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La Toya Jackson


11/7/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

La Toya JacksonMoments after a jury pronounced Dr. Conrad Murray guilty, La Toya Jackson took to the streets outside the L.A. County Courthouse to celebrate.

How bittersweet.


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Kaito smith    

Oh I am congrat to the Victory of her win.She has enjoying the Movement with someone.
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1026 days ago


MJ was a drug addict who paid yes people to be around him his entire adult life. This poor guy is a scapegoat for the family and fans. Sad.

1026 days ago


Typical Latoya. Your brother is DEAD! Did you really have to turn it into a photo op for yourself?

1026 days ago


Anybody know if she felt a need to whip out one of her 55 year old nipples?

1026 days ago


Good ole plastic LaToya, trying to take the spotligt, as usual. This has to be the weirdest family on earth. Poor Michael.

1026 days ago

Brigha from UK    

There are no 'winners' here.
The trial was simply a way to tie up loose ends, to find justice.

LaToya turns everything into a media circus and has no idea of 'appropriate behaviour'.

1026 days ago


Please make them go away! I'm sure they'll be all over the media airways for the next few months. Enough already!

1026 days ago

Randy Morrison    

The Jackson "Family" is disgusting, except of Janet, they have been living off MJ for DECADES. They had NO problem with their brother being a helpless addict as long as the gravy train kept rolling. Dr. Murray is getting what he deserves, but MICHAEL is the one who paid him and BEGGED him to keep giving him "my milk" so it a suicide, people.

1026 days ago


Does LaToya even understand that SHE and her family are more responsible for Michael's death than Dr. Murray? Why do they think he needed all those drugs to cope? Its because his FAMILY drove him to it.

1026 days ago


Give me a break! His whole family sat back and watched him killing himself slowly everyday with his drug use that began wayy before Murray entered his life. They just rode the gravy train and let him do whatever he wanted without trying to get him the help he needed. Michael first failed himself, then his family failed him and then the medical community failed him.

1026 days ago


This family see's one thing and one thing ONLY and that's $$$$$$$$.. She was the one who said he was guilty of all that things he was being prosecuted for then it was that she was forced to say those things, Please... I do believe he was a sick man, just the fact that he allowed children in his bed says a lot. Also I couldn't even look at him at the end, talk about FREAKY, her too, does she have a nose. She is like most of the others looking to make a buck off of her dead brother. The only one in the family who isn't is Janet. One more thing his kids seem happier now than they did when MJ was alive, I'm sure they loved their Dad and miss him but I'm also sure they don't miss the circus that he created for them the Burka's they were forced to wear, the dangling out the baby out the window. He was a strange dude. Only in Hollywood would a man go free for killing his ex and friend and a doctor go to jail for giving an addict drugs. Malpractice yes, murder NO. I bet most celebs are nervous now...

1026 days ago


The spotlight is overrated and misunderstood I think.TMZ glorifies it but I think people who live in anonymity have richer fuller more satisfying lives that are less interfered with. There is a reason Chris Farley, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Howard Hughes were miserable and dead early. The glee that come from media attention is very short lived. Who would want to trade lives with "Latoya Jackson"? I would not for a trillion dollars.

1026 days ago


Murray should serve all four years without the possibility of early release. He should lose is medical license to practice anywhere in the USA. No books, no movies, no interviews, no reality TV, absolutely no financial gain, compensation or bartering from his criminal actions resulting in the death of Michael Jackson.

ONE Charge??????? All four years. That's the very least the justice system can do.....

1026 days ago


im sorry but i think its wrong finding him guilty why are they blaming the dr when micheal jasckson was all messed up i think micheals family wants to blame murray so they wont have the fingers pointed at them where were they when micheal was all f*cked up ? micheal would of found another dr to give him the drugs he was doomed any ways !

1026 days ago


So the drug addict is rejoiced... If it wasnt Murray ..MJ just would have found someone else whether a doctor or dealer.When ever will MJ be responsible for his own attentions.OK now Murray is going to jail so maybe his dad should be too.You all made him this way ...Pay for it together

1026 days ago
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