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Kim Kardashian

Conflicted Over Divorce,

Flies to Minnesota

11/6/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian leaves for Minnesota
Kim Kardashian left for Minnesota last night to see Kris Humphries ... and sources connected with Kim tell TMZ she is conflicted over the divorce.

We got pictures of Kim as she made her way through the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport at around 5:30 AM local time. We're told Kim flew commercial and was traveling with the guy in the photo (above, left) who appeared to be a bodyguard.

According to our sources, Kim booked the flight very last minute (see her below at LAX) because she felt like she owed it to Kris to talk things through with him face-to-face. We're told no reality show cameras were involved.

Our sources tell us ... Kim has been saying even before she filed for divorce that she wasn't sure about ending the marriage. As we first reported, she was crying on and off last weekend before she decided to pull the trigger.

Sources say it's definitely not accurate to call this a reconciliation ... or even an attempt at one ... but the door is definitely not shut.

Sources tell TMZ  ... Kris and Kim will be meeting with the pastor who married them to talk about the marriage, the divorce, and their feelings. Again, this is not a reconciliation but we're told Kim wants to make sure she and Kris have closure and talk everything out.

Kim Kardashian at LAX leaving for Minnesota


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mmmmm....."bodyguard" is that CODE?

1080 days ago


P-l-e-a-s-e!! She only flew commercial in an attempt to scam the public into believing that her so-called marriage isn't a sham. I'm suppose the backlash she received over the past week wasn't what she expected & now she's trying to "fix" things... Too little too late... The Kardashians are done.

1080 days ago


More BULLSH*T. "Oh, I'm so conflicted that I need to fly to Minnesota to talk to Kris". BULLSH*T. She's just flying there to not only keep her attention demanding drama alive, but to pay him the $2 million for the wedding ring (which was in the prenup, and which pimp momma kris lied to the press about, her line about being an "indian giver"). Lastly, she underestimated how disgusted & furious the world was with her arrogance & stupidity, so she's trying to rehab her damaged image. More calculated moves by the queen of dishonest manipulation. I hope she dies in a plane crash...

1080 days ago


EVERYTHING these people do is for ratings, attention and to keep their names in the magazines and on the internet. Who knows, this entire divorce could have been set up from the start to keep people talking about them. They might not even be getting divorced. WHO CARES is really the question here. I am SO sick of hearing about any of this.

1080 days ago


She is feeling the setback and now is doing damaged control, I bet they reconcile and we will be able to see it on TV, you know just for the ratings. TMZ please stop covering this awful family, please.

1080 days ago

That's Right    

Kris listen to what kim have to say then contact TMZ with your response.....Nope I don't want you, continue with the divorce.....Let her find out what you are doing by reading TMZ

1080 days ago


I don't believe she's conflicted, this is just another media spin job concocted to pacify the public and to keep the money train rolling. I'm sure Kris Jenner; Ryan seacrest and others are working feverishly to bull**** the public into believing what they want you to believe in order to continue fattening their bank accounts with this stupid "brand"

1080 days ago


The only way Kris would get back with her now is if she cut him in for a bigger percentage of the take.

Even if the whole thing was a sham AND if Kris H was in on it as well, they did not see this backlash coming. Right now they are not sure how to handle this and they have to regroup to see what to do next.

1080 days ago

That's Right    

Kim if you try to reconcile or not the damage is done....ding dong the witch is dead......You may still get ratings cause folks will tune in to watch the fake drama but what little respect you had is gone. BOYCOTT! PLEASE STOP WATCHING THE SHOW

1080 days ago


People hate fame whore Kim!!!Now try and run back to Kris. H, I hope he shows you the door..Hes to good for you!!I hope Sears, QVC and all the other companys that endorse you, fire your Big Whore ASS!!!!

1080 days ago


Hey Kris, counter file quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1080 days ago


TMZ your really losing credibility being on there payroll.

1080 days ago


People if you really want her off of her high horse sign this petion it is a reall petion go to this a true petion to E! so they can cancel there show and anything else they want to do if you really hater this much then do something about it go to that webside it is a reall webside...

1080 days ago


Conflicted about the divorce, my ass. SHocked by the backlash she received and trying to do damage control would be more accurate.

Don't take her back, Kris. This IS the real Kim Kardashian you've seen the past week. RUN!

1080 days ago


Now that's a backpedal if I ever saw one.

1080 days ago
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