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Kim Kardashian

Can You Hear Me Now?

11/6/2011 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was seen making a phone call outside the home of Kris Humphries this afternoon in Chanhassen, MN.

As TMZ first reported, Kim flew in to Minnesota last night to talk to Kris face-to-face ... but no reconciliation is expected.

Kris was spotted leaving the home later in the day.



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Jay W.     

Duke # 181... I'm with ya brother.. lol

1083 days ago


I bet Lindsay Lohan is relieved all these threads aren't directed to her. Either that or she's VERY perturbed to not be getting the attention.

I have something to say that people here are going to not like, but I feel I have to. Anyone can read my personal page here to see that I don't agree with ANYTHING the Kardashians' have done, however... I am dismayed at the depth of meanness and cruelty displayed here. It's so sad to see ANYONE vilified in this very unsettling way. I mean they're not mass murders or anything like that. Maybe people are just taking out all of their frustrations from REAL life and projecting it on to the Kardashians?
Someone mentioned that Kim was this generation's "Marie Antoinette". Good call and seems to be true. So many in society are fighting "anti-bullying" campaigns all over the internet and yet here we are, BULLYING. No matter how I feel about the premises we are here for, I am VERY SORRY to the Kardashians that they are having to see this utter hatred and cruelty directed towards them.

1083 days ago


Now that kim has made this PR error, maybe this will be the end of this families shows, pictures, interviews and so on. I agree with sammy, what mother would want her daughters shown as such trash i.e sex tapes, foul mouths, inapproperate conversations drinking and sleeping around. I always cring when Kris Jenner says how "Proud" Daddy would be of them. I may not have liked Robert due to his O.J connection, but even I know the poor man must be rolling in his grave over the behavior of these girls. I am going to boycott the E channel and anything associated with Ryan Seacrest (since he created and produces thier shows) until they are off the air. I will also not buy any product assoicated with this family including magazines. Kim made a mockery of marrage and disrespected the vows ( which she must have learned from mommy) since Kris admitts to affairs. This family does not no the meaning of family values, only the value of money.

1083 days ago


kris looks like hes packing.. no wonder she cant let go that easy! haha

1083 days ago

Jay W.     

I like Kim... especially her lip glossed lips ;)

1083 days ago


Talk about planned photo ops, this is very contrived and ridiculous! Anything to be in the public eye. She looks SO idiotic with that stupid hair up and fat-ass! Stop bothering people and get off of that porch bitch and go home!!

1083 days ago


Latest Kook-trashian scandal now being covered on the Yahoo! home page. The world is catching on.

Kardashian Kollection bags just knockoffs?

1083 days ago


kris looks like hes packing.. no wonder she cant let go that easy! haha

1083 days ago

Jay W.     

She's 5'2 and 1/2. Big booty spinner..

1083 days ago


The Hollywood Reporter article - OCCUPY KIM Kardashian

Join the movement to drive the Kardashians out of business for good.

1083 days ago

Jay W.     

he's got his homemade porn dvd in his left pocket... look out for that money maker next folks

1083 days ago

Jay W.     

hey... what ever happen to Whitney Houstan?

1083 days ago


Harry Levin -

I am extremely disappointed in you and your TMZ website.
The ability to get an "EXCLUSIVE" and be the first to report on a story is something I know is valued very highly in your industry. However, when these EXCLUSIVES are based on what appears to be a personal relationship - as is the case with your employee Mike Walters and the Kardashian family (Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom & Kris Jenner) - it puts TMZ on another level. The opportunity for and actual report biases and spins now taint the reporting. Take for example TMZ's report earlier today of KK's trip to MN. The information in that report was changed from its original message and edited - things taken out, others added - in what appeared to be an attempt to soften the information or perhaps someone's image. Changed - not UPDATED with new information/text as it now reads. (at least at this writing) The non-stated message is that based on the posts in the COMMENTS section to this story, someone at TMZ was directed to modify - again, not UPDATE - the storyline.

So I ask you Mr. Levin - How good, some might say credible, is the information when it is 'sourced' and reported in this manner?
In a way I suppose a Thank You is in order because now the readers of this site know where the information is coming from and how photos are being obtained. Readers also know TMZ is not using any great investigative or journalistic skills -someone just waits for a phone call or a secret text/twitter.

As it is often said, Money cannot buy class or style or as it seems, even credibility.......

Nor can people hide behind religion.....

Truly, truly disappointed.

1083 days ago


oh please let this relationship be done with already. kim, stop taking the whole world on your divorce tour we had E*******NOUGH. kris, please wise up and lawyer the **** up right about now you need to be on to the next one . no need to get messy there should be nothing to talk about she blind sided you with a divorce GIRL BYE!

1083 days ago


Another website (starting with an "R") has several pics of Kim doing her best fake sad, crying, despondent poses on the front porch. omg it's PATHETIC

1083 days ago
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