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Real Estate Agency

REFUSED to Sell My Home

11/6/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman claims she's the victim of Octomomism -- prejudice against people who have given birth to eight kids at once -- because she says a real estate agency refused to handle the sale of her home because of who she was.

As TMZ first reported, Octo is unloading her troubled La Habra home (and even asking for more than it was appraised for). But Octo tells us when she first tried listing the home with a friend who worked at Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate, that agency rejected the listing ... on grounds they didn't want the media coverage.

In fact, her broker friend was told if she wanted to list the home, she'd have to resign and do it somewhere else. She did just that.

Octo tells TMZ, "I was appalled to say the least. It is a blatant form of prejudice and I was disgusted that they refused to take my house and list it."

Calls to Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate were not returned.


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A Daily Rag has quoted Octomom as stating: " It turns out that I have a hidden talent for the screen...Apparently, I am an inborn emotional actress__my mother's always been saying that"....
The credence of this arrogant statement is predicated upon the source...and thus far, she has not been in a milieu that would support this preposterous assessment..
Suleman's egocentrism appears to be conducive to believing sycophantism, but , in fact, it is Media and Public review who will be the Judge of her ability.
Rigged penny ante gigs, coddled deceptive talk show interviews...and a seven day blunder, sub par, low budget.. one dimensional, generic movie... cannot elicit that calibre of appraisal.
Normally, one might say...."Don't give up your day job", except that you do not have one. And so, it behooves me to say..."Don't give up any Social assisstance"

1080 days ago

Lindsey Newman    

This is unbelievable to me, because as a licensed real estate broker, I can say that any publicity is good publicity. It is not the job of a real estate broker in New York to judge whether an apartment is worth selling, based on the person who owns it. It is most important to make sure that the space is priced properly. The extra attention is just a plus, and should not have come into play. I have heard of companies deciding to not represent someone, but it is very rare. I can say that personally, as a Manhattan apartment specialist for buyers that I meet via , there has never been a situation where I met someone who had so much negative publicity surrounding them, that I was not allowed to work with them.

1080 days ago

Bill Leslie    

haha - what a moronic b1tch. why would any self respecting person or business want to get into business with octomom. Can you imagine what it must be like to work with her? who needs the hassle.

1080 days ago


Lindsey Newman..... You have now availed yourself of free publicity. Bully for you !..

1080 days ago


Maybe Ms. Newman has some clients she'd like to hook up with Octomom's dump. Go for it and get that commission!

1080 days ago


I have just read an article dated o2/o8/o9....

According to this article, Dr. Drew states that having fourteen children is child abuse.


Well, that certainly gives me pause for thought.........

1079 days ago

frnacisco 2010    

****** hooker every time I see that woman i FEEL like puking.

1079 days ago


Octomom again??? This woman is a nut case..She belongs in the looney bin..

I find it hard to believe that her real estate friend actually quit her job because her agency didn't want the publicity? Seems the publicity would be welcomed.

"Show me the Money." i.e. show me the name, picture and statement of the real estate friend who quit her job for Octomom prejudice and I'll show you a five legged dog..

Could be wrong, but with Octo's MO, one never knows.

1079 days ago


@Patty. Her name is Yolanda Rebecca Mercado. Works for Keller Williams in Whittier, Office name is Whittier Market Center. And in spite of what the article says, she is not a broker. Has a salesperson's license since 2006. Her picture can be seen on the listing. Just google 2051 Madonna Lane, La Habra, and it will come up on several sites. I'm sorry, but I am unable to provide her "statement", and cannot tell you when she switched offices.

1078 days ago


Please help this lady, sometimes we all make mistakes,and she did, so let's help she and her 14 children. What if this had happen to you what would you do. These beautiful children need someone who wont judge their Mom but be compassionate and a real friend, No perverts please,God is watching those babies and if you're not sincere, just as well as you know, he knows too!!!!

1075 days ago

Jennifer Lopez    

There are some downsides to selling a home without a real estate agent. Another reason is that buyers realize you don’t have an agent and can try to do some hard negotiating with you and drive your price below market level because you are already “saving money” from not paying a commission and they think they should benefit from those savings as well.

1066 days ago


Just in case anyone is interested . . . the auction on the house has been reset for 12/1.

1064 days ago


Unless the realtor wants a lawsuit.. a realtor can pick and choose who they want. But if it is due to her having this many kids it is called discrimination. She can sue..if i were a realtor I would have a blast taking her listing.. what is their to be afraid of.people use to have this many kids all the time.. 60 years ago.. If your a realtor agent. You need to follow ethics.. from fair housing.

1049 days ago

Julie Medina    

It is illegal to refuse to sell anyone home. She could sue through HUD.Realtor's are not suppose to break ethics and if anyone on here thinks this is right and fair. Walk a mile in someone's shoes..

919 days ago


I feel sorry for all you CA taxpayers because CA is already in debt like all other states and now this horrible woman and all her kids will be living off of you. CA is my home state. I only moved in 2001 after living there for 43 years. I feel sorry for all you Californians. This woman is clearly nuts and needs to be inpatient at a mental ward and every one of those kids taken away from her and adopted out to people who truly want kids and can't have them. That would be the way to do it. The woman is an unreasonable woman and I can't stand the way she talks.

910 days ago
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