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Kim Kardashian

Banning Divorce Drama

From E! Reality Show

11/5/2011 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
There will be no two-part Kardashian divorce special on E! ... this according to sources who tell us Kim did NOT want cameras to document the private, emotional moments behind her divorce.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Kim will not be shooting any footage for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" until the beginning of next year ... and is insisting she does not want to exploit the "real" moments behind the divorce on TV.

We're told Kim will most likely acknowledge the split when filming picks up again -- but all of the behind the scenes crying, fighting and other divorce-related stuff will not air on the show.

If you're still craving a nasty reality break-up ... don't worry, "Jersey Shore" starts again real soon.


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Kelly Rollins    

Kim sure makes Snooki look likw the smart one!

It's time to boycott everything Kardashian...and Jersey Shore.

1091 days ago


Sure, we'll believe the marriage was real if you 'say' you want to keep the emotional tears of the agony of the breakup out of the show. ROTFLMAO! Those K's are too much and their Mom is just "pimping" them for $$$$$$.

1091 days ago


fake!!!!!!!!!! i would stake my life it will be on the show. its all so contrived!

1091 days ago


Remember in the car driving when Kim was pissed off at Kris because he said there was something wrong with his miles and he hadn't bought the pastors airline ticket yet and she replied, he's your pastor. She wasn't about to purchase his ticket so kris asked, aren't you happy we're getting married and she drolled"exstatic" nothing I would rather be doing!!She was so mean to him even before they married. I think he is so lucky he escaped the whole materialistic self centered family. I believe the gravy train will crash and burn!

1091 days ago


It used to be
"stop the clowns" or "bring in the clowns".

Ah now, to go reread Herbert Spenser about how romance (or feeling) is dispatched. I cannot but recall the voices "overheard" in the background during the "wedding", the Producers reasoning and taming the lives in front of them.

1091 days ago


She's most popular celeb, in every where and keeps on discussion every next day.

1091 days ago


This is what Kim says on Christmas,"Hoe Hoe Hoe Merry Christmas!!!" Slept with and married a music producer, sex tape with Ray J, sex with Reggie Bush, sex with Miles Austin, etc... then Mr. Gullible marries her. Kris be glad you got out of that marriage no need for your kids to have a Hoe for a mother!!!

1091 days ago


Don't believe this!!!

Footage WAS shot of the 'moments' behind her divorce.

It is only now, based on the backlash of the public that this is being pulled from being included in the show.

What makes someone say this?

1. In E!'s initial statements defending their decision to re-run the wedding special they also stated people would be able to SEE it was a 'real' marriage because of the struggles that led to the divorce. That in itself states these 'moments' were taped/do***ented with the intent for public display.

2. Her mother, the infamous momager Kris Jenner stated on one video clip that "ALL Would be REVEALED" behind the decision to divorce and that People just needed to be patient. (I was both offended & laughing at the same time when I heard/watched this.)

E! & the Kardashians with Momma at the helm are spinning this like crazy. And if the public lets them, they will pull another one - of the many (copying handbags, copying logos). To them, this is just another "sex tape" event they will get through.

And BTW, I stopped watching NBC's Today show about a month or so ago when they had 5 of the Kardashian's (Bruce Jenner included) filling in for Kathy Lee Gifford while she was on vacation - 1 per day of the week.

NBC's credibility was greatly damaged from my perspective and I have found other networks's with what I consider a higher standard.

The lifestyle/show/personalities/products the Kardashian's represent is just not attractive or interesting to me - now or before.

Please don't be fooled by all of this......

1091 days ago


If we stop looking at these people they should go away.

1091 days ago


You can't film the drama cause there is none. It was all planned. The filming would consist of her saying "How did everyone figure out it was a sham".

1091 days ago


She doesn't want it shot because then Kris H. would be entitled to some of the TV rights.
She is learning ... mom is so proud.

1091 days ago


I would like to ban her from TV permanently!

1091 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Here's an idea for a future Kardashian reality show:

Every last one of them is packed into a huge limo - and oops - an out-of-control speeding train wipes them all out in one big crash.

My god!!

Kris Jenner??

Just think of the ratings.

1091 days ago


So now that the public and viewers are not reacting like she thought they would and cry poor, poor Kim she is not going to make any of the marriage/divorce scam/hoax part of the show.

What a life. You make tons of money from a show and lifestyle where you do nothing and have no talents and then get to call the shots.

Yes, poor, poor Kimmy

1091 days ago


Time to Kick Out The Kardashians.Don’*****ch the shows. Don’t buy their products. E-mail their sponsors and products they endorse and tell them you will not purchase any products endorsed by this family. E-mail the shopping channels that hawk their merchandise. E-mail the stores that carry their lines. Let them know you’ll be boycotting not only K. products but the channel/store/product too. Commenting is fun but has no results - hit this family where they live, in the pocketbook.Anyone out there with an e-mail list to share of their sponsors?

1091 days ago
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