TMZ Live Penn State Scandal JoePa's Only Part of the Problem

11/8/2011 12:00 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Penn State Scandal: Joe Paterno's Only Part of the Problem

Joe Paterno's catching all the heat -- but is someone higher on the Penn State food chain really to blame for covering up the child sex abuse scandal? ESPN Radio 1450's Cory Giger and PSU students join us for the heated debate. 

Plus, presidential hopeful Herman Cain says he's never even met his latest accuser -- and the shocking news of Heavy D's death ... as it broke in the TMZ newsroom.

(0:00) No time for teases today -- Harvey and Charles jump right into the PSU molestation scandal.
(4:00) Evan is adamant -- PSU should fire coach Joe Paterno.
(5:01) Charles is so fired up now ... Harvey can't get a word in.
(7:10) Corey Giger from ESPN radio is on the horn -- and he's disgusted JoePa didn't contact the police.
(10:01) How many people knew?
(14:15) Corey says rumors have been swirling about this scandal for years ... it just wasn't an easy story the break.
(28:00) Breaking news -- Herman Cain is addressing the sexual harassment claims.
(33:01) Herman says he saw Gloria Allred and his accuser for "the very first time" during yesterday's news conference.
(42:01) More breaking news -- rapper Heavy D is dead ... and we just broke the story.
(47:05) Evan has more details on Heavy's death -- and talks about awesome D was whenever TMZ ran into him.