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SLAMS Lindsay Lohan --

You're Full of Crap!!!

11/8/2011 7:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan
Pitbull's legal war with Lindsay Lohan is getting straight up NASTY -- 'cause now, the rapper's filed new legal docs calling out LiLo for being a liar with a rap sheet longer than her movie credits.

Pit just filed a response to Lindsay's "Give Me Everything" lawsuit -- in which she claims the hip hop star owes her money for using her name in the song ... when he rapped, "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan."

Lohan filed the original suit in NY State Court, stating she was a resident of Nassau County -- but Pit is calling B.S., claiming she's been living in California since 2004 ... and "given her frequent legal troubles, Ms. Lohan possesses irrevocable ties to California that are likely to keep her there for the foreseeable future."

Then, Pit spells out why she's full of crap ... noting every, single one of her legal problems in California ... including her multiple stints in the slammer ... the house arrest ... her problems at the Downtown Women's Center ... and all of the community service she's required to complete in the Golden State in the near future.

Pit concludes, "Thus, in light of Ms. Lohan's continuing obligations to the State of California, as well as the foregoing facts, Ms. Lohan is a citizen of California, not New York."

Pit wants the case transferred out of NY State court and into federal court -- where he thinks he'll have a better shot of taking Lohan down.

The drama continues ...


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TMZ, please. Don't write about Lindsay again until she gets sentences for violating her probation. (Which we all know she will)

1078 days ago


Oh shut up, Skankhan. Parody is a legally protected use. You're just wasting more of that precious Playboy money - you can't win.

1078 days ago



1078 days ago


He's stupid, she's stupid, the song was stupid, his lawyers are stupid, her lawyers are stupid, this lawsuit is stupid

1078 days ago


Ok I love Lindsay I really do but this law suit is just down right silly. Celebs have their name mentioned all the time and even though I am a huge fan of hers I am willing to admit yes she has been locked up in jail so what PitBull said was not all that far fetched. However I understand Lindsay is in a rough spot career wise and public image wise so she really cant afford to be taking hits as far her image is concerned so I do see her point with the the law suit. I just think she needs to focus on more important things such as trying to land movie rolls and completing her obligations to the court.

1078 days ago


She, along with the CA court system, is a big fat job. Like it means anything to be "locked up like Lindsey Lohan". Does she think we all haven heard about her issues. Christ thats the only thing she is known for.

Soon will come a day when she wishes somene will mention her name at all God willing.

Somewhere Hillary Duff is laughing her ass off.

1078 days ago


This isn't Lindsay's lawsuit. It's Dina's. DINA lives in Nassau County, NY and DINA wants as much money as she can get. Stupid Lindsay is letting her use her name.

1078 days ago


The only people on the planet who think lohan is a celebrity is the people working at TMZ.

1078 days ago

TMZ - ThatThingYourMamaWarnedYouAbout    


1078 days ago


doesn't Lindsay realize that her name being mentioned in a popula club song will keep her on people's minds? isn't that what she ultimately wants to stay relavant? I think she should just drop it. I am a fan of Lindsay and I don't thnk differently bec she is mentioned in the song like that, it's not a BAD thing that he is saying and it's not a lie. I love Lindsay and we all know she has it in her to rise above this and she got into some trouble just like we all do but she can rise above it. So when you're in the club trying to dance your troubles away and you hear that song and that line it just motivates you that if she can go thru her troubles then we can too! Leave it alone Lindsay! We are your fans and we love that you are mentioned forever in the song! But when you get it together you're gonna "come out of it like RobertDowney JR" go girl.

1078 days ago

double s    

GO PITBULL...Im so tired of LL The first step to fixing your problems is admitting u have them..LL get a grip on your life already cause really your tiring me with your BS and frankly IM SICK to DEATH of u..and if u think for 1 min your gonna channel marilyn monroe in playboy please YOU COULD NEVER COMPARE TO HER..GET A GRIP AND PLAYBOY WHAT A WASTE OF A MILLION DOLLARS take her to a bar get her a few drinks for about 10-15 bucks thats all the money it would take to see her naked im sure..piece of trash and the worst role model EVER

1078 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

YES! YES! YES! Pitbull take her down! Love Love Love Pitbull even more now! He is not just standing up for himself, he is shining a spotlight on who and what Lindsay is!

1078 days ago


So he's accused of dragging mud through the mud. There is no case.

1078 days ago


Yes, we already know she is full of crap. Too bad you can't sue for that, she would really be broke.

1078 days ago


OMG...I think I just fell in love with Pitbull!! LOL! What an AWESOME response and a perfect way of shoving her OWN behavior right in her face. This is the best Lilo story of the day so please... no more. :)

1078 days ago
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