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Kim Kardashian

Can You Hear Me Now?

11/6/2011 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was seen making a phone call outside the home of Kris Humphries this afternoon in Chanhassen, MN.

As TMZ first reported, Kim flew in to Minnesota last night to talk to Kris face-to-face ... but no reconciliation is expected.

Kris was spotted leaving the home later in the day.



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Hope some chick answers the door in a towel. Bam Bitch.

995 days ago


Kim Kartrashian is only in MN to save her career. Unfortunately, Kris has values and unlike Kim believes in the sanctity of marriage so he is talking to her. He should have let that trash sleep on the front porch like the animal she is. This is all a trick Kris - hopefully you don't fall for it. This broad is a gypsy witch! The only person she cares about is herself and her public image. A narcissistic, souless, harlet! Bottom line if he does not end it now - she will certainly end it some time later - in the near future! Boycott anything Kartrashian!!! Disgusted!

995 days ago


Most of these comments are hilarious. I'll have to agree, Kim is not interested in any way shape or form interested in rekindling a romance w/ Kris Humphries. Pure pr repair. I doubt she ever considered that she would become one of the most hated woman in America. What a 'crummy' thing to do to someone you are to supposedly care about. As for Kris Humphries, don't be a sucker twice. Collect what's owed you, and for heaven's sake, move on. There are so many wonderful young girls your age, especially in the twin cities, who will think your all that and you are. How you got messed up w/ this woman is beyond me.

995 days ago

Shar J    

gopetition dot com - sign No More Kardashian petition to be submitted to E!. So sick of hearing about everything Kardashian.

995 days ago


Come on people, this is a publicity stunt. This is strictly a "damage control/save my career" move by Kim Kardashian who is now trying to save face and give the public a reason not to hate her. Unfortunately, it's a little too late. She should've thought about that prior to filing for divorce. If you truly believe she's trying to work on repairing the marriage, then I have some ocean-front property in Iowa I would like to sell you. If you truly believe like me that this is focused primarily on her trying to repair her image, then I think you've hit the jackpot. When are people going to wake up and learn that Kim K lives in la-la land is all about her career and I think will do just about anything to make sure it stays on course. I feel Kris Humphries is being used as a pawn and also is trying to get on his good side so things don't get worse than what they already are.

995 days ago


Kris sister should have beat her down and pulled all her hair out tore that fake face up.. Tramp.

995 days ago


TMZ no one cares about the piss queen porn star and her screwed up family, WHY do you keep insisting on posting about her or any of them. READ your own boards, we are tired of news about this trash

995 days ago


Her fat booty did not allow her get into the house. But that was a close shave!

995 days ago

Steve Bedell    

Bad reporting, they are in the town of Mound MN, his parents live in Chanhassen. Get it right, Kris lives in Mound, MN

995 days ago


Kim, gee whiz. You sure can't prove that you can be a wife, only that you can be a bride. How could you ever be a mother? It would mean thinking about someone other than yourself. Who needs to grow up here? At least Kris was acting his age.

995 days ago


Kim K. is trying to save her humilated self from all the drama, and trying to save herself. She is the VILLIAN.

995 days ago


Oh puuulease. I dont doubt for a second that they both are doing all of this as a publicity stunt. Kris Humphries needs the publicity because he doesnt have anything going. So they both come up with splitting up so he can be on the kadid camera.

995 days ago


Everyone who wants to save our countys good name.
start boycotting everything in the kardsahine BRAND,
the perfume the wieght loss ****, the sears junk
and expeisaly the show. write to E net work and tell
them you woant be watching anything on the net work as long as they keep airing the craphisnes.KK brand is OVER!
Dont support porn stars and thier lieing family.
America well never be strong with this peole pulling the country down!

995 days ago


kim k needs to tell kris face to face that he should go get checked for an std, beacuse her ***** is rotting away and shes sure shes passed something to him. Once kris finds out hes got heerps and he can never get ridd of them then he well go back to KK.they can show thier doctor apt. on tv and them going to buy thier meds.Then they can show kim spreading her leggs to her mom look mom Ive got red sores all over my neiger *** catcher. Then the cameras cut to kloe applying the cream for the heerps. camera cuts to kris itching his balls.Then the phone starts ringing off the hook with chicks saying they were infected by kris and black guys saying they were infected by kim. Then camera cuts to atternys cutting checks to everyone who conatcted heerps from kim and chris. Then suddely Bruces balls are itching and he gives his wife a hard look. Kris comes clean and admits she had an affir with one of chris's friends.
Then the younger girls start itching and realise the whole family has herps.
everyone has been spleeping with someone with heerpies.
That well be the nexted show and they well do it with pride.
just another day in the life of a porn star,
and fame whoering family.they woul****** their herp sores for rateings. If that doesnt work and rateing suffer
the jenner girls can start doing some soft porn oh watie they alleady have!

995 days ago


Anyone else see how hung that dude is? Wow, I can see why she's having divorce remorse

995 days ago
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