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Dr. Murray

Tell-All Documentary

Reveals Shocking Secrets

11/8/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an excerpt of a never-before-seen documentary starring Dr. Conrad Murray -- in which the good doc reveals some very intimate details about the singer ... some of which are not flattering.

The documentary -- titled, "Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" -- was shot while Murray awaited trial for manslaughter ... and features a shockingly candid look at the preparation of the trial, which includes intense fighting between Murray's lawyers.

The movie is being distributed by a company called Zodiak Rights ... which says it's already pre-sold the rights to air the documentary to "major broadcasters around the world."

Sources tell TMZ ... NBC is one of the broadcasters ... and will air the doc in the United States. 

As for Dr. Murray -- he signed on to the project back in 2009, following MJ's death. It's unclear how much cash Murray is set to make from the movie.


No Avatar


I'm glad the first story on the TMZ page this morning isnt about the KK clan.
Talk about some parasites.

1047 days ago


Just read on radaronline that CM is on suicide watch !!! He should have injected himself with all that propofol...

1047 days ago


It's being shown on Australian tv Thursday p.m. I'll watch it.

1047 days ago

Joan K    

What a joke is right, are any of the Wacko family taking any of the blame for his death? They didn't do much to stop him from killing himself with all of the drugs he was taking everyday. Now everyone of his wacko family are making the rounds on every TV show who will have them to say how much they "LOVED" MJ, what a frigging joke.

1047 days ago


Does LaToya Jackson have vitaligo too?

I was surprised to see Jermaine Jackson outside after the trial. Last I had read he was stuck in some country due to legal problems - maybe a warrant for his arrest in the U.S. or something to do with child support payments.
Does anyone know about this?
It can be confusing with all the brothers and their children and I think a couple of them have been married to the same woman (of course at different times) and each have children with her.

1047 days ago


Something to ponder.

Dr Murray has been convicted of this crime. But, who else should be charged as well? I feel bad for Dr. Murray, although he should be held accountable for his part in all of this.

Micheal Jackson was a troubled soul with many secrets to hide. He masked them as best as he could. But mutilation of his face and body is such a clear sign that this man was NOT OKAY! How many warning signs did people around him need. If any of these people truly cared an ounce for him then perhaps he would still be alive. His family is all about masking there emotions. NONE of the Jackson Kids love themselves! Joe was a horrible man, but lets not forget Katherine, she watched as this would go on and only recently she took a stand against Joe. Make no mistake, the money that MJ brought in was something that NO ONE in that family wanted to stop.

For MJ to die was the only way that he would have any peace from the chaos that he was in. I feel for MJ's kids now. They bare the brunt of being at the care of MJ's mother, who we all know brings in a pretty check for her efforts.

There should be many more people that should have been charged with this crime. Doc Murray got his, I guess we will have to wait for a higher power to unleash the rest.

1047 days ago


Ad he calls himself Michaels friend. Nice to know your "friend" will sell you down the river for a few dollars.

1047 days ago


I hope that the Estate and Papa Joe Sue the Pants off of Murray and this company so that they do not make one red cent! And/or Stop it from being aired period!

1047 days ago



You may me waste a minute of my life. This video doesn't say anything shocking. Most SINGLE men neglect to take care of themselves. If Michael had had a steady girlfriend, he would have taken care of the basics of life - like manicures, pedicures, going to foot doctors, toning down his makeup, taking care of his kids, etc..

1047 days ago


Dr Murray's motto"BLAME ANYONE BUT ME"Dr Murray reminds me of the kid who got caught in the cookie jar.The problem I am having is Murray cannot see what he did wrong,How do you blame a pt for his death when YOU KNOW what you are doing is wrong,Michael counted on Dr Murray to MONITOR HIM,Those calls made WERE NOT IMPORTANT,and most certainly could have waited.for $150,OOO.00 A month Michael deserved every minute of attention,and in order for Michael to do what was said by the defense he did,Michael would have to be houdini.ALSO L.A.County D.A.Steve Cooly wanted to take credit because he is still trying to CONVICT Howard k Stern and Dr E ,and is accusing the judge of BIAS.COOLY IS GRANDSTANDING.there should be a decision at any time for a retrial.

1047 days ago


Hey California taxpayers. Enjoy paying to incarcerate Dr. Murray. I hope he makes millions off the video and all the money goes to one of his girlfriends out of state.

1047 days ago


This man is one corrupt minded individual. High end drug dealer. All that money couldn't buy you common sense could it Mr. Murray? How did those lawyers work for ya Dr Kevorkian?

1047 days ago


If MJ's family files (and wins) a civil suit for wrongful death I would think they would get that money from the do***entary.

1047 days ago
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