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Kim Kardashian

Weary, Weary Traveler

11/7/2011 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian no makeup
One day after Kim Kardashian flew to Minnesota to talk things out with estranged husband Kris Humphriesshe arrived at LAX last night looking ... like she'd been talking things out with an estranged husband.

Kim was also seen boarding the plane in Minnesota (below), where she clung to a giant pillow as she got ready for the late flight home.

As TMZ first reported, the two spent four hours with the pastor who married them ... and we're told a reconciliation is "up in the air."


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Another publicity stunt! If she was really trying to "lay low" and deal with this privately, she would have been driven to the airport and used a private plane to fly to Minn. She wanted to make sure the cameras caught her looking sad.

1044 days ago


its funny how no matter how stupid or messed up we think she really is she(the whole dramaz) making keeping up with d kardishan's more popular. in other words shez making money off of us! lol

1044 days ago

Cold Canuck    

I love TMZ, but I can't believe they give so much attention to this media whore and the rest of her sickening family!They are not even news worthy!

1044 days ago


MY GOD! AS I UNDERSTAND IT, Kris is only twenty six years old! He barely has had time to experience the life KK has indulged in. willingly. Kris seems like a very decent man who is also naive about women like KK who have been around, and around, and around with no apologies. She shows no hint of being ashamed of herself. The apple does not fall far from the tree and Mama showed her well with all her own tricks she passed on to her daughter. KRIS, PLEASE DO NOT PERMIT THIS LOW CLASS WOMAN AND HER LOW CLASS FAMILY TO MANIPULATE YOU ANY MORE, YOU HAVE TOO MUCH GOING FOR YOU!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

1044 days ago


She travels with a bodyguard?! She looks kinda sad, all alone: no friends?! I wish the Kardashian people would just go away...seriously!

1044 days ago

My Little Girls    

Kim.. gives us all a break. Is this the first time you went outside without make-up? You really look bad but anyone looks weary without make-up especially when you know everyone knows your SCAM.. That's right.. play it up for the camera's.. try and get the sympathy reaction. Maybe your Mother can go back on TV and try some more damage control.

1044 days ago


I was on the same flight 1st class...After 2 hours, Kim asked me if I had a razor so she could knock down that Armenian-Gypsy 5 o'clock shadow that haunts her... I mean this chick looked like Antonio Banderas at 3 am!

1044 days ago


That was all for effect. She had no makeup on, she wanted people to see her looking 'weary' -- otherwise she would have had her sunglasses on like she always does. She is doing damage control, she wants people to believe she is working on her marriage.

1044 days ago



1044 days ago

Kev the Realist    

What a crock.. There is nothing these pathetic fame whores will not due for publicity and sympathy. She has even gone so far as to dress in dowdy, black, understated cloithes and even skip the makeup ( which you really need you shameless TRAMP) in efforts to gain the publics sympathy. This entire episode is disgusting and I for one an emailing E entertainment, sears, quicktrim and any other product manufacturer or company that has anything to do with these pitiful fame whores and telling them, I will NOT buy anything from you, nor support your Company in anyway until you publically part ways with the KRAPDAshians. That means you come out and say that you are disassociating your self from them and they no longer work for or are sponsors for your Company. Maybe if everyone jumps on this ( no pun intended you trampy Hrapdashians- yes all of you including your pimp mother) maybe we will stop seeing them all over the place as they do damage control for being total losers.

1044 days ago


kim met for 2hours with pastor and kris, thats 7 years in kim time.

1044 days ago


Now, all of a sudden she's not wearing makeup??? Is this so we think she's so very weary and sad? Nah!! It's all a ploy to make up feel bad for her. Not working for me. She is still a phony and as phony as her "marriage. The whole things a joke.

1044 days ago


DR. Phil is talking to momma pimp now to get them on his show. I bet we see real tears and of course all the sisters will be there to support her. what trailer trash

1044 days ago

Bill Leslie    

rriiiggghhhtttt - because those lay flat sleeper pods in First Class are sooo draining. Not to mention all the gourmet meals and beverages.

1044 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Kim KarTRASHian, please just go away. We are sick of you and your dysfunctional family. Sorry you can't get your collective acts together in spite of your millions of dollars, but we just DON'T CARE.

1044 days ago
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