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Kim Kardashian

Can You Hear Me Now?

11/6/2011 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was seen making a phone call outside the home of Kris Humphries this afternoon in Chanhassen, MN.

As TMZ first reported, Kim flew in to Minnesota last night to talk to Kris face-to-face ... but no reconciliation is expected.

Kris was spotted leaving the home later in the day.



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Kim "Mom, I'm feeling really bad about this. I think I should give Kris just one more chance."
Kris "Are you kidding me? You will do nothing of the sort. You see how Scott treats Kourtney, do you want to be looked at as a fool in the world?"
Kim "I already am mom."

1052 days ago


IT MUST BE F***** UP TO BE HATED BY THE WHOLE WORLD...FROM USA.....TO AUSTRALIA......AND MORE....u wanted to be big but u got hated big. Kris take the 2 million for the ring and walk away....

1052 days ago


Enough of this woman TMZ!! She is just getting rating for her trashy TV show.

1052 days ago


sc1432, you are a fool! Her live became public when she showed up in TV with a reality show. Even worst when she posted her nasty sex videos on the internet for everyone to see. You are a moron. If she wanted a private life, she should have stayed away from tv and stopped exposing herself. Damn, how stupid are you?

1052 days ago


Is anyone really believing she is sincere about any of this? It's all for show and to keep the attention on her! Like I said before, wait for the reconciliation! So fake it's just gag inducing!

1052 days ago

george fudge!    

"Hi Mom! So, I just told Kris and his parents the truth ... that I'm pregnant with Justin Beiber's baby and the divorce is going thru so that I can be with my little Beiber!"

1052 days ago


I hope she's not pregnant! Because that would be just too much, to have a baby just for a tv show? just too much and this guy can be that lucky!

1052 days ago


The Minnesota visit is just for appearances.
As usual, it's all about the ratings and public opinion to keep the $$ flowing into Kardashian wallets.
Kim realizes that the press is bad - she's portrayed as the money grubbing airhead that she is now. So for PR purposes - she acts like she gives a damn, fakes emotions, and makes a trip to Minnesota.

1052 days ago


Awww come on people, I know you all are saying she's standing outside for the attention, but consider that her ass is so large it's blocking out her cellphone signal inside the house. If not, then I'm hoping she's calling 911 to report her imminent suicide. Hopefully her whore mother will die with her.

1052 days ago

nipples mugee    

Fellow TMZ members, we’ve been setup. You know at this very minute a contract is being drawn up to resolve the divorce papers . This was their plan all along, just thank of the ratings they will draw with their show. Shes on the phone calling her mom and asking how much were going to make off the show and good job on tricking everyone. And the public are all fools..

1052 days ago


This empty little girl is a SHAM, SCAM, FRAUD, EMBARRASSMENT to all of us. Her Mommies little money machine needs to be shut down. At the grocery store today, I counted KK on 7 covers just on the left hand side. She's been missing for 72 days & coulnd't take it. Didn't anyone else see this FRAUD as she was having her makeup done for the wedding? This little freak needs to go the way of another "K"...Kate Gosselin........BYE BYE....WE DON'T EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!

1052 days ago

TMZ commenters are a joke    

Are you all so jealous that you feel better by slamming her.
What has she ever done to you?

Really people? Get a life....

1052 days ago

jersey girl    

She wanted attention and she is getting it! heard their new shows are coming out on E!, please do no*****ch them, just change the channel and watch something else, like i always do.This is the only way to make these people go away.

1052 days ago


Kim is going to star in a new movie called "The marriage counselor" directed by Tyler Perry. Please go to his website and let him that you will boycott the movie if Kim Trashian is in it!!! Here's the link we can do this together

1052 days ago


Can someone please tell that stank ho to take a shower and change those nasty ass clothes that she has been in since she left Australia.

1052 days ago
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