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Kim Kardashian

Weary, Weary Traveler

11/7/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian no makeup
One day after Kim Kardashian flew to Minnesota to talk things out with estranged husband Kris Humphriesshe arrived at LAX last night looking ... like she'd been talking things out with an estranged husband.

Kim was also seen boarding the plane in Minnesota (below), where she clung to a giant pillow as she got ready for the late flight home.

As TMZ first reported, the two spent four hours with the pastor who married them ... and we're told a reconciliation is "up in the air."


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You all are a bunch of losers. If you don't like her, why are you commenting about her? Are you mad cause she looks better than you?

1080 days ago


If you hate Kim so much then why are you commenting about her? LOSERS!

1080 days ago


Kim shows her deep suffering by not wearing makeup - now we know how sincere she is! Pure calculation. I'm counting the minutes until her supposed isolation is over and she's strategizing who her next boyfriend should be to increase her popularity.

Let's see, maybe a guy who rescues puppies and kittens for a living? A firefighter or a cop? Her PR team will figure out how to best reposition her to recover from this devastating blow to her ego and ratings and make sure that she keeps getting given free swag for doing nothing.

1080 days ago


I hope Kim comes through this like a champ! Focus on the fashion and your new products! Screw reality TV and work productively on your shizzle.

1080 days ago


The bottom line to this story is she is done with Kris and
he is done with her. Let the dust settle where it will and
I think you will find that Kim has once again "soiled her
reputation and looks even less mature and intelligent than
she is. Kris Humphries is a little bruised but a nice young
man from a nice family. He has to be embarassed for all of
his part in this, if you call it a "part". Seems to me he
was as love-struck puppy and now he's going to be a much
smarter dog out there in the real world. And I would guess
he will be even more popular than he dreamed. The New
Jersey Nets will get an increase in their viewing audience
and Kris's basketball career looks "solid" for now. He wins
all the way around. Congratulations, Kris! A classy guy
who's got great game!

1080 days ago


No makeup to make her look haggard. Nice touch, Kris.

1080 days ago


She should have paid closer attention to Paris when she was kissing her ass for training in how to be famous for being famous.

I hope this unravels her career and business adventures, surely is shows what a common piece of trash she is.

1080 days ago

Josie Jones    

she looks a lot better w/o makeup
but curious why photogs always know and TMZ always notes

get rid of all kkk's
sick of this now--they have to make sure kim is in media every couple hours
even red eye flight

1080 days ago


While I'm not a fan of her, it's good to see she flew to Minnesota to talk to his family. This is what she should have done before filing for divorce. The way she filed it, then twitting about a new Kardarshian store, then flew to Australia was just so low and tacky.

1080 days ago



1080 days ago


Kris dont take her back she is only back peddling because she is now known as the MOST HATED person right now and now she is going to use you AGAIN to gain her fame once again!!! BUT I ENJOY HATING THE K KLAN!!!

1080 days ago

Elizabeth is a class act    

As a critic of her seemingly callous and self-centered behavior, I do respect her for reaching out and going to talk with Kris. Whether or not the marriage makes it, this could not have been easy for someone like Kim who probably finds it easier to avoid ordeals that make her uncomfortable.

I think that Kim has a big ego, but low self-esteem. Maybe all of the negative response from the 'real people' of the world, will help her to see her unacceptable behavior through different eyes. We all have lessons to learn in life. Something needs to happen to serve as a catalyst for a change in her values system. Otherwise, she'll never be truly happy as she'll always be looking for happiness in the wrong places.

Her falling out of favor with her public may show her that exhibiting decent, thoughtful and considerate behavior would go far in helping society to better embrace her and forget about her past failures in character and judgement.

What God has put together....

Maybe a miracle outcome will come of this union afterall. Working through their relationship problems would be a fantastic way to be a positive influence on this throw-away society. I think that would give their show higher ratings if this whole ordeal led to inspiring others to stick with it and work through life problems...not just walk away. Otherwise she'll probably make the same mistakes over and over. Hope this turns her life around. She has enough stuff...and money. What she really needs now is the love o*****ood man who will keep her 'real'. I think Kris could be the man. Good luck Kim and Kris!

1080 days ago


She was in town just enough time to film a "Reconciliation" video. Except this time He gets pissed on!

1080 days ago


TMZ no one cares about the piss queen porn star and her screwed up family, WHY do you keep insisting on posting about her or any of them. READ your own boards, we are tired of news about this trash

1080 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I guess she playing at acting, this must be killing her, no spackle, no tight dresses, having to board a plane like every one else. Run Kim run damage control is every thing right now don't make your pimp mom mad

1080 days ago
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