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Kim Kardashian

Can You Hear Me Now?

11/6/2011 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was seen making a phone call outside the home of Kris Humphries this afternoon in Chanhassen, MN.

As TMZ first reported, Kim flew in to Minnesota last night to talk to Kris face-to-face ... but no reconciliation is expected.

Kris was spotted leaving the home later in the day.



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She is nasty. I cannot believe that people really watch them. I am pretty sure their dad is rolling over in his grace.

1081 days ago


This is the first thing she should hv done before travel. Even if Kris is a punk he didnt deserve the treatment.

1081 days ago


This is my only comment about this EMPTY little girl.
Couldn't all of you see it when she was having her makeup done? This PROFESSIONAL NARCISSIST AND FAMILY, will do
ANYTHING and destroy ANYONE to be on EVERY cover of every magazine. I counted them, just on the left hand side at
the grocery store today...7 covers. She's been missing for 72 days. How upsetting for her.
This empty little nothing is a SCAM, SHAM, FAKE,
EMBARRASSMENT to her Father, Robert Kardashian.
How embarrassing to have the media compare her to the
Royal Family...........SCAM, SHAM, FAKE.....
I've watched my last KUWTK and hope it is YANKED from the air!!! Just like that puke with another K....+8!!!!!!!!!

1081 days ago


she is innciont girl that wants to live her life btw why all ya'll being hater...

1081 days ago


what a sham...oops I mean, what a shame...In hiding, yeah right....Kim, you're done.... we're done, hope Chris is done and getting over you as we are...You've mucked it up, so move on and get a real life...nice to see ya, wouldn't want to be ya...even with all your $$$$$$$$

1081 days ago


Hide Kris hide run fast and dont look back!!!

1081 days ago


Kim you should stay with Kris in MN till next year and work thing out, enjoy this time together.

1081 days ago


Kris H don't believe a word - screw with the Kardashian "empire" and file for an annulment, that will really throw a wrench in the works. I believe an annulment in California would void the pre-nup that she screwed you on, and if there is a confidentiality agreement, you would be able to open your mouth and spill your side - that is the best card in your hand. Dude, she made porn, you really want that for the mother of your kids? The most hated woman on Earth?

1081 days ago


Man, she really did go out of her way for a booty call - and what a booty it is....LOOK AT THE SIZE of it in this picture. Glad its a double wide door opening.

1081 days ago


I never thought this fisaco could get anymore entertaining but for real, talking on the phone outside when you know there is a media circus surrounding you right now. Kim can't possibly get anymore pathetic. Geez! I think Kim will roll into a ball and die the moment the camera ceases to find her. If Kris stays with her then he deserves to be treated like a punk.

1081 days ago


I hope the husband don't ever open the door again. What she did to him was unreal. If I were him, I will not give her the time of the day. Trying to use him again just to get the $$ and ratings back. It is pathetic beyond my comprenhension

1081 days ago


lowlives vvv

1081 days ago


I am not a fan of Kim and her family.

However, you do not know someone from watching a "reality show" or tabloids.

It sad that some many people believe it as real, and say such hateful things.

You do not know them, yet so much hate is being spewed out, maybe you need to get a new hobby.

1081 days ago

Veritatis Amans    

Please, Mike Judge, just do it already. hehe hmmmm he hmm he he

1081 days ago


i'd rather hear about the pool boy being Khloe's biological daddy.

1081 days ago
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