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Dr. Murray

Tell-All Documentary

Reveals Shocking Secrets

11/8/2011 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an excerpt of a never-before-seen documentary starring Dr. Conrad Murray -- in which the good doc reveals some very intimate details about the singer ... some of which are not flattering.

The documentary -- titled, "Michael Jackson and The Doctor: A Fatal Friendship" -- was shot while Murray awaited trial for manslaughter ... and features a shockingly candid look at the preparation of the trial, which includes intense fighting between Murray's lawyers.

The movie is being distributed by a company called Zodiak Rights ... which says it's already pre-sold the rights to air the documentary to "major broadcasters around the world."

Sources tell TMZ ... NBC is one of the broadcasters ... and will air the doc in the United States. 

As for Dr. Murray -- he signed on to the project back in 2009, following MJ's death. It's unclear how much cash Murray is set to make from the movie.


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1051 days ago


what a jerk .......... micheal diserved better im glad that doctor conrad is in jail God Bless ...

1051 days ago


What this type is not possible! He really wanted to use the fame of Michael pr be a max of money by abusing his position "privileged" by being the doc while he is in silence and discretion!
Murray think at your silly mistake in prison idiot

1051 days ago


The "shocking secret" is that Michael Jackson had calluses on his feet?!


1051 days ago


Joe Jackson is doing one in 3D.

1051 days ago


I blame the American justice system. Who on earth would allow him to sell this and make money off the back of MJ. Then sites like TMZ with headlines like "reveals shocking secrets" just so you watch the video so they can make money off the advert before it...sad.

1051 days ago


Shame on you Michael for doing this to such a great Dr.

1051 days ago

Tove Hansen    

Dr. Murray
Tell-All Do***entary
Reveals Shocking Secrets

Please send the link for Live and the time + date the do***entary will be on

1051 days ago

Kay-Kay I see where murray was going now. The taped recording and now this comes out. It was all for money along with blackmale, MJ would of had to pay him off to keep things hidden from the public...i.e..the recording. Murray set this all he sits outside and shows the world MJ home and how murray is taking care of MJ as if he is some type of father figure interesting. This is what happens when you let a mentally deranged person into you home. Murray sold and made deals long before the medicine. And he got caught with murder on his hands now he wants to sell videos for money? Com'on America we are way better then this. This guy comes to America and lies to make a fool out of us. America are we United are we going to Stand? are we going to put up with this Bull**it? Put this s*** under the jail!

1051 days ago


First he kills Michael and now he's going to trash him. I hope the estate sues for the royalties.

1051 days ago

MJ FAN Loder is an A**Hole    

What can he say? INterviewer: Why didn't you take the stand?
Murray: Because I know I was guilty and it would be devestating to my case.

Interviewer: You already lost, tell the truth.

Murray: What can it hurt? Ok, I killed him. I overdosed him knowing it was wrong but did it anyways.

****BOYCOTT THIS PATHETIC ATTEMPT AT "THE REAL STORY"**** if thats the real story, what was court? A fantasy?

1051 days ago


EVERYBODY used Michael during his life and his death. Now even Michael´s killer is trying to make a buck out of his death.
Boycott this idiot!

1051 days ago

Thanks for protecting children, Murray    

Worth knowing...

-Michael Jackson was thrice accused of child molestation (Chandler, Francia, Arvizo)

-Michael Jackson settled his 1st case for $25 million after a 13-yr-old boy accurately drew a detailed description of his genitals...including marks that can only be seen during an erection.

-Michael Jackson had an alarm system for his bedroom that would go off when someone was approaching.

-Michael Jackson had a 2nd hidden bedroom within his main bedroom.

-Three different types of semen were found on Michael Jackson's mattress--one belonged to him, and the two others belonged to different males. A fourth sample of semen was found in Michael's bedsheets, and a fifth on a size small pair of underwear stored in a bag with Michael's own soiled underwear. No female DNA was detected.

-During the raid, police discovered that Michael Jackson had multiple books of nude children including "Boys Will be Boys", which is an extremely explicit book of young boys in erotic poses (this was locked in a filing cabinet in his room)

-Michael Jackson owned a nude photo of his pubescent friend Jonathan Spence...a boy he shared his bed with for years.

Anyone who still doesn't realize that he was a child predator is an idiot.

1051 days ago


What a slimy, selfish, conceded and money hungry s***bag. First he kills MJ and now he gets money to exploit it. I felt bad seeing Murray in cuffs but now .. I have NO SYMPATHY.

1051 days ago
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