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Justin Bieber

Will Take DNA Test

And Then Sue His Accuser

11/6/2011 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber and Mariah YeaterJustin Bieber will take a DNA test in two weeks when he returns to the United States to prove he is not Mariah Yeater's baby daddy -- and after that, Justin and his team are going after her in court ... sources directly connected with Justin tell TMZ.

Justin is in Europe now so he can't take the test until he returns ... but he is determined to put an end to what he says is a bogus scandal.

Our sources say Justin's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, contacted Yeater's attorneys Friday and conveyed the DNA test WILL happen. We're told Justin and his team are so serious ... they directed Weitzman to find a lab to do the test and Weitzman has already selected one.

Once the test shows Justin is not the daddy, Justin and his team will sue her. We're told Yeater's lawyers appeared "nervous" when they heard the news. This may explain why Yeater's lawyers went underground yesterday and did not return TMZ's calls.

Sources say Bieber and his team think it's important to file a lawsuit against Yeater to show there are consequences when somebody trumps up phony, hurtful allegations against a celebrity.


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Justin is a christian, so I truly hope he does not sue her when the test comes back negative. That mother clearly needs help, and suing her would devistate that dear child. Justin, please have a heart, and forgive her. I will continue to pray that you do the right thing in this situation. Humble yourself, and don't try to teach her a lesson.

1083 days ago


'show there are consequences when somebody trumps up phony, hurtful allegations against a celebrity.' whoa? saying because hes a 'Celebrity' that its not allowed? implying that non-celebrities don't matter under this subject?

1083 days ago


highly doubt he's the father. She's also an IDIOT for admitting to supposedly having sexual relations with a minor...SICK!!

1083 days ago


Well--it's about time --- let's just hope the people doing the testing are the ones collecting the sample so there can be no question as to who it came from. I have to say tho--won't it be a goof on him if it turns out he is the baby's daddy??!! I say wait til all the reports are in and done before judging. But if he's not daddy--this girl is waaaay dumber than she looks to think she can get away with it!

1082 days ago

Mark Leisen    

They should just go on Maury.

1082 days ago


I feel this sexual harrasment stunt against Cain is flatout wrong. I am so sick of these snakes airing out what they do WILLINGLY with prominebt men. There is no way in hell I believe Sharon Bialek's story. You're a grown woman, you know what's up when a gentleman UPGRADES a ROOM for you. If your only meeting with him to find a job, why would you need a room, why would you need to have a late dinner date? I'm not republican and will not vote for him, but I THINK IT'S TIME FOR THESE SLUTS TO KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT AND STOP DESTROYING LIVES WITH THIS BS. HE DID NOT DO ANYTHING UNWANTED OR UNINVITED BY HER.

1082 days ago

Heino Musik    

He's a good kid. Not my idea of great music, but I'm 41. I hope his team crucifies her and destroys her life.

1082 days ago


WOW i cant wait till he prooves her WRONG!! haha and i feel bad cuz this bitch made selena gomez(my fav singer ever i went to see her concert hehe) break up with justin i feel soo bad uhhhh

1082 days ago


if i were his mom i would say statutory rape haha.

1082 days ago

chin-chin regino    

OMG !!

1082 days ago


Maybe she doesn't believe she's lying...

Maybe she was taken advantage of by a some Bieber look-alike. That's a theory I don't think anybody else has considered.

1081 days ago


Also.... if Bieber isn't the father and does sue.... I hope he actually gives the money to a charity or something (maybe related to something that helps single parents who's kids have a dead beat mother or father ... he doesn't need it for himself.

1081 days ago

Yo yo yo    

Exclusive video of Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater after show!

1081 days ago

Maria Jordan    

ok if your a beiber fan or not stop hating on him! i mean this is alot for a 17 year old to take! i mean how would you feel :( try putting yourself in his shoes.

1081 days ago


Not for nothing, most commenters are completely ignoring the fact that the girl's description of events rings true with a virgin's first time. Anyone who is willing to admit the truth about their real first time knows it only took 30 seconds, because you didn't have the knowledge you do later about prolonging the act and by extension the pleasure. If Bieber really is as much of a virgin as his PR has long suggested, I don't see her story being impossible, and I find it interesting to note that Bieber's reps initially didn't jump on the sex claim, but denied his being the father. Unless I'm wrong, they still haven't explicitly denied the sex claim. If he did do it with her, that isn't going to help his case.

1081 days ago
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