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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Zero Communication Since Split

11/5/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

kim kardashian kris humphries
Kim Kardashian
hasn't spoken a word to Kris Humphries since she filed for divorce, despite reports to the contrary -- this according to sources close to the couple.

Sources close to KK tell TMZ ... the two have been giving each other nothing but the silent treatment since Kim filed divorce papers on Monday ... despite multiple reports they've been communicating regularly. 

According to sources, the couple made a mutual decision not to communicate -- at least for the time being. We're told any immediate communication will be handled through their reps.

As for other break-up logistics, like getting each other's stuff back -- we're told there really aren't any ... neither Kim nor Kris ever officially moved into the other's home ... so the split was pretty clean.

TMZ spoke to Kim's mom Kris Jenner earlier today in L.A. -- and she tells us, she hasn't spoken to Kris either since the split.


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Wonder if Rob will feel some of her backlash and get voted off DWTS next week? Boy, would he be pissed!

1027 days ago


Why would Kris want to speak to Kim after the way Kim and her soul-less PR team depicted him in their Life and Style interview. Of course, they reminded readers in the side bar to the article that they could see all the split drama in Kim and Courtney take NY and mentioned since the divorce that K&KTNY is now being re-edited by E!, of course to show Kris in the worse possible light. IMO, the Kook-dashians are nothing more than glorified trash grifters.

1027 days ago

Lee Dawg    

KK get a real life and wake up, you and ur family are nothing but drama, i feel bad for ur little sisters to have to watch you and ur ugly and fat sister grow up. what a shame, feel sorry for poor bruce to see all this and if ur dad was still alive, maybe he could have put some sense into you spoiled brats, shame on all of the karcrapions

1027 days ago


I think these people are so out of the real world reality for sure. That wedding was such a waste of money...she is just a spoiled person. Alot of people in America do not have jobs and are losing or already lost their homes and she spends millions of dollars on a wedding that she isn't even willing to go thru marriage counseling to save.. One spoiled person. I think that maybe they need to cancel the Kardasian's show, even though I have enjoyed watching it in the past.

1027 days ago


i agree with the comment about getting piss on and not feeling a shame...if she was a real women and respected herself she would not have done what she did..for her actions she will never fine true love and its very sad that she has all that money and will never be happy. Karma is a bitch Kim and you will get your payback..God knows,,

1027 days ago


Kris would be wise to never speak to or about such a disfunctional family as the Kardashians!!!He is way above

1027 days ago


With all this bad publicity, I hope they realize that the real people in this world are sick of all this BS the Kardashian family have been dishing out to everyone. I really do hope that the so called "ex-fans" mean what they say when they want to boycott their reality TV shows. That is really the only thing that will with time, get rid of this phoney ass family!!

1027 days ago

Elizabeth is a class act    

The nicest thing that Kim could have done for Kris is to give him the respect of "closure" and not leaving him in a state of limbo about why she did what she did. Even if she had her mind made up, she could have at least had one last talk with the man she pledged to spend her life with -- for "better or worse".

I'm trying to imagine how Kris must be treated with such disrespect?

Didn't he at least deserve a personal good-bye from a woman...especially since she intends to keep his $2 million dollar ring?!?

I could never take Kim Kardashian seriously, ever again, if she could not even use any class in her break up with Kris. This is not high school honey...and there is more expected of you. Heck, Kris did not even get a simple "dear John" letter - just a slap in the face with a divorce.

What goes around comes around. I hope that no decent man will give Kim the time of day...knowing how heartless she appears to be.

1027 days ago


What a coincidence, we've had nothing to do with this bunch of money whores either! Except for: SAY NO THE KARDISIANS, all of them. Turn them off, tune them out.

1027 days ago

Kimberly Nowland    

Give back the ring and send back the wedding gifts. It is the decent thing to do. You don't need the money or the gifts and I am thinking he is not the one that called it off. You made a mistake Kim. Do the right thing. This is real life and he is a real person.

1027 days ago


Of course they didn't move in together, they're relationship was all business. 100% scam!

1027 days ago


Mrs Jenner, it is time to stop being pimpmom. Are you not old enough to hold your girls together and teach them that marriage is sacred and not meant to enrich themselves. You are 55 now and I think you are a total messed up hag.

1027 days ago

jan davis    

This kid, Kris Humpries is 26 years old. Remember when you were 26? He fell hard for Kim 31, like a teenager falls for a first love. Easy target for a master of deception like Ms Kardashian, a porn star...she pushed him for a marriage and being an inexperienced young man from middle america, he was easy prey. That family used him, and spit him out. Watch the show...his head was spinning. A hard earned lesson ... beauty is skin deep .... not botoxed...reality is not a show....kindness, warmth, caring, giving and taking, caring what another person needs, being best friends, respect, and putting another person before yourself...that is the show and it is love ever existed in that relationship.
Kim is in love with Kim. It is all about her...her wants, her needs, her career, her feelings, her family....Kris, you have been brought up better so listen to your friends and family, this was a gift to you, your life, your time go for a person with intelligence, a mission in life that is real, someone who will be a wonderful mother to your children, who does not fight you daily for control, who cares less about beauty but possesses it naturally, and who is capable of giving back as well as receiving love. I am cheering for you,

1027 days ago


i really wish they all would just disappear, so headlines could go to people that actually have talents and matter.

1027 days ago

maypa yesre    

who d hell cares... the whole Kardashian clan sucks...lets move on to other important facts rather than waste our time to these money hungry family and Kim nothing but a high class whore!

1027 days ago
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