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Kurt Loder:

MJ Was a Child Molester

11/8/2011 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kurt Loder
Kurt Loder
-- the longtime face of "MTV News" -- says he believes Michael Jackson was a child molester.

Loder appeared on the "Jeff and Jeremy in the Morning" radio show this morning  ... when he was asked if he thought MJ's death was a tragedy.

Loder replied, "Its a shame how he grew up ... his childhood was a shame ... there is many sad aspects to his life, ... on the other hand, I think he was a child molester, and that sort of tempers any feelings you might have about him."

When asked why he believed MJ molested kids, Loder claimed he knew about secret payouts to the parents of little boys ... and pointed to MJ's bizarre behavior.

"Having sleepovers with little boys, and you're a 40 year old man??? Uh, NO. You're like a child molester."

Loder continues, "Maybe being a child molester is the product of a pretty terrible childhood he had ... you can see why that might have happened. On the other hand, molesting children is bad."


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Justice4MJ's VICTIMS    

Hey, guess what...

-Michael Jackson was thrice accused of child molestation (Chandler, Francia, Arvizo)

-Michael Jackson settled his 1st case for $25 million after a 13-yr-old boy accurately drew a detailed description of his genitals...including marks that can only be seen during an erection.

-Michael Jackson had an alarm system for his bedroom that would go off when someone was approaching.

-Michael Jackson had a 2nd hidden bedroom within his main bedroom.

-Three different types of semen were found on Michael Jackson's mattress--one belonged to him, and the two others belonged to different males. A fourth sample of semen was found in Michael's bedsheets, and a fifth on a size small pair of underwear stored in a bag with Michael's own soiled underwear. No female DNA was detected.

-During the raid, police discovered that Michael Jackson had multiple books of nude children including "Boys Will be Boys", which is an extremely explicit book of young boys in erotic poses (this was locked in a filing cabinet in his room)

-Michael Jackson owned a nude photo of his pubescent friend Jonathan Spence...a boy he shared his bed with for years.

Anyone who still doesn't realize that he was a child predator is an idiot.

1082 days ago


So if he knew this why didn't he ever come forward with the evidence when MJ was alive?

1082 days ago


OH TMZ you can`t stand the fact that this good Quack is guilty- so you must do something BAD to Michael. poor boys!


1082 days ago


Is it any wonder that the only MJ fans left in the world are ALL OUT OF THE US???!! They're not even here, and they dictate how we should look at a certain man... Remember, these are people who thought MJ was popular Here at the end of his career, where he really hadn't been RELEVANT since "Dangerous"... 20 years. The foreign fans are usually 10-20 years behind the current musical trends.

1082 days ago

King of TMZ    

lol all the trolls and negative comments
I guess they're fake accounts generated by Con-Rat Murderay Defense team... lol

Beat it! The guy was acquitted and he didn't seem like a Child Molester. He just wanted to make abandoned children feel love (which he didn't feel when he was child) but their Troll opportunistic parent had to leech off of the celebrity $$$$.... if a celebrity moslests your child you don't get paid to shut up you bring the dude down. and for the Druggie argument if someone needs Heroine a doctor who prescribes it to him and feeds it to him for 100,000 is actually the one accountable. End of story. No Twisting. & No 15second of fame trolling or against the flux no-lifes.

1082 days ago


Who didn't know that MJ was a Child Molester? Baby dolls and pictures of young children FILLED his bedroom - but you know that's completely normal according to his "fans". I never liked him, I have always thought his music was ENTIRELY over-rated. He was CLEARLY a child molester..who ruined god knows how many children's lives. I do not find his death a tragedy what so ever. The real tragedy here is that he got away with countless crimes against children ( I pray to god that didn't include his own) He did it to himself.. (and yes, Conrad Murray should have been found guilty. He was doctor should ever use propofol in the way that he did. I agree with the verdict.)

1082 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

This breaks my heart to hear someone being slandered for a horrendous crime...especially a gentle soul like Michael Jackson. This hurts me and it's not even against me, so I can only imagine how he felt and feels. :(

1082 days ago

buzz kill    

The child molester known as Wako Jako was responsible for his own death. He was a self destructive pervert. Good ridance. Thank you Dr. Murray.

