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Avril Lavigne

Attackers Taunted Brody,

Called Him a 'Douche'

11/7/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne
The guy who hit Brody Jenner with a beer bottle Sunday morning was talking a LOT of trash before things got violent ... even calling BJ a "douche" ... this according to a witness.

A person who watched the fight go down at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood early Sunday morning tells us Brody's attacker appeared drunk before the ruckus -- and was running his mouth "for no reason."

Brody DID jaw back at the drunk guy ... but we're told BJ did NOT strike first.

Sources say ... when the guy hit Brody with the bottle, his friends rushed in and attacked both BJ and Avril, who happened to be standing next Brody at the time.

We're told Brody needed a couple of stitches to close the gash from the bottle attack and Avril has been "laying low and icing her wounds" -- which consist of a black eye, bloody nose and all sorts of other stuff.

Our source is adamant ... "Brody and Avril didn't do anything to start the fight ... just a bunch of drunk people getting out of hand."


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Where was Avril's bodyguards?

1088 days ago


OMG!!!! This idiots and how police didn't do anything I just don't get it

WHAT A ******* MESS!!!

I hope they're ok I just can't that Avril beautiful face is ******!!!

1088 days ago


Remenber this: DON'T MESS UP WITH A DRUNKEN MAN! both of them lucky enough! if one of those 5 drunken have a deadly weapon like gun n knife they are death now! don't like it? leave the bars go to another and nothing going happen...

1088 days ago


I wonder if Avril was being super snotty and rude to some other girl at the bar. Never know with some of these "Hollywood princesses" who think they can get away with anything.

These women can get INSANELY JEALOUS of other women with a good looking guy with an expensive car and so forth. Especially once they get sloppy drunk and get into a bad mood.

The claws really come out with some of them. Some of those bigger chicks can fight as well as guys and do some damage. I would keep an eye on those types of crazy chicks. They might try to "cold ****" you for no good reason. They think they can get away with it too ... since they are women.

Most guys wouldn't dare to do some of the things these drunk chicks sometimes do. There's plenty of women in jail these days for assaults you know. Someone needs to tell these crazy girls that they are risking jail or getting beaten up bad if they hit the wrong person ... especially a guy.

Some girl in New York about a year ago or so tried to fight a guy over a parking space and she got a few good punches in. Then, the guy just hit her once in the face and she was knocked out cold and went to the hospital. She was in critical condition I hear.

1088 days ago


People, please read what happened!! We all know Avril has an attitude of saying what she thinks, but she didn't even start the fight or did anything here, so don't blame her! It's those drunk guys fault.

1088 days ago


Just a hunch but maybe this happened because of their affiliation with the Kardashians.

1088 days ago


Sounds like they fought because they were responding to being taunted. Therefore proving that Brody Jenner is a little bi**h. Had Brody been a real man, he would realized the group were a bunch of drunken idiots and de-escalated the situation, knowing that proving yourself to barhopping losers is not a mark of manhood. However, Brody Jenner is not a real man, and thus was brought down to the level of teenagers. Good one, Brody. Yet again more proof this week that the Kardashian Klan is pure white trash.

1088 days ago


Who is Brody Jenner again? Oh that's right. He's the one whose mommy and daddy are plastic surgery freak shows. No wonder he has terrible values...his parents are the laughing stock of Hollywood. Everybody makes fun of the mash faces of Bruce Jenner and former beauty turned Frankenstein monster Linda Thompson behind their backs.

1088 days ago

Bill Leslie    

well Jenner is a douche but whacking someone with a beer bottle is a punk b1tch move - settle it like men.

1088 days ago


Don't have to hit a guy with a bottle but it is a fact he is a douche, and his step mother's a media whore, and his dad's plastic. Not to mention his Armenian Gypsy Porn Making Grifter step sister.

1088 days ago


remember: DON'T MESS with a DRUNKEN! both of them lucky enough! if one of those drunken with a deadly weapon gun or knife or maybe a pocket knife they are death now ^.^

1088 days ago


Glad someone hit this jobless idiot. I'm sorry for what happened to Avril but Brody totally deserved it. He's just a douche.

1088 days ago


BJ is one of the biggest d-bags on the planet and she is a dirty skank.

1088 days ago


Glad someone hit this jobless idiot. I'm sorry for what happened to Avril but Brody totally deserved it. He's just a douche.

1088 days ago


Brody Jenner is a Douche... why get all mad girl? they were just stating simple facts....

1088 days ago
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