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Kim Kardashian

Must PAY Kris Humphries

to Keep Engagement Ring

11/6/2011 3:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian
is going to shell out some serious dough so she can keep her MASSIVE engagement ring ... and TMZ has learned, the cash is all going to Kris Humphries.

Sources close to the former couple tell us ... it was Kris who originally bought the 20.5 carat diamond stunner ... and Kim loved the ring so much, she included a clause in the pre-nup which allows her to buy the ring from Kris for the original purchase price in the case of a divorce.

Ironically, without a special clause in the prenup, Kim would have been the proud owner outright, because once they became man and wife, the ring would have been Kim's.

Since the couple is now kaput -- the diamond is in Kim's court. We're told KK still LOVES the ring -- and will pay Kris so she can keep it.

As far as price goes -- Kim never disclosed how much Kris plunked down, but according to multiple reports, it's valued around $2 mil.


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That bitch is dumb as a brick. Like all the celeb stories that are clueless---after the stones them, they change course---as if they've come to an revelation. I'd fire the dumb ass PR/image firms who'd encourage them to be stupid. They don't give a chit, they're going to get paid, while the client's brand is being wiped out. [but then that would give them more work--with the clean up. I got it, I'm too slow]

1061 days ago


That's some fine lawyering Kim has there. You would think she of al people would have a decent lawyer. I would not believe this at all if it weren't reported here. Amazing.

1061 days ago


lets not forget when reggie was lookin to get a sbowl ring when they were together kim used that ish to go on shows
leech'n get'n paid then shes gonna turn around on khump and TRY to throw him under the bus say'n oh hes trying to cash
such a selfish all about me person...
please do not forget there not going away if you ppl
watch the show buy mags etc...
i use to watch
i dont care how they try to spin this next season
im done with all these shows!
practice wt ur preachin ppl!!

1061 days ago


I noticed "E" had the wedding show on a couple of days ago while flipping channels. I heard one part, she was saying to him that he grew up in a different world than her, and he replied back, what are you talking about a couple years ago you were selling clothes in the Valley. I laughed my butt off. She really thinks she is royalty or something. Her claim to fame is a sex tape where she gets ir anally and get peed on, oh that is class NOT! She and the whole family are PIGS, I am sick of them. They need to be off the air. I will boycott anything with Ryan Seacrest or with this family on it, including Sears.

1061 days ago


Who would have thought if you sucked Ray-Jays d??k you would be way more famous and rich than sucking Prez. Bill Clintons

1061 days ago


The prenup is all about money, as is the Kardashian life. It's unfortunate they don't think about people's feelings, and how much their behavior hurts others. Money can't fix the hurt she's caused. And it can't give this family the values they so desperately need.

1061 days ago


Go buy an island with that money Fatty and don't come back.

1061 days ago


my lord, she is a piece of crap whore. does she have any values at all?

1061 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

Someday these Kardashian girls will wake up and resent their mother for the things she has pushed for them to do to bring in the cash. Mark my words the Jenner girls will never release a sex tape, pose for Playboy, have their babies birth televised, have their babies dad appear as a jack ass, have phony marriages to ugly NBA players they hardly know. Bruce will protect them from this. What is ironic is these girls state their father would be PROUD. Where ever he is, he is hanging his head in shame. Kris is a horrible woman.

1061 days ago


There's something fishy about this story. 1st, shewas going to keep the ring anyway(it was a gift,remember). Now she all of the sudden feels like she should pay him for it. Sounds like damage control to me. If everyone wasn't saying how much she should give the ring back, do you think she would EVEN THINK about paying him back for it.

1061 days ago


"... she included a clause in the pre-nup which allows her buy the ring from Kris for the original purchase price in the case of a divorce." What??? If I believe this BS then this makes everything so much worse because this shows that she didn't have good intentions. And now the ring is no longer worth $2M? Who knows what to believe with these trashy people; it's only LIES, LIES, and more LIES. These (Kardashian) people are hustlers, and they've hustled the public into believing that what they were looking at was reality when everything was probably scripted and cooked-up in the Kardashian kitchen or E! offices. Isn't that fraud? The public should be able to ask for their money back for all the Kardsahian merchandise that they bought while they were believing that all the fake BS was reality.

1061 days ago


I don't know why everyone is so angry. It's the new way to make money. Not by working hard and building a corporation like Gates or Jobs, but by going on a reality show, or producing a sex tape. Suddenly you are writing a book, designing clothes, and getting paid for tweets. You can do it too, if you have no shame.

1061 days ago

LA Native    

Girl, keeping that ring whether you pay for it or not, WILL be the end of you.

And we are happy about that; you are NOTHING.

1061 days ago


this says it all

1061 days ago


The mother and her plastic wrap faced husband are the leaders here. Kim doesn't fart with out asking mommy. The mother is a lair from the get go. Read now she's pimping out a younger one to be a model. Her kids are 20% in her bank book when she can pimp them out. This family is white trailer trash. Turned the channel when I saw the old lady on the veiw, man she packs that make on.

1061 days ago
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