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Tyler the Creator

Smacked in the Face

with Flying Bottle [Video]

11/7/2011 4:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tyler the Creator -- the guy who won the 2011 MTV VMA for "Best New Artist" -- took a serious blow to the head last night ... when a moron fired a bottle at the rapper during a concert ... and connected. 

Tyler was performing in Austin, TX -- when some idiot (with one hell of an arm) launched the projectile from the crowd ... and it struck T.T.C. right near his eye. 

One member of Tyler's crew immediately fired a water bottle back in the direction of the culprit -- and moments later, Tyler and the rest of his crew stormed into the crowd to hunt for the bad guy.

No word if Tyler suffered any injuries in the attack -- and so far, it's unclear if the crew ever found the bottle-thrower ... but it probably wasn't pretty if they did.


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Thankfully he was not seriously injured!I hope the person responsible was arrested! But Why would they charge the audience, that just makes a bad situation worse. Didn't they have police details at the concert?

1083 days ago


"the bottle-thrower" should be very scared because rappers love guns and beating women.

1083 days ago


Hope they caught the idiot that threw that bottle. The guy on stage was just as stupid to fire a water bottle out into the crowd probably hitting an innocent person! Ever heard the saying two wrongs don't make a right?
People need to stop and think! Running out into the crowd isn't the answer either. Get the security people to do their job!!!

1083 days ago


yeah that should make your fans feel safe, jump into the crowd and start swinging with impaired eyesight due to a bottle to the eye, learn to dial 911 like an adult

1083 days ago


How funny that he turned in the direction of where the bottle was coming from at the exact moment.

1083 days ago


Wow that sounded terrible. I'm not surprised people were throwing bottles.

1083 days ago

Jam in the van    

It was probably politically motivated. The thrower was most likely making a statement about the sorry state of affairs rap music is in... Where these guys are popular... Or it was a feminist thing.

1083 days ago


Wait, wait. The stage EMPTIED OUT but the lyrics are still going? So who was supposed to be singing? If I dropped heavy cash money to watch someone do a half@ss lip-synch, I'd be throwing stuff, too.

1083 days ago

mike hunt    

2 words: Birth Control. We need all indigents and any creatures that collect welfare, have been or are incarcerated, live in section 8 housing or get food stamps to be irreversibly sterilized so that the violent criminal element in the colored areas will cease to exist due to lack of breeding. It's the most humane thing to do anyway, we do it for cats and dogs, why not indigents? It should be a crime to breed while collecting taxpayer money and increasing the burden on taxpayers. It should also be a crime to purchase fake nails, wigs, weaves, fake name brand clothes and cars with rims that cost more than the cars value. In fact noone on welfare has any business (or bidniz) with a vehicle since they're living off the generosity of the taxpayers they shouldn't be able to afford a car, taxes and insurance. Yet you see it every day in every home that an indigent lives in that the taxpayers pay for.

1083 days ago


Time to start rolling out the chain link fencing again.

1083 days ago


maybe his 'crew' should stop hitting women who are just trying to do their job

1083 days ago

say whaaaa    

Can't believe TMZ is feeling sorry for someone who was uninvited from a music festival for having homophobic lyrics. I thought you guys always went for the gay angle?

1083 days ago


Tyler the creator's face has a high affinity for water bottles because this is the 2nd time he's been smacked in the face in less than 6 months. Maybe the water bottles contain holy water, and are being thrown by a religious group that believes Tyler is satanic, based on his lyrics, lol.

1083 days ago


maybe his 'crew' should stop hitting women who are just trying to do their job

1083 days ago


He is lucky that was the only thing thrown at him that music was absolutely horrible.

1083 days ago
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