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Lindsay Lohan

Released from Jail

11/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-lindsay-lohan-tmz-EXLindsay Lohan has been released from jail -- a mere 4.5 hours after she checked in.

As we first reported, Lindsay checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA last night at 8:48 PM PST to begin serving her 30-day jail sentence.

She was released at approximately 1:30AM. Tough life.



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What a joke

1059 days ago


The "system" needs to stop wasting tax payers money and just let her be a drug addict. If that's all a person is going to do for a 30 day sentence then don't bother. What a joke. This is just a game to her. 30 days should mean 30 days. But I assure you if it was me doing this I'd get a lot more time and I know many that are there over 4.5 hours have done less then she has.

1059 days ago


BTW you the taxpayer are paying for this due process sham !

1059 days ago


Why are the taxpayers burdened with this justice farce (trial costs etc.)? Simply make full-signs as at parking garages at the jail doors. Or let out a non celebrity instead...

1059 days ago


Something stinks here. Why would all the judges give in to Lohan and continuously give her no jail time? Who in a higher position has the judges hands tied so that they can't give her any time? What person in power must be being blackmailed by a Lohan for favors rendered if you know what I mean. Like when Lindsay was a young innocent just starting out and was still jail bait? Let her off or Lindsay starts talking, bringing down a whole boatload of powerfull men who did favors FOR Lindsay in return for favors FROM Lindsay (or Dina ). Why else the continuous free passes.......? Just a thought.

1059 days ago


I'm sure the 4.5 hrs of hard time really helped her to become a more mature and respectful citizen! LOL!

1059 days ago


The Sheriff is full of BS. I live in West Hollywood, and I look at the crime reports. There are hardly ever shoplifting reports at the Beverly Center, The Grove or any where in between.
This would be the wild west if criminals were doing 20% of their sentence

1059 days ago


Just makes me think the judge is a total idiot! She should have given her the maximum... knowing that Lindsey would only serve a fraction.
Lindsey is pathetic!

1059 days ago


Lindsay Lohan wins again! Tell us some more about that SERIOUS JAIL TIME she is going to get. How many BIG HEADLINES did TMZ get out of that fraud?

1059 days ago


Money talks eh , there is no judicial system in the Untied States, if you have enough money you can BUY your way out of anything
Pathetic !!

1059 days ago


So the message California sends by this is if you want to be a career criminal go to Los Angeles because they don't punish you. I heard it loud and clear this morning. Thanks Lindsey for letting them all know. Will be trying to send our criminals out there...were they can do what they want to. Better move to beverly, a place where criminals want to be.

1059 days ago


Hey TMZ where is the Lindsey get out of jail quick game?! In this game there will be a face of Lindsey and the jail bars and jail exit doors! Move Lindsey's face face enough to catch as many jail bars and jail exit door as one can for many points! Hey, Lindsey see's it all as just a game and it has become just a game with the justice system there, so why not have a game to play about it! LOL

1059 days ago

Red Cloud    

How many non-fans were absolutely certain she would do a good stretch behind bars? And how many on the fan side, icluding yours truly, said she would get a light sentence/reinstatement? Why do fans seem to have a much higher correctness rating regarding Lindsay's past, present, and future???? LOL!!!!!

1059 days ago


FireFly: Bingo ! Hit that nail right on the head...I totally agree with that one....

As for the Rest I see a pattern here folks ...its my specialty.....patterns.....Lohan Inc is hard at work this morning deverting blame again from Lindsay to the Legal System comment after another repeating the same-O same-O ....anything to take the spotlight off of their girls stupidty.....So they can come out with the New and Improved Lindsay Lohan in a day or two.....
One Pimple on the cheek of California ass does not mean the whole state is currupt....LA and LA country is run by the very powerful men who really call the shots there....and Firefly has it right the Lohan INc by hook or crook are connected to these men and are having strings pulled left and right to save there money makers rapidly drooping ass.....It ain't nice.....and it ain't right....but the the plain put the blame were it really goes and leave the rest of California and the United States out of it....Cause the rest of us are as appauled you about this farce......
Don't worry it will be over soon anyway ....she keeps on as she is and she'll OD before shes 27 ......almost a garantee......

1059 days ago


After her stunt crashing Clint Eastwoods J.Edgar party that just further concreated her already tanked acting career,she better complete her probation so she can leave the states to try and find work. She won't find it here.

She claims she was invited by a guest. Why didn't she go with the guest. Oh, that's right there never was any invite. How stupid was that. Lohan once again, makes a complete fool of herself.

1059 days ago
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