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Justin Bieber

Will Take DNA Test

And Then Sue His Accuser

11/6/2011 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber and Mariah YeaterJustin Bieber will take a DNA test in two weeks when he returns to the United States to prove he is not Mariah Yeater's baby daddy -- and after that, Justin and his team are going after her in court ... sources directly connected with Justin tell TMZ.

Justin is in Europe now so he can't take the test until he returns ... but he is determined to put an end to what he says is a bogus scandal.

Our sources say Justin's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, contacted Yeater's attorneys Friday and conveyed the DNA test WILL happen. We're told Justin and his team are so serious ... they directed Weitzman to find a lab to do the test and Weitzman has already selected one.

Once the test shows Justin is not the daddy, Justin and his team will sue her. We're told Yeater's lawyers appeared "nervous" when they heard the news. This may explain why Yeater's lawyers went underground yesterday and did not return TMZ's calls.

Sources say Bieber and his team think it's important to file a lawsuit against Yeater to show there are consequences when somebody trumps up phony, hurtful allegations against a celebrity.


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Mariah's lawyers should be really NERVOUS because they will be sued for malicious prosecution. Justin will go after every asset they own and put them into bankruptcy. They messed with the wrong dude.

1089 days ago


i really hope he didn't hit that because she is nasty.

1089 days ago


Bieb wont be suing her for money, get will be for defamation of his character and so on...hopefully she will back off, but still he would be stupid not to take her to court and have her admit she lied...he is being picked on for his celebrity status, stars need to fight back.

1089 days ago


Why in the world would someone wear a hat saying ghetto on it?

1089 days ago


Why would anyone wear a hat saying ghetto on it?

1089 days ago

Lilly Pad    

WHAT A WONDERFUL AHA moment ! The possible Oh My GAWD! To think Justic actually has a p*nis, albeit tiny as can be,....a working sperm machine,.....Y-O-W-Z-A ! Traning to crosover into the adult market are you Justin? I personally can't stand you, and when your fan***** puberty,they too will no longer be fans. It would be SOOOO poetic if this child did end up being yours,......couldn't buy that kind of publicity. What's oddly interesting, is this 30 second of pure joy and lust, possible for a 'new' intercourse doer. In other words, if he was a vigin at the time,.....30 seconds would be about right,.....knows absolutely ZERO about the sex act,let alone know the definition of true lovemaking. Although this is a whole strange remote possibility, great fun to watch. I don't know if junior condoms are made, but with all of that testosterone around,....hasn't anyone taught this boy about birth control? Here's a visual for ya,.....Selena Gomez as a future step mom,.....

1089 days ago

Lilly Pad    

I don't see, in any fashion, how a test can be done, and someone NOT tamper with the results,so that the test is fair and accurate.Still think it's a publicity stunt,for Justin to try and crossover in the music market.

1089 days ago


If you read all the postings then you saw a couple of internet thieves posting ads saying someone "makes $84 every hour...last month $8514 just working on the internet..." BEWARE! - it's a huge internet theft scam, don't fall for it. The website is fake, the person doesn't exist, and you'll get charged huge hidden fees with nothing valuable in return.

1089 days ago


**** that hoe bitch ******lut tramp. i say punch her in the mouth whatever the results end up bein.

1089 days ago


this Mariah iz making up **** jst 4 JBz money...I wndr wat iz sh gna say wen the result cme out nd say tht JB iz not the daddy....sme1 plz tel m iz JB cheating on selena with miley or is it rumors?

1089 days ago

ghetto princess    

that not his kid that bitch is a lier

1089 days ago


I think this ugly yellow toothed sloppy busted up dumpsterfire is so crazy and needs some kind of a new diet and a life

1089 days ago


This is ridiculous of them to sue her she has no money obviously that's why shes trying to pawn that baby off on Justin, and if he is the father I am sure she will end up getting into trouble due to statutory rape (Justin was 16 and she was 20). What an idiot.

1089 days ago


some of you guys really should go back to school to learn how to spell and talk as if you have some sort of education, just saying.

1089 days ago


She's got his texts. He's screwed.

1089 days ago
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