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Lindsay Lohan

Jail Was 'Scary'

11/7/2011 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan in jail
Lindsay Lohan
is telling friends ... her 4.5 hour stint in the pokey was "scary" ... even though she was never placed with the general population.

We're told Lindsay was alone in her cell during her time in custody at Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA.

Sources tell us Lindsay described the jail as "cold" -- saying it's one of the worst places she's ever been in her life.

Lindsay is telling friends the experience was another wake up call ... insisting she's learned from her mistakes and wants to put her problems behind her.

We're told Lindsay didn't eat anything during her stay at Lynwood -- then again, it's not like she had time for a meal.


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Buddy The Elf    

Shut. UP. Whore.

1051 days ago


Oh BULL**** - Worst place she's ever been? Was a real wake-up call? SOooooooooooooo sick of this trash.

1051 days ago


How many times we gotta here that Lindsay Lohan is in jail, got released immediately and is turnin her life aroud? Just hang it up alreddy, lady. Nobody is dumb nuff to beleive your tales. Maybbe you should write ficton.

1051 days ago

bella vegas    

Why don't they take someone out of jail and leave her in there? I simply don't understand why she keeps getting out...! Looks like $$$$$ money can buy her freedom...Our system sucks!

1051 days ago


She has friends? I highly doubt it, maybe paid friends but no real friends because who can trust her?

1051 days ago


OMG! Cry me a river, you big Baby! Let me take you on a tour of the REAL WORLD and what some people go through without even deserving it.
Wake up call, my arse!!!!!!!!!!

1051 days ago


This is ridiculous.. shes a drunk, a drug addict, a thief, a probation violator and she still gets out FREE.... Send her to the BRONX.. so we can show her what real justice is.!!!! THIS JUSTICE SySTEM SUCKS!!!!

1051 days ago


She's one of the most notorious who should make jail her home base! Just because they've accepted her ways in Hollywood to bring money in doesn't mean she should be able to do as she pleases! Because she's a money maker for Hollywood is no reason she should not serve time as others who chose not to go to the road of fame/shame. She puts her pants on the same way we all do. Thus she's NO BETTER and should HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE LAW!

1051 days ago


I'm sure the general public would not get the same treat. I'm so sick of her. She needs to go away!

1051 days ago


boo ******* hoo

1051 days ago

My Little Girls    

Lindsay Lohan will never be held accountable for her actions. The legal system has permitted her a free ride when it come to punishment for her crimes. If you or I were put in the position that she has been going through for years now, we would be serving time in jail,long probation and a hefty fine . Just because she's an actress doesn't give her a free pass to do anything she wants.
She will being acting up again and will the justice system do anything about it... They haven't yet ... as guess what they say is true.. People with the Money have the Power.. even when it comes to Justice.

1051 days ago


What did she break a nail ...poor wee lamb. Oh well these things are set try us

1051 days ago


Un Freakin Believeable 4 1/2 In Hrs jail And It Was Scary???

What Thease So Called Stars Need Is A Reality Check They Do Real Crimes Make Them Do Real Time Not This Slap On The Wrist Crap Let Them Do Real Time In Real Jail

I Am So Sick How TMZ & Other News Outlets Make Thease Celebrities Misunderstood, Or They Came From A Dysfunctional Familys.... Welcome To The Real World

1051 days ago

deez nutz    

it is complete b.s. that stars can totally bypass the legal system. if that was a common person, they would be thrown in jail without question.

1051 days ago


4 hours? wow. i wasn't sure, before but i am now... this smelly incest victim has go give the best head on the planet, hands down.

1051 days ago
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