won't last long in "hiding" she craves attention and always needs to be in the limelight. She'll be "out of hiding" by next week.

1050 days ago


Not bloody likely! That famewhore will never leave the spotlight and her pimp of a mother would'nt want to lose any $$ with her in hiding. If she really doesn't like what the public has to say then she would leave reality tv and just be a business woman. HA! Never! She has to be in front of someone's camera. I know her father is turning over in his grave on how they have ruined the Kardashian name.

1050 days ago

cha cha    

Someone here said that her real father who is deceased would be so upset with her if he was living .... are you kidding me !!!! Her father was no better than the skanks he produced, he was an OJ lover who had a bad Karma ending like the rest of the OJ defense team. He was a low life like them with money. You can put lipstick on the pigs but they are still PIGS !!!

1050 days ago


All of a sudden there's positive comments appearing here, probably from her true(paid-kiss-ass-smoochers)friends.
She's in hiding (pimp mother's plan)she'll be more popular when she come out. TV, magazines will pay for her first interview. Please go away permanently and bring your entire family with you. It doesn't matter where you go as long as all of you will never be found.

1050 days ago


The majority of comments anywhere about her are totally negative. What I truly can't understand is why she continues to have all this attention focused on her. Who in the hell admires this woman and keeps her relevant?

1050 days ago

Mike D    

Seriously though...who cares. She's famous for no reason at all, she has no skills...only thing she has is a big ass and her ass isn't even attractive anymore...looks like her ass is pregnant with an ass. This is her second marriage...what a joke, shes a joke...she's going into hiding because she knows she did wrong and now feels embarassaed about it....why do we even pay her attention...really???????? this stunt will shine a bad light on her which is good, I hope she just goes away already

1050 days ago


OK Time OUT: ALL Haterz & MEdia types TAKE A CHILL PILL!!! Since when is it up to YOU to jump in & THINK You can decipher OR JUDGE what happened in this marriage? 1minute everyone is bitchin about the co$$t of the wedding...WHO Cares it helps the economy at least somebody's working!!! then the next minute...everybody jumps in/piles on because they decided to end it...if You DON'T like the K-Fam or their show then DON'*****CH it...but STOP the UNrelentless JUDGEMENTAL Tirades...BUllying in anyformat is not KOOL...Uh BTW Nope I am NOT a Kardashian...but all this judgemental haterz/media hype is OVER The Top!!!

1050 days ago


I wish all of the Kardashians would do the same. Maybe Kim will fly to Switzerland and deposit all of the money she made with her deceptive wedding from her endorsements on all of her clothing, accessories lines etc.

1050 days ago


This is NOT a picture of Kim K....DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE THIS????

1050 days ago


go here Sure there was 'drama'!!!

PRETEND drama for the show!

The week before she announced the divorce there were photos/pictures of them coming down the sidewalk (she in her floppy hat & furry vest and he -Kris walking beside her). She had a stern look on her face and they got in her white Bentley that was parked on the street. They sat in the car for several minutes facing each other talking and it did not appear to be a friendly discussion. Kim K. even moved her visor to look out the front car window and then kept talking with Kris. There were no smiles or closeness yet at the end they gave each other a peck.

During this time not one other person walked down the sidewalk, not one other photographer was seen - and you know a multitude of photographers are on the scene when there is an opportunity for a 'Candid' shot.

When I saw this (before divorce announcement) it just struck me as odd that someone would sit in a car - a known white Bentley at that - having an 'obvious' serious/intimate discussion and not have any concern about who might see this.

Then I realized - It's Kim K.- 'obviously' filming for her DIVORCE show called, KIM & KOURTNET take NY.

Join the BOYCOTT

1050 days ago

P Win     

She is the biggest fake of all time . She comes to Australia and does not honor any of her commitments except of course there was no problem promoting her bags . Then she dissapears.
What do you people in the states see in her.

1050 days ago
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