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Conrad Murray

Hedges His Bets ... With God

11/7/2011 4:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray is leaving no stone unturned ... he went to church in L.A. last night.

Murray and his girlfriend/baby mama, Nicole Alvarez, went to the West Angeles Church of God in Christ in the Crenshaw district.

On his way out of the service, Murray told a photog, "God is good."

We're told Murray, a deeply religious man, prays all the time, but he's "optimistic" he'll be found not guilty.

Time will tell ...


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apparently he don't love you lol

1082 days ago


Murray seems to be a fall guy in this. Why would he set out to murder Michael, as the verdict showed? The real fault sadly lies with MJ's irresponsible attitude to his health.

1082 days ago


God is Good, but HE will not allow sin before HIM. Conrad Murry must not understand that. Conrad Murry may have onfessed his sins to God. But he was still living with his girlfriend . A soul has to be married not live together. Ir seems Conrad Murry thought God would save him from what he did. It is lack of knowledge of the bible and of God on Murrys part. That is very sad. Justice was done.

1081 days ago


Dr. Conrad Muarry was used as a Scape-Goat. He vicariously bore the sins of the other doctors who prescribed opperations, or surgeries and drugs that weakened and distroyed MJ's Nervous system. Fior all their misdeeds Murray sacrifice his life and career. Noted: that none of all the other doctors who treated MJ and drudged him with Poison Pill, that ruined his body over the many years that he has been under the physicians' care, who made him looked like a living zoombie have not been called to give an account or brought to justice, only the small Island Doctor has been held accountable for MJ Demise. Yet no one has brought any charges against any of these "Doctors" who physically abuse and mulilated the physique of MJ. Dr. Conrad Murray a black with an grenadian/Trinbagian background like as always must suffer, for the sins of his coleague and medical mal-practisting Medicators. He had the worst lawyer who dis not use evidence to win a simple case that a new graduate out of law school could have won. As the worst Defense Laywer he dis nothing for Murray than make sure he was sent to Prison. He brought up none of the medical conditions that MJ suffered over the many years and all those Doctors who Medicated him and have contributed to his demise.
All the doctors who treated MJ over these many years have contributed to his poisoned and decaying body and personality. What has kept MJ Family Members from going after these doctors for disfiguring thier son, father and brother personality, Why are they not formulating a case again them for malpractice that has contributed to the deaath of MJ? They tooshould be held accountable for Mj's Death, not olny the doctors but also those who made the poisonous drugs that have contributed to MJ's death. The question is: was Dr. Murray's Lawyer a "good Attorney" who wanted to help Conrad, or was he just towing the bell, making Conrad feel as if he was helping him whenhe was just taking a little more from him to bring him down to bse a criminal and a murderers? And Why did Conrad made to believed that if he sit and say nothing that silence was going to help his case? And since he has been given the Maximum Sentance, why is he not appealing the sentence? People of the the world of the Caribbean--An injustice was done to Dr. Murray a son of the land. Someone should help the doctor regain his good repretation and status in America and the world. Where are all the Black good attorney who know that they can help this man, Help Conrad please help Conrad Now. Start up something, You should take up Dr. Murray's case, Also bring an inditement against all those doctors who treated MJ over the many years and find out how long was he treated, with the drugs, and why they all removed themselves from MJ? And who recomded Dr. Conrad Myurray to treat MJ, that he foolishly took on what they started and have done. Nsow Peter pay for Paul and Paul pay for all. The judgement that was given was unjust and Conrod is innocent of any manslaughter; However, if he(Dr. CM) is guilty so are all those who previously administered the drugs to MJ including the makers and distributors of the poisonous drugs that contributed to the death of MJ.

1060 days ago
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