1082 days ago


Isn't he just a spiteful, hateful person? Not sure why Kurt Loder has an axe to grind or why he even feels the need to convey his thoughts which then people will rally 'round him like his words are gospel. It is an opinion, not a fact people! What a buffoon.

If a woman invited children into her home and they spent the night camped out in her bedroom watching TV and movies, playing games and eating cookies and milk, for the most part people would likely say, awwwww isn't that cute?

Unless you have facts, and aren't second-guessing or forming uninformed opinions or taking the tabloids rumors as truth, people should just shut their mouths and go on with their day.

1082 days ago


Do not BELIEVE the stories from MJ fans. They are trying to cloud the facts of the last trials.

HE WAS GUILTY of the crimes, this being America though, a rich man can buy his innocence by silencing the victims.

Again, please take the time to ignore the lies, half-truths of MJ fans. They are TRYING TO DECEIVE YOU.

1082 days ago


REmember this too - 76% (or so the poll states) can't be wrong!!!! The MAJORITY SPEAKS!

1082 days ago


Your an idiot Mr. Loder. Are you just looking for some publicity? Who in their right mind would except money from ANYONE if that person molested their child? I sure wouldn't. Those people that accused him of child molestation wanted money! If I really thought someone molested my child I would make sure that person fried in prison. No amount of money in the world would stop me from making sure they were prosecuted! Those people just wanted money and they saw Michael as an easy target.

1082 days ago


To the person who keeps flooding this thread with lies and half-truths: - Jordan Chandler did NOT accurately describe Michael's genitalia. If that had been the case Michael had been arrested right on the spot when the strip search was done. Jordan Chandler claimed MJ was cir***cised when he was NOT! - The alarm system actually helped discredit Star Arvizo's claims that he saw MJ molest his brothers. How could he sneak in unnoticed when there was an alarm system? - The prosecution claimed in one of their motions that they found DNA from two males on MJ's bed other than MJ's. But interestingly they did not even intend to introduce this evidence to court! You heard it right: it was the prosecution who did not want to introduce it to court! Why if it was such an important evidence? Of course had the prosecution introduced this evidence to court, then the defense would have got to examine it as well with their own forensic experts. Guess that's something the prosecution didn't want. Wonder why. Perhaps the claim it being semen was false? Probably. Anyway, it has been told by several witnesses (prosecution witnesses as well) during the trial that several other people slept in Michael's bedroom when he wasn't even there. The fourth sample of semen was found on a pair of underwear - not small size, it was adult size - that was in a laundry bag in the arcades (in another building where Michael's room was). The laundry bag contained a number of various clothes, obviously from various people: male, female alike. This was just one of the clothes in it. Again: it was a laundry bag with clothes from various people! - The "extremely explicit book of young boys" is actually an art book made in the 1960...s that is also in the library of congress. It was confiscated in the 1993 raid and not in 2003. MJ wrote an inscription in it which illuminated the way he looked at those pics: "Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys' faces. This is the spirit of boyhood, a life I never had and will always dream of. This is the life I want for my children, MJ." MJ was an avid collector of art photography books, this was just one of the books in a collection of several thousand books. I'd think a child molester would have tons of this type of books and also child porn but MJ did not have that. No child porn has ever been found in his possession, although his home was raided two times (1993 and 2003). The FBI also checked the hard drives of his 16 computers. Again: no child porn found! Only heterosexual, adult, legal porn and traces to such websites. So according to haters, though MJ was a pedophile, but he'd rather look at hetero, adult porn on the internet and he would keep such magazines by the dozen instead of child porn. But the odd book taken from him in 1993 is the true representation of his sexual interest. Yeah, right.

1082 days ago


You Americans are so dirty minded except MJ, period.

You morons in Europe are the pedophile lovers, so it's no surprise you greaseballs who haven't bathed since the middle ages support MJ. The next World War you all should be left to implode one another.

1082 days ago


Did this guy really know Michael Jackson or is he just another attention-seeking, speculating guesser? What about the acquittals, and those boys who were allegedly abused who actually came forward of their own freewill to confirm it was all lies. What about the secret recording of Jackson? People cannot believe someone could really be innocent and good.

1082 days ago
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