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Kim Kardashian

Conflicted Over Divorce,

Flies to Minnesota

11/6/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian leaves for Minnesota
Kim Kardashian left for Minnesota last night to see Kris Humphries ... and sources connected with Kim tell TMZ she is conflicted over the divorce.

We got pictures of Kim as she made her way through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport at around 5:30 AM local time. We're told Kim flew commercial and was traveling with the guy in the photo (above, left) who appeared to be a bodyguard.

According to our sources, Kim booked the flight very last minute (see her below at LAX) because she felt like she owed it to Kris to talk things through with him face-to-face. We're told no reality show cameras were involved.

Our sources tell us ... Kim has been saying even before she filed for divorce that she wasn't sure about ending the marriage. As we first reported, she was crying on and off last weekend before she decided to pull the trigger.

Sources say it's definitely not accurate to call this a reconciliation ... or even an attempt at one ... but the door is definitely not shut.

Sources tell TMZ  ... Kris and Kim will be meeting with the pastor who married them to talk about the marriage, the divorce, and their feelings. Again, this is not a reconciliation but we're told Kim wants to make sure she and Kris have closure and talk everything out.

Kim Kardashian at LAX leaving for Minnesota


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Jeff Becker    

Publicity stunt to gain sympathy for herself.

1053 days ago

george fudge!    

Confliced?? Is TMZ suggesting that KK has lice 'down there' and has gone to Minnesota for treatment?

1053 days ago


I can't believe anyone would care what the HE** this pathetic moron would do next. Disgusting & repulsive. GO AWAY all the K's. VOMIT producer

1053 days ago



Thank you for proving the depth of intellect the paparazzi represent.

1053 days ago


This woman should have "SHOW ME THE MONEY" tattooed on her large a$$. Never liked her and never will. Beware Kris. She used you once, she will use you again.

1053 days ago


She looks really upset. Check out the expression on her face!!!!!
Hold it. Her face has no expressions as its so friggin' pulled tight.

1053 days ago


More footage for the show. I'm sure the half wit Humphries will do whatever she says.

1053 days ago


Next, we'll see them eating out together, and KK will be SHOCKED that they got "caught" together. Of course, they could have just as easily hired a private chef to cook a meal, or god forbid, bring in Papa John's! If Kris H. goes back to this fame whore, I'll lose ALL respect for him, especially when she dumps him for the 2nd time. BE STRONG KRIS H. STAY AWAY FROM HER! She'll do ANYTHING to save face and to save her product lines and tv shows. Fair warning!

1053 days ago


KRIS H DON'T TAKE THAT BEYOTCH BACK. She is just trying to salvage her brand and make herself look better. Don't be a chump for her games.

1053 days ago


Awww she feels her familys' empire is in jeopardy, now she's having second thoughts - guess what Kim? No one cares whether you do or don't now, we're all just sick of you period. Go back to getting pissed on in sex tapes.

1053 days ago


I bet she's going to make it look like 'I tried to save the marriage by going to Minnesota but when I got there he ended it. He's the bad guy. Please love my fat skank ass, I'm in pain.'

1053 days ago


"hey, Kris it's me Kim"
"oh, what do you want?".
"listen, i'm getting on a plane right now to come see you"
"why wud you do that, havent you done enough damage?"
"no, look you stupid pr,ck, this isn't about you, it never has been it never will be. i need to save face".
"so go find another sucker".
"sorry but YOUR the one who has to clean up this mess I made. Look, i'll buy that ring off you if you just say this was YOUR doing and not mine."
"i dont want to see you, you slutty piece of Armenian gypsy trash. You have publicly humiliated me and my family and we want nothing to do with you or your gypsy family"
"f you, talk about public humiliation - i got pissed on to gain the fame i have now"
"well thats your fault you stupid gypsy whore"
"I'm flying commercial you f'wad do you know how embarrassing THAT is? I'll see you in a few hours, bye"
CLICK - dial tone.

1053 days ago

Wash. Hts. Girl    

Harvey - is your proofreader off today? Confliced? Maybe you actually meant "Con-Fleeced?" KK is kookoo. Truthfully, my puppy has more brains and more class than this untalented narcissist.

1053 days ago


Maybe the next season of the "Kraptashians" will be all about some pretend marriage counseling?? Everything that we see them do is for the TV show.

1053 days ago


If you didnt see the SNL spoof about all of this you gotta, it is freaking hilarious:

1053 days ago
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