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Kim Kardashian

Can You Hear Me Now?

11/6/2011 3:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was seen making a phone call outside the home of Kris Humphries this afternoon in Chanhassen, MN.

As TMZ first reported, Kim flew in to Minnesota last night to talk to Kris face-to-face ... but no reconciliation is expected.

Kris was spotted leaving the home later in the day.



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that is not kym and kris just dont open the door.

1081 days ago


She better run back to LA soon or the cold Channie winter will freeze her big fat @ss off! Minnesota has enough nutz already. Go home lard butt.

1081 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

the only way this family will go away if when all those tha*****ch their show stop watching it and you'll see how they will pull the plug..... I have no idea why people even watch that show, it's uneducated. Who wants to watch a dysfunctional family on tv?

1081 days ago


Someone called it earlier this week...A commenter said she would fly to MN and appeal w/ Kris H. She's just trying to save face..such BS..she needs to grow the f-up.

1081 days ago

TMZ commenters are a joke    

Most commenter's here are so pathetic, that they feel better about themselves, by slamming someone they have never met.
Seems jealous to me.

What has Kim Kardashian ever done to you!!!

1081 days ago


Kim is going to star in a new movie called "The marriage counselor" directed by Tyler Perry. Please go to his website and let him that you will boycott the movie if Kim Trashian is in it!!! Here's the link we can do this together

Please copy and paste this everywhere, we need more support from honest and hardworking citizens like yourself.

1081 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I bet the slut is still waiting for him to open the door. She knows she screwed her self and her family when she screwed Kris. BTW, I saw her "high class" crap in wal mart the other day. Pretty soon, Goodwill.

1081 days ago


man, her behind grew in the last 2 months. She has an ugly shape and her fame porn tape is the only reason she thinks she is great. Reported in the news, she got 5million when it was released. Nothing but a ho, always will be a ho, just like her Mama.

1081 days ago


I've got a bridge to sell anyone who believes the so-called husband and his family didn't know about the repulsive background this lowlife woman has, and that includes the porn. They're all part of some scheme dreamed up by the mother. I wouldn't be surprised if she had some OJ scenario planned for the least lucrative daughter. Now wouldn't that make great TV!

The good news is the K's have done for reality TV what Casey Anthony and Jose Baez did for the legal profession. The end of reality TV is near. Let's all say a prayer of thanks.

1081 days ago



1081 days ago

Yep I said that    

So did they refuse to open the door? or is she calling her pimp mother and E television to give them an update

1081 days ago


So the KKlan thought her fans would stick with her after she LIED to them with her stupid wedding. It was all for show and more people than ever, especially her stupid fans, are going to leave her and her family's stupid shows and "products" aka junk. Well good!

It's about time reality shows are shown to be just LIES and STUPID people contributing nothing to society.

What talent do they have other than to SCAM the American people that tend to be more stupid than I thought? Thank goodness this is waking them up.

As for Kim ... well you can see she has not talent. She can't even ACT herself out of this.

KKK ... Kim Kardashian KARMA!

1081 days ago


ohhhhh, all that big house you got to come outside (front yard) to make a!!!! and someone is about to put her on a movie. i think Lindsey Lohan will do better. BOYCOTT THE MOVIES!!! she is just nasty as a human being.

1081 days ago


Get out of Minnesota! You are stinking up the place!

1081 days ago


Poor Victim Kim-Sarcams. Manipulator Kris Jenner probably came up with this photo op to make Kim appear as a victim; to create a false image to the press and her fans that Kim is the victim and Kris Humphries is the problem. So standing outside in the ice cold, alone, in the front of the house, where she KNEW cameras would be all by herself with NO BODY GUARD (which he paid to be there with her) to PROTECT HER from the mean media. This was a great but futile attempt to make Kim look falsely as an alone, lonely, sad, victim of big bad Kris Humphries. The K manipulation bulldozer is trying to make Kris Humphries look falsly bad by Kim standing out in the cold alone to make a call, when she chose to go in camera filled front yard. It is image rehabiliation again. I will not be seeing her movie "Marriage Counslor: Tyler Perry needs to re-cast Kim's role or loose views. I already notified him and the studio. Kim made a mockery of marriage and did the absolute wrong thing-going to see a preacher AFTER filling for divorce for image reasons. I use to be a fan. She betrayed my trust and is amorally corrupt wanna be who got all high and mighty and feels above everyone else. The Kardashians represent the epitome of what is wrong with our culture. Even US President OBAMA does not like Kim's show. You are not a victim him. You ought to be tried for crimes of moral turpitude agains the public and the Humphries family. The spend tons of money to get to your wedding and they could barely afford it. WHy not reimbuse all them if you really are sorry. After all, you wanted that type of wedding right.

1081 days ago
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