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Lindsay Lohan

Released from Jail

11/7/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1106-lindsay-lohan-tmz-EXLindsay Lohan has been released from jail -- a mere 4.5 hours after she checked in.

As we first reported, Lindsay checked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, CA last night at 8:48 PM PST to begin serving her 30-day jail sentence.

She was released at approximately 1:30AM. Tough life.



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Hello, I am from Canada, I shoplifted when I was 19, I am 34 now, and am still paying the price i cannot get a job in my field because of a petty theft.
Now I see what happens down there and I think, maybe crime does pay, in California, my girlfriend is from LA I am trying my hardest to move down there. Oh dunno if this made sense but basically i am paying a lot more for my mistake up here than she isdown there and i am not in the news. whatever, at least Canadas Economy doesn't go down the toilet, may occupy a tree in the backyard.
hey Harvey, Harvey is my middle name, really it is.

1079 days ago

J L    

Why don't they just shoot her and get it over with. Letting her get away with it is just making her think shes can get away with anything and shes going to end up dead anyway. I seriously and waiting for the TMZ report "Lindsay Lohan found dead in home last night"

1079 days ago


California justice, yep. I guess a 30 year sentence would equal 24 hours and a big mac. What an international joke. There is no system just go in one door chit chat a little, look at your watch and say "well I have to go now", see you again.

1079 days ago


This is an absolute joke! 4.5 hours of a 30 day serve is ridiculous and makes this judge look just a bad as the previous judge. What I'd like to know is why Pari******on had to serve the full sentence? They let her out early because of overcrowding then made her go back to finish out. Why is Ms. Lohan not subject to the same, especially when her "crimes" were worse and numerous? Obviously, it ain't about the money, cause Hiltons' got way more the Lohan!

1079 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

This girl has totally made the judicial system of California look like idiots, I think when election time comes around some of these people should be voted out-what a joke!! This girl likes all the attention you can see it on her face and the lame excuse that the jail is overcrowded? Let someone else out and let this girl serve her time in jail-geesh. The entire country is laughing about the Ca. justice system.

1079 days ago


As always, special treatment for a high profile person. I call BS. She needs to be put in gen pop for the full 30 days, and not be released. Other people have to.

1079 days ago


Most people would get 2 maybe 3 chances not going on the 8th chance. That's why people are so pissed off. Overcrowding or not they could have made room.

1079 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Thats great, now about that Teen Bride.

1079 days ago


Crime pays in America. Freedom allows us to commit serious crimes and get away with it. Our culture is filled with lying. cheating and stealing....all with no remorse.

1079 days ago

Mike Skifstrom    

Funny thing is this city can build a new stadium for a team they don't yet have, but haven't figured out they should be building more jails to deal with over crowding.

1079 days ago

eve from eden    

No room is a lie. Now she is just a lesbian lowlife posing in mens mags which is weird. She is so far gone, she'll be dead by this time next year. I bet she'll be dead by January 15. I placed my bet for 4000.

1079 days ago

Jack Watson    

A perfect example of why Lohan has no respect for authority. 5 hours equals thirty days so by that measure in her mind, even if she DOES get hit with the whole 270 day stretch, she'll only spend perhaps 48 hours actually IN jail. No wonder she doesn't take all this seriously. No nonsense judge and tough new probation officer my hairy Irish American hind parts. Much like everything else in Hollywood this Lohan trial business is all for show. They probably should check and see if the judge in the case has a SAG card. The real story here might be that the judge came from central casting.

1079 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


I would be freaked out and probably couldnt do jail either. But this is Lindsay we are talking about. She will have a private cell, I am sure they will provide her with a pillow and extra blankets (dont want her to sue ya know) and she can sleep and read. For LL it would just be the boredom factor and bad food. Anyone should be able to put up with those two things for a few days to get out of the system.

Now for you or I? It would be he!!. We would not get any little extras LL will get to be comfortable.

1079 days ago


The old double standard is alive and well at TMZ.

If that were Charlie Sheen, the kiddies would be saying, oh wow, he da man, he winning, blah blah blah.

But when it's Lindsay, the jealousy comes out in spades. Nice life, oh boo hoo, woe is me.

Get over it, TMZ. Lindsay has a way better life than TMZ reporters. Obviously.

1079 days ago


Thanks to the Lindsay Lohan legal debacle, all the "Hollywood types" (NO REAL STARS anymore!) think they have a free pass to do anything they want. And it's true. Hollyweirdos have a "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD" no matter what the charges. Hollywood is dead, there is nothing left but these low class, low rent stories to tell. Anyone remember when CLASS and TRUE BEAUTY counted for something?

1079 days ago
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