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Justin Bieber's Accuser

I'm Not Scared of His DNA!

11/7/2011 8:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Yeater
The lawyers for Justin Bieber's accuser, Mariah Yeater, have finally surfaced, and they're telling TMZ they are happy Justin has decided to take a DNA test, and they're not scared that Justin and his team are determined to sue the woman.
Lance Rogers and Matt Pare  tell TMZ, "We are encouraged that Justin Bieber will voluntarily take the paternity test.  That is the only way to definitively determine who the father is."

The lawyers add, "The paternity suit was filed in good faith and it will continue despite the threats."

The attorneys are referring to a TMZ story, in which we reported Justin and his team will sue the woman and make an example of her.



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Sherry Schriber    

this chick is obviously a crazy person. If it is in fact true, she should be locked up for rape of a minor!!

1081 days ago

Joan K    

Though I can't see what the big thing is about this little twirp I do hope his attorneys sue the pants off of her, wait I don't think they will have to do that it sounds like she does that herself.

1081 days ago


As nyc44th said bout an hour ago:

"TMZ is turning into the Star and National Enquirer . . . . always posting the worst photos they can find . . . coming up with headlines that SOUND like the person in the story is actually saying what's in the headline"

I want to hear about this worthless cretin who runs this gossip mill Harvey Levins's boyfriends, how come nobody is discussing that?

1081 days ago

CDN supporter    

paternity test only confirms he's not the father, not that he didn't have sex with her so he is crazy not to sue/prove she lied about even having met him - don't back down Justin! CDN's proud to have you representing our young talent!

1081 days ago


I hope it is Bieber's child, tmz and this population will look and feel dumb for giving him the benefit of the doubt

1081 days ago


To everyone saying Justin has the right to sue - agreed that IF it comes out that she's just making up slander then he does have that right (or rather, he should go after the lawyers since Mariah has no money and they are the ones who've allowed it to go this far). However threatening to sue at this point when there's no DNA proof her story is BS only makes him look guilty or worried and won't do his image any good even if the test comes back negative. If he's truely innocent then he should have just quietly and immediately done the test and looked like a hero.

1081 days ago


She does realize she is admitting to statutory rape of a minor which will label her as a sex offender if she is prosecuted and convicted? I believe this young lady is showing everyone she is not the sharpest pencil in the box.

1081 days ago


Oh, yeah, . . . that's a nice look. Chicks with plastic wrapped around their face look so smokin' hot, . . . NOT!!!!!!
GET A GRIP, AND A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1081 days ago


It will come out that he nailed her in the backstage confusion. He only had a few minutes till they would come looking for him. He sized her up from the get go. Naive and older so she would be discreet. She gave in cuz its JB but she has his post-sex texts.

1081 days ago


Wouldn't it be funny as hell if he WAS the father! I mean seriously, why are they overreacting and threatening to sue if he DIDN'T do her?

1081 days ago


His lawyers are betting on that its someone else's kid, not that he didn't have sex with her. But she's not a tramp, only dumb and naive, so its not anyone else's kid. Its all starting to fall apart. Security guard's statement contradicts JB's statement about heading straight to his car after the show.

1081 days ago

kiana dobson    

justin is not america's sweet heart i wouldnt be shocked if it were true because justin is fake

1081 days ago

Bill Leslie    

hate bieber but if this chick is lying and dragged him into a specious lawsuit I'd sue everybody involved until the end of time. I'd haunt them like Casper the Angry Ghost.

1081 days ago


He's 16, he wants to get his freak on but Selena's handlers won't let him touch her. I doubt he's come clean yet with his own handlers or his mom. And she's no tramp, gotta remember, he came from a background much worse than hers.

1081 days ago


Oh yeah, they are going to get a big payday from that chick. She's on welfare. What are you going to get from her? Nothing. I think there is some credibility to her story. Why would someone make this up? Unless she is a psycho.

1081 days ago
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