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Dr. Murray

Tell-All Documentary

Reveals Shocking Secrets

11/8/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an excerpt of a never-before-seen documentary starring Dr. Conrad Murray -- in which the good doc reveals some very intimate details about the singer ... some of which are not flattering.

The documentary -- titled, "Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" -- was shot while Murray awaited trial for manslaughter ... and features a shockingly candid look at the preparation of the trial, which includes intense fighting between Murray's lawyers.

The movie is being distributed by a company called Zodiak Rights ... which says it's already pre-sold the rights to air the documentary to "major broadcasters around the world."

Sources tell TMZ ... NBC is one of the broadcasters ... and will air the doc in the United States. 

As for Dr. Murray -- he signed on to the project back in 2009, following MJ's death. It's unclear how much cash Murray is set to make from the movie.


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The whole Jackson family except Katherine and the kids are blood sucking leaches who shouldn't be allowed to profit from this either. Raking in all that money from their dead brother/son after some of them were estranged from him for years.

1049 days ago


The Jacksons werent going to do anything as long as checks were coming in.
All their excuses that they couldnt get to him wouldnt stop a court. This guy needed to be under conservatorship. No judge would deny he was mentally ill. His family killed him

1049 days ago


the good doc?... so TMZ now is the PR manager of Conrad Murray

1049 days ago

Brigha from UK    

....People only "loved" Michael Jackson AFTER he died....die young and your fans love you forever
What nonsense!
Michael sold out 50 shows in record time. In court, Randy Phillips stated that they had enough interest to sell out 100 shows. And that was only the UK.

Michaels fans never abandoned him in his 12 years absence. They were always waiting patiently until he was ready.

Yes, some new fans have discovered MJ since his death. What's wrong with that? Is it surprising that they are impressed by him?

People don't love MJ simply because he's dead.
They love him for all his achievements, for his humanitarian stance and for what he stood for as a person.

1049 days ago


When will the Jackson family file a civil suit against the Voo-Doo doctor. Not that they need the money but to keep the Voo-Doo doc from profiting off Michaels murder.

1049 days ago


It is on Murray will say all kinds of insults on Michael Jackson because he is very angry, but not serious that justice is done and just
I love you Michael Thank you TMZ

1049 days ago


Dr. Murray makes this do***entary after he is charged with the death of Michael Jackson? Again Michael is not here to dispute more lies of this dedicated doctor and let's not forget "his friend". Doctor patient relationship? I really hope after this is released that the family and the Estate of Michael Jackson have legal rights to take Murray down! I have no respect for this man! His actions speak louder than his lying words! People wake up! This wonderful, kind. gentle, caring Cardiologist as many have praised him has another side.....greedy and yes I believe he was "star struck" too. Well he will be famous now too till the day he dies. He has made history for being responsible for the death of Michael Jackson!

1049 days ago


Dr Murray was a state of California licensed drug dealer,with a $150,000 per month drug addicted customer.They both deserved each other.
I am sure that CM will make even more money now,he can split it with his dream team attorneys,Larry,Mo and curly Joe.Cant wait to buy the Dr Murray bobble-head doll.

1049 days ago


When is the paramedic going to put his nose up on Ebay?

1049 days ago


Jackson is still dead, Murrays in jail, the Jackson family is sueing everyone the can to vulture money. Michael Jackson did not leave his '$$$grieving loving family$$$' (total joke) a single penny. Everything left went to his estate the Jacksons have no control over. Still don't.

Bring on the civil suites. They won't get the break the trial allowed. The real Michael Jackson (no saint), not the entertainer he once was. The Jacksons being fully aware of his drug problems and so on.

You want to bet the Jacksons won't be so concerned about his kids now.

Bring on the civil suites.

1049 days ago

Let it go    

Do you really think the Dr. is the only one who is responsible for MJ's death?
Did you ever think what would you say if MJ ask you to do something? Would you say no to him?
Just the fact the doctor was hired by MJ should tell you, he wasn’t a bad doctor. If he would be bad MJ would never hire him. When you judge the Doc you judge MJ himself too.

You are in the USA so proudly serve GOD and live by the Bible. The Bible encourages for forgiveness.
What I see here is a bunch of hypocrite blindfolded by the hate towards the Dr. and wants blood for blood.
Open the bible and forgive.
I am an MJ fan who keeps his eyes open.

1049 days ago


he never had a pedicure? WHO CARESSSSSSSSSS. i guess judge pastor did not know about the do***entary....even because murray was not allowed to talk about anything related to the trial when it was shoot.

1049 days ago



1049 days ago


Shutting the barn door after the horses got out......

1049 days ago


What happened to Dr. patient confidentiality?? Oh that's right, his patient is dead because of him. His patient can't talk and tell his side of the story, and his patient doesn't stand to earn money from this do***entary.

1049 days ago
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