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Kim Kardashian

Gone Into Hiding

11/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has gone into lockdown, sources close to KK tell TMZ, and she went to great lengths yesterday at LAX to conceal her true location.

Kim's airport arrival caused mass hysteria among the paparazzi (see below). According to our sources, the paps trailed Kim from the airport -- but little did they know ... Kim pulled a switcheroo, switching cars mid-ride, and disappearing to a secret hideout.


We're told Kim will be staying indoors until she begins filming on the Tyler Perry movie "Marriage Counselor." That means Kim will be missing her mother's birthday dinner ... and brother-in-law Lamar Odom's birthday dinner as well.

Our sources say the attention surrounding her because of the divorce is too much for her ... and she's laying low until it dies down.

We're told only her family and a few close friends know where she is.

As we previously reported, Kim has even banned her reality show from shooting any of the divorce aftermath.


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Why hide honey, you're on your way to being the most non-relevant person around. I'm a marketing guy and I wouldn't have you rep by brand if YOU paid me! You're that damaged. Just think about any product the KarTrashians rep, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Cheap, Tacky, and Trashy.

1085 days ago


No comment! Stop writing articles about the bitch!

1085 days ago


Please nobody look for her! Hopefully she will take her whole nauseating family into hiding with her.

1085 days ago


I suppose it's too much to ask that she and her disgusting family go into hiding permanently.

1085 days ago


its mother came out to defend her daughter.the same woman who had an affair while married so we know she has no class. the daughter said there is no problem in the marriage we are staying together and I filled for we know she is a liar like her mom who has had multiple marriages for fame and money so like mom like daughter fame not support them

1085 days ago


good, we don't need to see this dirtbag scammer ho anymore

1085 days ago


Just keep walking...don't let the door hit you on that big ass as your leaving.

1085 days ago


Love TMZ--but when are you going to stop writing about this "brand", I mean family....this is what they want--more air-time! It would be devistating to them if everyone just stopped talking and writing about them...and, we'd like it, too!
Pathetic group of tap-dancers!

1085 days ago


Hope she stays in hiding!! Suggest this fame whore's not happy with all the negative press she is receiving!! Please TMZ enough with all the coverage!!

1085 days ago


Yeah because she is afraid it will tarnish her revenue.... which she makes from her fans. "geez maybe if I act sad and as if the divorce is really affecting me then I will seem like the victim here and it won't tarnish my business"...... Was a fan, but after all this nonsense I think I've had enough, canceled my pre-order of her Doll house book and her mother's as well. She is only enjoying her riches bc people like us make her richer everyday by buying her crap. Enough is enough..... She is not humble, I don't like the way she made Kris H. room seem like a price is right showcase win, when she ridiculed his taste in decor. SELFISH!

1085 days ago


Not giving the ring back only shows how greedy she she didn't make enough $$ off this sham of a wedding?

1085 days ago

Evelyn C    

Just leave kim alone.

1085 days ago


1. Anyone who gives to charity doesn't brag about it 2. Anyone who isn't deeply greedy and damaged would give the wedding gifts back 3. Doesn't Kris Humphries get a say in the wedding gifts AND doesn't he get half of them? 4. I'm still aghast that this "woman" is considered a "star" as she is relevant only for F**KING ON CAMERA!! How does no one remember this? She has a clothing line at Sears with her hideous mother & sisters, yet no one seems to remember she got her start getting BUTT F**ked on camera. WTF?? She needs to hide forever. Unfortunately, we won't get that lucky. She'll pop out in time to get paid for an appearance or whatever. Why is ALWAYS all about her? What about the poor bastard she just devastated? His only fault is he shares a name with her mother!

1085 days ago


Just like cameras weren't allowed on her honeymoon, right? Those not allowed cameras that were THERE? So yeah, it's being do***ented and will be on the show, who the fcuk are they trying to kid? Enough of these people, they think they can play America like a bunch of idiots.

1085 days ago


With a little luck she took the whole clan with her never to be seen or heard from again. Think how nice that would be!!!!

1085 days ago
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