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Michael jackson Executors

NBC is 'Morally Culpable'

For Conrad Murray Documentary

11/9/2011 11:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a blistering letter sent to NBC and MSNBC execs from the co-executors of Michael Jackson's estate, attacking the networks' ethics for giving Conrad Murray a platform in an upcoming documentary.    
In the letter John Branca and John McClain grouse that Murray has no qualms about "smearing the reputation of his 'friend,'" even though he refused to testify under penalty of perjury in his trial.

In the letter, the co-executors doubt that Murray got paid only $1 for his participation in the doc.  In fact, people connected with the documentary hedged when TMZ asked about Murray's payment.

And the co-executors say, the networks are using "moral loopholes" -- claiming it was shot before Murray was convicted -- "in order to boost ratings at a struggling cable network."


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Such hypocrites, that entire family and estate are greedy jackals, just who is auctioning off the bed he died in, how disgusting and grotesque is that? But its ok for the nasty family to make money off his corpse, just not anyone else! THEY ARE ALL REVOLTING, GREEDY, IMMORAL AND JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING!!!

1081 days ago


MSNBC - The most liberal news channel on TV. Being card carrying liberals they always take the "moral high-ground" on any issue. That is unless doing so intereferes with their ratings!!!!

1081 days ago


waahh waahhh.. stop being little whiny babies executors.. If you DON'T like it, DON'*****CH IT.. OH, are we only supposed to have only glowing news about a celebrity all the time??

Give a break. It's america, and freedom of speech. Go back to sucking the estate dry much like the Jackson family.

1081 days ago


What's the difference between this do***entary and the leaking of do***ents from a court etc.? I don't see anyone boycotting TMZ when they leak do***ents such as in the Mel Gibson case and TMZ prints them. Same crap different day.
By the way I just used TMZ as an example, I don't think they should be boycotted! ;) Maybe I should've used ROL for releasing the sealed tapes? Anyway you get my point.

1081 days ago


Get over yourselves Estate. Seriously, yu do not have control over everything about MJ when it comes to people's opinions. And for you to get so upset and all demanding ove this and then SELL HIS DEATHBED just goes to show that Murray wasn't the leech...YOU AND HIS FAMILY ARE. I hope the ratings go through the roof for them and more people see that MJ was a DRUG ADDICT WHO HELPED CAUSED HIS DEATH. Anthing else is just delusional thinking. But then most Mj fans are delusional to begin with.

1081 days ago


GO AWAY MURRAY...JUST GO AWAY...and take that damn...HERMAN CAIN with you!!!

1081 days ago

Let it go    

Everybody who is telling you they not going to watch it... They will.
I will, you will, even the MJ Estate will...

1081 days ago


Ait it, I'll watch. I'm interested in hearing what he has to say.

1081 days ago


More hilarity!!!!

Who was it that aired the MJ's service to the world????

You know the one.....where MJ's "child' spoke.

Was this the EXECUTORS of MJ's estate with approval from K. Jackson. Wasn't the story she wasn't really on board for this but other family members convinced her to do this???? Who profited from this???? Weren't people taken aback that this was even happening????????????

It is so funny.....Branca's letter.....

"Reality show"....
$1 salary not to mention PAYMENT to "represenatives"....
Morally culpable...........

Boy, haven't we heard these same themes in another headlining event of the past week!!!!!!
Is Branca letting us in on the TRUTH of how these PAYMENTS are handled?????

Let the REAL (is there such a thing anymore???) games begin!!!

1081 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

What does anyone expect from that liberal mouthpiece of a *****hole? They've been blowing America for 10 years now and can kiss of and die as far as I'm concerned. The sooner they're run out of business the better of America will be. Rachel Madcow and Leg trickling No Balls Chris Matthews, that moron they cut loose, Olbermann, all liberal shills and freaks to boot.

1081 days ago


This time they are right. Media supporting violence is nothing new and finally people who have business interests hurt by that speak up. Paying a convicted felon for his story is promoting violence. May be fans just shouldn'*****ch, for real. Now, because of the screaming and boycotting the footage fans actually promote it,make people curious about it. And the sale of stuff from that house is disgusting too. Or is it a show for some people. Why would Mr. Chernoff even mention a reality show when the matter was serious. Jurors probably did not need such a reminder.

1081 days ago

They R all Liars N Grifters    

What's the problem, Jackson Parasites, not getting your cut from the deal?
THIS IS IT! Bwahahahaaaaa!

1081 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

What gives these money grubbing, immoral vultures any right to question anything?

1081 days ago

mac the knife    

ha.. Joe Jackson had great foresight to sue Murray..xso now.. he'll get that $$$$'s!!!!

meanwhilke, seeing snippet of this doc.. what a bloody JOKE! Murray is so bloody self-serving hamming it up for the cameras.. what a Pu**Y! he sure can talk but too much of a pu*s to get on the witness stand.. as for being MJ's friend? how he wallows trying so damn hard to elevate himself .,now MJ is gone.. ha! HE WAS NOTHING BUT A SERVANT!

1081 days ago
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