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Kim Kardashian

Banning Divorce Drama

From E! Reality Show

11/5/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
There will be no two-part Kardashian divorce special on E! ... this according to sources who tell us Kim did NOT want cameras to document the private, emotional moments behind her divorce.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Kim will not be shooting any footage for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" until the beginning of next year ... and is insisting she does not want to exploit the "real" moments behind the divorce on TV.

We're told Kim will most likely acknowledge the split when filming picks up again -- but all of the behind the scenes crying, fighting and other divorce-related stuff will not air on the show.

If you're still craving a nasty reality break-up ... don't worry, "Jersey Shore" starts again real soon.


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With the Conrad court case nearly complete, Kim will have enough time to marry him for next season's thrilling episodes.
Wouldn't it be neat to see a reality show on E! about MTV and one on MTV about E!...

1084 days ago


kim & family watching THE ROYAL WEDDING, Kim sucking her thumb points to TV "Mommy I want that". Mommy "Then you should have it my little princess"...... and here we are.

1084 days ago

Cheryl A.    

This chick is REALLY getting on my nerves

1084 days ago


I say who cares -- the kash kows family thought that they were going to get public sympathy that poor Kim's marriage only lasted 72 days instead of the public uproar. I'm from the Midwest and I didn't appreciate Kueen Kim calling Minnesota--Hee Haw Minnesota.

1084 days ago


Kim- your ratings have gone down significantly you should be ashamed of yourself using Kris h for ratings.....always remember men age like wine not women, you won't be pretty for long my dear.
And return the ring and bracelet you don't deserve his gifts from the heart, you keeping it shows how greedy of a woman you are - you can't wear the same engagement ring for your 3rd, 4th, 5th.."weddings in the future....

1084 days ago


There won't be any divorce drama or crying because Kris Humphries won't be filmed. Kim isn't shedding a tear except that she can't exploit it. The public is disgusted the way she duped Kris H. Mama Kris is pissed that Kim can't cash in on the divorce like the faux wedding. Shame on you Kim for putting Kris Humphries though hell just for your greed. No one believes those alligator tears. Oh boo hoo shut up. As for mama Kris, wipe the smirk off your face.

1084 days ago


DUH...not surprised that there will be no "REALITY" coverage of the divorce...wouldn't want to show them behind the scenes PLANNING this whole PR/Financial stunt. Lol, "It's only entertainment!" Lol...follow us on twitter and FB: @iGossipOnline

1084 days ago


Could you just see Kris Jenner if it was SHE who shelled out the money for a "gift" like the ring and was DUPED???? She would be clamoring for the return of the property!!!! I am convinced that SHE is the reason the daughter is as materialistic and shallow as she is. She needs to give that boy his ring back. And the guests deserve their wedding gifts back. Let her "donate" HER money, not the money of other people. Until she does, people will not be willing to forget that she is a phony that used that guy to get all of what she wanted. Idiot. She's done more to harm their "brand" in one week than I have ever seen.

1084 days ago


Screw Kim, I Cant stand her at least her sister's have some sense. people are going through ruff times job losses families being broken up and this dumb bitch gets a 2million dollar ring a marriage that lasts shorter then my rag. I wish people would boycott this whore. Jersey shore is better then watching Kim worry about losing a $70,000 earring. I'd like to slap the **** out of her and her mother Kris.

1084 days ago


the only reason kim doesn't want any footage of the divorce is because the public isn't buying it now and they won't buy the phoney BS later on the show.

1084 days ago


Probably the only "emotional" moments Kim doesn't want shown are the giggling and the high fives the Kardashian's give each other.

1084 days ago


That's because there is NO crying or fighting! Why would she go through all of the pretending on something that never was real? Real emotion is not tied with media stunt. She just made it 1000% easier to pretend it was real.

1084 days ago

Canada Guy    

"IF" this is true, Ka$h Kow Kri$ must be going ballistic! All these wasted tears and fights are costing her millions of hard earned dollars.
Kim should be ashamed for letting her family down like this!
They need this money to survive.
Get with the program Kim, and get ready for those close ups.

1084 days ago


I still don't know who this chick is. Apparently she's related to Bruce Jenner?

1084 days ago


Yeah I'm sure. More like the actual time off is E! having tape the lives of the other kardashian attention whores, like Khloe and Lamar and the original kardashian show. I wish I was born into a quasi famous family and had every opportunity thrown at me like her. Yeah I'm sure she works "real hard" for it

1084 days ago
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