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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Was 'Scary'

11/7/2011 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in jail
Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends ... her 4.5 hour stint in the pokey was "scary" ... even though she was never placed with the general population.

We're told Lindsay was alone in her cell during her time in custody at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA.

Sources tell us Lindsay described the jail as "cold" -- saying it's one of the worst places she's ever been in her life.

Lindsay is telling friends the experience was another wake up call ... insisting she's learned from her mistakes and wants to put her problems behind her.

We're told Lindsay didn't eat anything during her stay at Lynwood -- then again, it's not like she had time for a meal.


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Grandma Cracker    

I think it is time that Cali treat Lindsay Lohan just like everybody else!
**No more police escorts on her perp walk
**No more separation into a private cell, tank her just like the other bitches
If she thinks she is going to get her lily white ass kicked while she's in the can, she better just get her sh*t together and make sure she does not go to jail again!

1047 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

OMG! I just saw Casey Anthony wearing a shirt that said AT LEAST I"M NOT LINSDAY LOHAN yesterday Charles Manson was wearing one too along with Fidel Castro and Baby Doc Duvalier

1047 days ago

AGENT smith    

blah...blah..... blah......all thi*****e.

1047 days ago


HA..dina,playboy will be tasteful,like she has not posed like a total whore before...whats the big deal that playboy will be tasteful??...if you ask me this is the real lindsay,link below

1046 days ago

Lindsay Lohan posed as Monroe for Playboy
Winnipeg Free Press
The troubled actress - who was released from jail yesterday (07.11.11) after serving just four-and-a half hours of a 30-day sentence - has posed naked for the iconic men's magazine and its founder Hugh Hefner says it pays homage to her idol - who died ...
Lindsay Lohan to appear in Playboy CNN
Peekaboo! Lindsay Lohan Finally Bares the Truth About Playboy Shoot E! Online
Lohan in, out of jail Chicago Sun-Times
eTaiwan News - TIME - National Post - AFP
all 1,389 news articles »

guess who???...monroe!

1046 days ago


Happy New Year!

Lindsay Lohan will indeed be gracing, not only the inner pages, but the cover of the January-February 2012 issue of Playboy, her rep confirmed Monday.

E! News was first to report that Lohan's recent top-secret photo shoot was for the iconic men's magazine—and that she would not be posing completely nude.

Of course, that doesn't mean Lohan won't be baring anything...

MORE: Lindsay Sweetens Up for Court in Polka-Dot Dress

It sounds as if there will at least be some metaphorical nudity!

"The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay," rep Steve Honig tells E! News.

A rep for Playboy has also confirmed to E! that the Lohan-fronted issue—on newsstands in late December—is a go.

To seal the deal, the jailhouse-savvy starlet needed a do-over last week before Hugh Hefner would sign off on the images, and it appears she didn't let her looming jail time (ultimately a breezy four and a half hours) affect her ability to strike a pose.

Now if only her legal troubles could be airbrushed away as easily.

Read more:

1046 days ago


if this is not our Marylin Monroe, i dont know who is

1046 days ago


I just have the Playboy cover in my mind, I know it. MM pose where her dress flies up and that look on her face. Then inside, since Hef still owns the rights to the pics of MM he bought in the 50's (hey Lindsay, pretty sure you think she posed, so you'll follow in her footsteps but Hef bought the pics) so I envision Lindsay impersonating Monroe with MM's old pics in the tasteful pictoral. Half black in white, some colors, and I can't wait to see what this dimwit has to say in there. This is how I envision it.

1046 days ago


Hey Harvey Levin, question for you. I saw, on another website, a pic of lowhan (not a spelling error) being surrounded by a group of deputies, who were acting as her personal bodyguards, shooing everyone away from her. Is it standard practice for deputies (whose salaries we pay via our taxes) to be an entitled little starlet's bodyguards when she's arriving & leaving a courthouse? Seems to me a complete waste of taxpayer monies, and the root of the problem with her. Even when going to court, she's treated as someone "special" who deserves special treatment we normal folk are not given. How is she going to lose the arrogance & entitled attitude, which is the core of her problems, if the court system is going to enable her like this?

