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'X Factor' Contestant Warned

You Drink, You Smoke, You Lose

11/8/2011 12:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Josh Krajcik
Josh Krajcik's chance at winning $5 million bucks on "X Factor" could go up in smoke -- because the singer's doctor believes cigarettes and booze are sabotaging his shot at victory ... TMZ has learned.

A source close to the production tells us, Krajcik was having issues with his voice giving out during practice last week -- a doctor told him boozing and smoking were to blame ... and Krajcik should stop both IMMEDIATELY.

At that point, we're told that Josh's mentor, Nicole Scherzinger, stepped in to tell him to cut down before he gets eliminated ... but while Josh is trying, quitting ain't easy.

The source said Josh "knows he needs to if he has his sights set on winning."


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1043 days ago


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1043 days ago


I find it extremely pathetic that you are all willing to jump on this story like a pack of wolves. Millions of people in this country alone are smokers and many many people enjoy a drink. Of course a doctor is going to say you have to quit smoking and drinking. Should he quit? Of course but no one knows how much he smokes or drinks. I'm sure there are a myriad on this comment board indulging in the very same things. As far as his appearance it does not take away from his talent. He has an amazing voice regardless of his haircut, beard, or fit of his clothing. Could you possibly be more judgmental?

1043 days ago


I cannot believe how judgmental everyone is on this site! Josh has my vote regardless. And if he gets booted off the show, well lets just say that he will still have a career because he's just that damn good! GO JOSH KRAJCIK!

1042 days ago

Sandra M. Almas    

If we always judged a book by it's cover, there would be many in the music and movie industry out on their ears. I commend Josh for being who he is and not someone else. He is abundantly talented and will go a long way with his NEW career in spite of the negative comments. He has an adorable face, a beautiful smile and great personality and an amazing voice. He is a total talent package! Best of luck to you Josh!

1041 days ago


The foo simon is a **** on da b4 da show of november 10,2011 hes was fitting off da foo da host of the x factor cus they.were kinda arguing about some vote, but he did it super lowkey b rubbing his eye with the middle.fingerrrr......

1041 days ago


You people are a joke. You want everyone clean-cut, trim and proper. Justin Bieber, everone? Josh Krajcik is someone who sings from the heart. He's real, and because of that, he has faults. So what. I say it's wonderful not every singer out there is excrement crapped out by some studio exec who thinks music and the people who sing it should be only one way. Hands down, Krajcik is the most talented singer on X Factor, one of the most talented singers I've heard ever...period.

1041 days ago


Someone who is a hater started rumors about Josh....who knows for what reason....if he what Dean Martin....Sammy Davis Jr.....and so on.....if he drinks a little so WHAT.... his voice is amazing!!!!!DON'T HATE......And he is a great looking man!

1038 days ago


It doesn't really matter, he doesn't stand a chance against Melanie. If people vote accordingly, you know, with respect to who really has talent, and a golden voice, she'll win in a LANDSLIDE.

1015 days ago


We don't even know how much of this is gossip and how much is truth. I do hope anyone smoking quits simply because it is not good for them. I was really surprised at footage of some of the great bands from the past and how many of them smoked. I can't imagine smoking and singing going together, but some of the greats have done it. For me, it took a really bad bought of pheumonia, in the hospital, and having the feeling of not being able to breath. It is hard to quit and not to get on my soap box, but I do not understand the "educated" younger generation taking up the habit. Just saying...............

1012 days ago


lets face it, this guys over 30 and if 5 million isn't an incentive to quit smoking and drinking than nothing is, especially if its affecting his voice. I remember when dionne warwick had the same problem, she quit. Now they have chantix to help smokers and it works. Good luck Josh.
ps: clean up a bit, you are more attractive when you look less dirty.

1012 days ago
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