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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humprhies

Reconciliation 'Up in the Air'

11/7/2011 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries threw a Hail Mary Sunday ... to see if they could save their marriage -- and after a four-hour meeting with their pastor, sources close to the couple tell TMZ a reconciliation is "up in the air."

According to our sources, the meeting with Pastor Joel Johnson went well as they talked through lots of issues. We're told the two expressed respect and love for each other ... but both acknowledged a lot is wrong with their relationship.

Our sources say Kris was "ecstatic" Kim made the trip to Minnesota and he truly thinks he can win her back.

As for Kim .... she's unsure if she even wants to give it another go ... but for now, she's willing to keep talking.

Stay tuned. 



No Avatar


This is such BS, this is a publicity stunt....It's Kim K people camera whore extraordinaire. I wish this broad was reduced to working at a Mc D's....

1060 days ago


He's an idiot if he thinks for one minute that she'd come back for any other reason than to save her BRAND and her CAREER. What a farce. Seriously, she's only doing this crap for herself, not for him. She will later pull the I TRIED card and dump his @$$ again. He's a complete moron if he falls for this crap. Move on Kris, you are being played ONCE AGAIN.

1060 days ago

Natalie C.    

If they TRULY are working on their marriage, then that is the RIGHT thing to do. Nowadays it's so easy to just throw in the towel. So, I hope they are. Some think it's for show and if it is that's very sad. But, if they are working on their marriage for the true meaning of love and hardwork, then let them be!!! And, let them FOCUS ON THEMSELVES for once! Not her family. Not his. Not fame. Not fortune. But, for THEM. And, we shouldn't judge them - if they do reconcile.

1060 days ago


Kris J. controls Kim like a puppet on a string. Kim's her little money-maker.

1060 days ago


This woman is in for some seriously bad ju-ju if she keeps this crap up. If she really does this to save her career, i'd really hate to be her when her go around comes around.

1060 days ago


Kardashians have zero credibility. Humphries will be just fine, he has talent a good career and can do so so much better.

1060 days ago


I wonder what the pastor had to say about Kim's sex tape? Kris should just go ahead and divorce the *** burping gutter slut.

1060 days ago


Oh Come on!!! I bet the real reason she went there is because in light of all the bad press, her pimp, I mean her mother Kris Jenner had to go to spin the bad pr she is deservingly getting!!!

1060 days ago


Go back to the dump Kim. That is where thrash like you belongs. Stop polluting the air with your toxic heart.

1060 days ago


Kim is a money hoe,it was all SET UP....from the START GUYS!! All this kardashian family thinks about is MONEY...NO MORALS...NO VALUES....ALLMONEY! Disgrace!!! EVERYONE should boycott Kim Kardashian,her shows,her brand,her twitter,everything..she deserves to lose all her fans and be alone!If you Still following Kim K on Twitter your just one of her puppets alone for the ride.Someone should start a #Unfollow Kim K campaign and stick it to her!!!

1060 days ago

Tonya P    

Chris should walk just leave those people alone b/c they r weirdo's. She is only doing this b/c of the media backlash she has been receiving.

1060 days ago


He's just happy to could tap it one last time......

1060 days ago


just saw on E! a clip of kim's and kourtney's show taking N.Y. i thought kim stated she wasn't going to show any of her and kris's problems on the air.the clip shows kris (of course)the bad guy and kim (of course) as the victim. now that they've edited what they want the viewers to see. their PR machines are really working overtine. her mother continues to run her mouth while promoting her book(of course) digging themselves in a bigger hole.

1060 days ago


What a joke, Nobody could see this coming, I really hope all you Kim K fans are not that stupid that you believe this load of crap. What a couple of douche bags. I can't believe that anyone believes that she would be married to this monster any woman would need a 2 million dollar ring to even get close to this bafoon!

1060 days ago


I am truly amazed at all the hate for Kim Kardashian and her family.

Just because you read a tabloid and believe it all to be true, and watch a carefully edited reality show, does not make it fact.

What Kim and her family does or doesn't do, doesn't affect your life, and if it does seek help.

Let them live their lives, and if you do not like them, move on.

1060 days ago
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