1046 days ago


The MM obsession with her is really up there on the list of things that irritate me about her. She should talk about this with her court ordered shrink. Obsessed with Ronson, Monroe, boyfriends when she went the guy route, etc. She's really got an obsessive personality.

1046 days ago


Morning folks.

So we're back on the Marilyn Monroe thing again....

Let's see in comparison :
1. Marilyn was a complete drug addict and couldn't
even function without being drugged up to the

2. Lindsay is a drug addict who can't function
at all without being drugged to the gills...

3. Marilyn started sleeping and screwing her way
thru every important man, producer, and drug
dealer in hollywood at 15 yrs old

4.......Lindsay started at sleeping and screwing her way
up the hollywood ladder at 16

5. Marilyn had a IQ of barely 70...and no morals or
sense of descency and respect at all

6. Lindsay's IQ is only slightly higher but she out s
scores Marilyn in the other points by also being
completely arragant and self centered...

7. Marilyn by the time of her dead hadn't one part on
body that hadn't be redone...nose..lips..chin...boobs
even had ribs removed to have a smaller waist...

8... Lindsay is fast catching up...nose ...lips !...cheeks
boobs and loads of botox ...that she is almost

All in all I would say ......Wow!!! there is a uncanny likeness.....Both are drugged out Hollywood whores who's only talent is spreading their legs or on there knees... Both were pretty girls till they started enhancing themselves to be more glamous...
And Lindsay is headed for the same place Marilyn ended up in face down naked on her bed dead by drugs or murdered which every theory you beleive......

1046 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ketjo, there is NO REASON to BUY the magazine. All of the photos will hit the web and be available for FREE (for our laughing pleasure) the second the magazine hits the stands.

Hugh Hefner and Playboy are dinosaurs and Hef is just cashing in on the Lindsay Loserhan train wreck.

Hef is going for the freak factor with Lindsay and is trying to squeeze the last little bit of cash out of his dying magazine.

You know for sure that Hef is holding onto some of the really bad and gross shots of Lindsay, so he can sell those hotcakes when she finally manages to kill herself with her excesses. Hef may be old, but he is not stupid. He just realizes without some sleeze and scandal he just can't sell Playboy anymore.

1046 days ago


LOL.....your right about the free pictures on the net ...but if you don't have a laptop its hard to get to desk model moniter into the bathroon now ain't it......+or like the stack of playboys my hubby found hidden in the hay loft of the barn that had to have been hidden there for at least 15 yrs from when my son was a teen....I teasingly told him his his oldest son Will had found them and he almost killed himself getting into the loft to make sure there was no more hidden treasures up there for his boys to find.........
Mothers are so Mean sometimes aren't We......LOL

1046 days ago


You 're absoulutely right Julia, she was not particularly pretty even after all the work she had done, and she was not regarded highly as a actress at all because she couldn't act and was only cast in movies as favors to producers for her current lovers at the time...never for her acting abitity...She was not respected by her peers, or that well liked by the public who regarded her a hollywood whore....she was famous more for who she slept with or was sleeping with then for being a actress...I know because I'm old enough to have been around in the fifties and sixties when she was most popular..and during her death...which I beleive was a murder because of her slepting with both the president John Kennedy and his brother Bobby...and she made the mistake of talking about it ...very stupid move...that killed her...
Only after her death and the hollywood legend makers took over and started the glorifying of her memeory for money did the Marilyn story really began....Just like other "Hollywood Icons' the real Marilyn wasn't what you see or hear about....

1046 days ago

AGENT smith    

There haven't been any new posts on Lindsay in almost 24 hours. The haters foul filthy mouths are dripping in venom waiting to be spewed .........

1046 days ago
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