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Justin Bieber

Will Take DNA Test

And Then Sue His Accuser

11/6/2011 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber and Mariah YeaterJustin Bieber will take a DNA test in two weeks when he returns to the United States to prove he is not Mariah Yeater's baby daddy -- and after that, Justin and his team are going after her in court ... sources directly connected with Justin tell TMZ.

Justin is in Europe now so he can't take the test until he returns ... but he is determined to put an end to what he says is a bogus scandal.

Our sources say Justin's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, contacted Yeater's attorneys Friday and conveyed the DNA test WILL happen. We're told Justin and his team are so serious ... they directed Weitzman to find a lab to do the test and Weitzman has already selected one.

Once the test shows Justin is not the daddy, Justin and his team will sue her. We're told Yeater's lawyers appeared "nervous" when they heard the news. This may explain why Yeater's lawyers went underground yesterday and did not return TMZ's calls.

Sources say Bieber and his team think it's important to file a lawsuit against Yeater to show there are consequences when somebody trumps up phony, hurtful allegations against a celebrity.


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chris brown that hoe lol

1028 days ago

jenny doe    

who dose that! bull****! this kid not even enter the manly hood jus yet and already some one like her pulls that! and how old is she??, she looks in her thirties boy! that would of been somethin if that turn out to be so true this could hav been the biggest storie in history of the world but the world knows thats a major BS! and that mariah woman will be shamed forever until she cracks!

1028 days ago

Lets end it    

Why are they waiting for his return to the states? Surely there is DNA at his home and labs in Europe or where ever he may be. Think about it folks why delay?? You should man up Justin right away to clear this matter instead of waiting.

1028 days ago


yea i knw rite whou would blame tht **** on a youg boy

1028 days ago

xavier gutierrez    

i will laugh if she really is pregnant. hahaha she will be ritch bitch!

1028 days ago

xavier gutierrez    

it is really sad to see a piece of trash like lohan make mochary of the judicial system. wish we all had it like that. she will never learn.

1028 days ago


why is it that as soon as a woman claims a man has fathered her child, everyone goes after that poor man, a child is not a toy or a ploy to hold onto a man, also false accusations against someone can and will ruin a persons life....seriously I think there should be more laws to protect men against some women, paternity laws differ from Canada and the States.....I have seen many a good men ruined due to the lies of a woman....

1028 days ago


but...Justin is underage, isn't she incriminating herself?

1028 days ago


I don't believe for 1 minute that Justin fathered this child or even met this crazy woman. I really do think that she is just an obsessed fan who will do anything to get fame/attention and money and she is probably jealous of Justin and Selena's relationship and is trying to pin this baby on time to tarnish their relationship and his career. Selena had a creepy stalker who tried writing to her saying he was "in love" with her and "wanted to be with her" and when she didn't respond he get very angry and started sending her death threats, I think the same thing kind of happend with Justin, I think this psycho woman tried to contact Justin many times and he never responded so she got angry and decided to pin her baby on him to get him to respond and notice her and even though Justin is 17 years old...he is handling all of this like a mature adult and he will move on from this once the DNA proves he is not the father of this baby, this woman looks like welfare trash anyway and I doubt Justin wouldn't even give her the time of day if she came across him.

1028 days ago

Catherine in Tulsa    

Why would he sue this girl? She's 20 with a baby and husband. Does he want to take the food out of the baby's mouth? Seriously, if the test comes back negative, end of story. He sounds like a real a hole for suing a broke girl.

1028 days ago


She should definitely be sued. Justin needs to make an example of her. Baby's aren't a way to make a quick buck. I hope she realizes that she's making herself look like an idiot. They should be nervous because her story is in print now, the world has seen it and it's not likely to be forgotten soon. Once her story is proven to be false, what kind of life will she and her baby have then? Her son will never be able to live this down, poor kid.

1028 days ago


So Carlos The Jackal and Justin The Bieber walk into a Las Vegas bar...

1028 days ago


that is not his dang on baby yall got him messed up now who will sqrew some body that dang ugly RT

1028 days ago


This women is obviously mentally ill. Suing her is not the answer. She needs help so her child does not end up a wack a doodle too. If your going to sue someone sue the damn lawyer. It's time these ridiculous lawsuits stop!

1028 days ago


omfg 4real why is this happning well.. he is a bad guy he's an attention hore

1028 days ago
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