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Chris Brown

Neighbors Rejoice After

CB Moves Out

11/8/2011 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1107_chris_brown_tmz_exChris Brown is waving the white flag, because we found out he moved out of the West Hollywood condo in which he was at war with his neighbors.

Brown's neighbors were complaining bitterly that he was parking in handicapped spots, playing music at ear-shattering levels at all hours of the night and even defacing property.  Brown has denied committing any misdeeds.

Neighbors tell us ... they're "ecstatic" to see him go ... but Chris has not sold the unit, and we don't know his plans.



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Once a douche, always a douche.

1058 days ago

Toasty J    

He will NEVER get it.

1058 days ago


I don't like Chris Brown at all. I have no respect for woman beaters, I never really was a fan of his, but once everyone saw and found out what he did to Rihanna..he lost a lot of fans, he obviously has a bad temper and can't control his anger.

1058 days ago


The comments on her are straight racist and crazy. Steve S you are a racist bastard. Not all Latinos are how you claim. I respect my neighbors to the fullest. Everywhere I have lived I always had respect. So you need to check yourself on that comment. To everyone you don't know Chris Brown or Rhianna personally so you don't know what really happened that night. So stop judging about things you don't know. Grow up and get lives.

1058 days ago


stop bringing up his past, he made mistakes and he paid for them. people always act like they perfect, trust me your **** stinks as well

1058 days ago

yeah right    

*stop bringing up his past, he made mistakes and he paid for them. people always act like they perfect, trust me your **** stinks as well*

well...I am not claiming I am "perfect" but I've never once hit a woman, a real man does not hit women, these is no excuse for that and I hate to break it to you...but his "past" will always be brought up, stop making Chris Brown out to be the victim when the real victim was Rihanna. I think some of you fans are in denial.

1058 days ago


half of ya'll on here are ridiculous talking about ish that you don't even know about....First and for most let the whole rihanna/chris brown situation go...ya'll don't know what the hell she did to provoke him..besides she was sleeping with drake anyways...second if you wasn't so worried about him then keep ya head out his a** and contend to your own lives...he not bothering you so stfu...dang i just wish that people will mind they own business...that's how you get the fye slap out ya a** ain't here to please nobody but GOD...when it's time he'll get his judgement just like the rest of us...smh

1058 days ago

Jubril Hassan    

all ***** saying go down with chris brown really hve no life, i mean jst bcos he had a slip up in his life does not mean he is an ******* pls he won the case i mean really u guys should read news evry once in a while

1057 days ago


Eww he looks gay and fruity in that pic

1057 days ago


your a fu#@en idiot!!!!!

1057 days ago


im so sick and tired of people talking about chris brown everyone makes mistakes and this has happened 3yrs ago look at all the celebs that are in and out of jail TI, LIL WAYNE and a hell of alot more and no one seems to care leave cb alone and all of u all talking racist crap need a life as well!

1057 days ago

V. Hancock    

I'm black and it's shameful how blacks and whites and other racs are always talking race, no matter what the issue is. I judge ppl based on what they do, not their race. There are crappy ppl in every race. Get over it guys!!! If you want a country with only your race, go build you own nations else where! I love all races! You're beautiful! Mwah

1057 days ago


if I was chris I would not give a **** what people say because if you black, white people always going to say something negative so chris stay at your place and keep your head up and tell all of them to kiss your ass!

1057 days ago


i wish he was my neighbor. ;)

1057 days ago


i feel alot of people lost respect for chris brown after the rihanna accident. so y not give him a hard time? thats exactly what it seems like.

#1 reason why artist don't get signed- go to

1057 days ago
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