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Kim Kardashian

Gone Into Hiding

11/5/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has gone into lockdown, sources close to KK tell TMZ, and she went to great lengths yesterday at LAX to conceal her true location.

Kim's airport arrival caused mass hysteria among the paparazzi (see below). According to our sources, the paps trailed Kim from the airport -- but little did they know ... Kim pulled a switcheroo, switching cars mid-ride, and disappearing to a secret hideout.


We're told Kim will be staying indoors until she begins filming on the Tyler Perry movie "Marriage Counselor." That means Kim will be missing her mother's birthday dinner ... and brother-in-law Lamar Odom's birthday dinner as well.

Our sources say the attention surrounding her because of the divorce is too much for her ... and she's laying low until it dies down.

We're told only her family and a few close friends know where she is.

As we previously reported, Kim has even banned her reality show from shooting any of the divorce aftermath.


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Another one bites the dust, and another one, and another one, and another one bites the dust!!

1045 days ago


I enjoy Tyler Perrys movies but I will not spend a dime to watch this new flick with this filthy, whore in it.

1045 days ago

Genius Species    

Kim is staying out of the spot light but her mother is going on every network trying to do damage control. I saw a interview Kris Jenner gave on Fox News where she called Scott Discik a "douche bag", and Kris Humphries "horrendous" on national television! You can tell it was a deliberate attempt to deflect away from her F'd up family by degrading others. I think the marriage fell apart because Kris wasn't going to roll over and be a door mat like Bruce Jenner and Scott Discik. This family is sick!!!

1045 days ago


I hope she stays there

1045 days ago


I like Tyler Perry, but I got to ask...Will he be shooting porn? The K. K-'ho has been casted. Maybe there is a scene where she is lieing, and on her back! Multi-tasker!!!!

1045 days ago


Yah need tah quit hating!! Damn yahs some loser all up on kims butt reading & commenting on every story! Like we dont give a F***. Kim is famous & your not so get over it. Shes still a human being and we all go thru life of marriage & divorce! UHHHHHH!

1045 days ago


Poor little thing. Tiny violins are playing. Get over yourself. Spoiled little b!tch.

1045 days ago


Good....maybe she will go away forever. Now that would be a day for celebration.

1045 days ago


GREAT NEWS!!! Really tired of hearing about her or her family, very boring news about vain egotistical monetary people, they do not care who they hurt, just want what they want, Kris does not know how lucky he is that she will be out of his life yeah!!

1045 days ago


NOW she goes into hiding? AFTER this craptastic charade? What an idiotic joke she and her fat ass are. I'm sure she'll have her hair and make-up crew in her four-star "hiding" place. Pallleease! Stay in hiding, you money-grubbing, talentless whore!

1045 days ago


Glad she is in hiding. Could she take all the s***bags she is used by to sell their goods. And could she take all her family with her..time will not cure this Kim. It is a |KKK revolution and we never want to see you users back. Go get real jobs. Go to school, learn a craft, but do not come back.

1045 days ago


I'm bored at home with the flu, so I just sent Sears and E! an email explaining why I am not going to shop at their store or watch their network anymore. Hopefully they'll get the message. Just go to the websites and look for the "contact us" button.

1045 days ago


Pari******on is laughing her ass off right now.She made her and didn't even have to break her.The silly bitch did it all by herself. Hey Kim,How does it feel to find out that the clock is striking midnight and you are headed back to be just another loser with your mother and ugly (step) sisters. Looks like the fable "Cinderella" is putting some heavy Karma on you.Can't think of anyone more deserving.

1045 days ago


Good for KIM she needs her time to herself! Yah are just some damn HATTERS! get over urself... shes famous & in the public eye 24/7 even your damn eyes are all up on hers! just leave the her alone! yahs just some low life losers!!!

1045 days ago


TiLo feelings are hurt, shoe doesn't want Kim K feelings hurt. KK is a dim wit and likes to believe she has Lemmings for followers, Oh wait a minute heres one

1045 days ago
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