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Michael jackson Executors

NBC is 'Morally Culpable'

For Conrad Murray Documentary

11/9/2011 11:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a blistering letter sent to NBC and MSNBC execs from the co-executors of Michael Jackson's estate, attacking the networks' ethics for giving Conrad Murray a platform in an upcoming documentary.    
In the letter John Branca and John McClain grouse that Murray has no qualms about "smearing the reputation of his 'friend,'" even though he refused to testify under penalty of perjury in his trial.

In the letter, the co-executors doubt that Murray got paid only $1 for his participation in the doc.  In fact, people connected with the documentary hedged when TMZ asked about Murray's payment.

And the co-executors say, the networks are using "moral loopholes" -- claiming it was shot before Murray was convicted -- "in order to boost ratings at a struggling cable network."


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MJ's estate is selling his furniture including his death bed, yet, they're up in arms over a do***entary, must have something to do w/ MJ's family not getting any of the proceeds.

1080 days ago


I won'*****ch because Conrad Murray is about as honest as Casey Anthony.

1080 days ago


I'm sick and tired of this story. Love MJs music but he was far from perfect and he was not a saint. He went to his grave with secrets. He lived by the sword and died by the sword. Let him RIP!!.

1080 days ago


Prayers and love for Michael's children, the Jackson family and their extended family members. Much love to all.

1080 days ago


Thanks, Phantom of the Opera and Pegasus for your enjoyable postings of Michael. His relentlessly magnificent works will never be forgotten.

1080 days ago


Sorry but Murray has the right to do interviews! It is a free country and free speach. Years ago Charles Manson did plenty of interviews on tv and so did Son of Sam David Berkowitz. The Jacksons got a guilty verdict and have to sit back and take the rest that comes with this. What are the Jacksons so afraid of? Does Murray have a secret about Jackson he wants to reveal?

1080 days ago


Has everyone forgotten that Michael Jackson was a PEDOPHILE??? He doesn't deserve any more slack than Jerry Sandusky.

1080 days ago


This whole Jackson thing is very sick. He was an addict - plain and simple and his family that he supported all along financially and riding on his fame should be the ones hanging their heads as they all knew he was an addict and did NOTHING to take care of it. They should have taken action to help him cure himself of his addictions. Tough love is what it is called. They are all takers and not givers.

1080 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray Loses A Lawyer Amid Internal BickeringDr. Conrad Murray Loses A Lawyer Amid Internal Bickering
Posted on Nov 09, 2011 @ 11:00PM print it send it
WENNBy Jen Heger,
Radar Legal Editor

Dr. Conrad Murray and one of his lawyers, Michael Flanagan have parted ways, is exclusively reporting.

The cardiologist was convicted of involuntary manslaughter on Monday, in connection with the death of his former patient, pop superstar Michael Jackson. Los Angeles Judge Michael Pastor remanded Dr. Murray into custody, citing security concerns, immediately after the jury delivered the verdict.

Ed Chernoff, Dr. Murray's lead attorney, says they plan on appealing the verdict, but they will be doing now without one of their original team.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

"Michael [Flanagan] wants absolutely nothing to deal with the appeal. He will most likely be at the sentencing, but after that, his work on the case is essentially over," a source close to the situation tells "Ed and Michael aren't even talking to each other right now, and that has been the status quo for at the past two weeks,".

As previously reported, Chernoff, Dr. Murray's lead attorney, is from Houston, Texas and had been staying with Flanagan to save his client money. However, Ed moved out from Flanagan's posh digs in San Marino, just two weeks into the trial.

"Ed didn't like the way Michael was handling the prosecution witnesses. Ed felt that Michael was too abrasive and caustic with his questioning and that Michael allowed witnesses to clarify points that only helped the prosecution's case. Things were getting very tense and he's moved into a hotel in Santa Monica," an insider told about the sudden move.

Another source of strife between the former legal buddies was Flanagan's decision to order a study be done on Beagle dogs. The beagles were given propofol, to try to back up the defense's claim that Michael Jackson died at his own hand after drinking the powerful anesthetic.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

"It just didn't make any sense to Ed that Michael would have a study conducted on the dogs. How are dogs and humans the same, if the defense were going to pursue that theory at trial? The D.A. actually had volunteers, including Dr. Shafer drink propofol, and their test concluded that dying from drinking propofol was nearly impossible," the insider tells

After's exclusive report about the pooches being given propofol, animal rights group PETA demanded a federal investigation.

Read PETA's Letter To The USDA Demanding A Full Investigation

PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization) filed a complaint with the U.S. Department o****riculture (USDA) alleging "cruel drug toxicity tests on beagles commissioned by the defense team of Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician now on trial for his alleged role in Michael Jackson's death.

"PETA asserts that if attorneys from Flanagan, Unger, Grover & McCool did commission the tests for the drug propofol -- the toxic effects of which have been extensively studied in dogs and humans -- those tests were likely conducted in violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act's prohibition against tests on animals that duplicate previous experiments. PETA has filed a complaint with the State Bar of California as well."

Flanagan's fate was finally sealed however when he decided to go on a media blitz after Dr. Murray was convicted on Monday.

Page Six reported that Flanagan was picked up at the courthouse by a chauffeur to take him on a first class flight to New York City to appear on The Today Show. Flanagan appeared on The Today Show during the third hour, for approximately 30 seconds.

Dr. Murray will be sentenced on Tuesday, November 29.

1080 days ago


NBC Universal Paid $300k For Dr. Conrad Murray Do***entaryNBC Universal Paid $300k For Dr. Conrad Murray Do***entary
Posted on Nov 09, 2011 @ 06:05PM print it send it
Splash NewsBy Jen Heger - Radar Legal Editor

NBC Universal paid $300k for a do***entary featuring Dr. Conrad Murray discussing the death of his former patient, Michael Jackson, that is going to be broadcast on MSNBC on Friday night, is exclusively reporting.

Murray was found guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson on Monday, he is currently in custody awaiting sentencing.

"NBC Universal paid the production company approximately $300k for the right to air the do***entary,” an insider tells exclusively. “Much of that money will go to pay Dr. Murray's lawyers, Ed Chernoff, Michael Flanagan, and Nareg Gourjian. If there is any money left over, it will go to Dr. Murray's current girlfriend and mother of their son, Nicole Alvarez. Dr. Murray will not directly profit from the sale of the do***entary.”

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson Through The Years

As previously reported, the executors of Michael Jackson's Estate, John Branca and John McClain fired off a letter to NBC expressing their outrage about the do***entary.

The letter states: "No sooner was Conrad Murray ordered led away in handcuffs after his conviction on manslaughter charges in the death of Michael Jackson than we discovered your MSNBC network inexplicably will showcase him in primetime Friday night as if he is worthy of celebrity.

DO***ENT: Michael Jackson Estate Fire Off Blistering Letter Over Conrad Murray Do***entary

"Dr. Murray's victim, Michael Jackson was a loving father, an incredible talent and someone who had much left to give the world. Dr. Murray is a convicted felon who a judge felt compelled to have placed in handcuffs and jailed immediately after the jury delivered its verdict. He is not someone NBC Universal should be giving a platform on a prime-time pedestal. We demand that you exercise proper judgment and refrain from airing this program."

Dr. Murray will be sentenced on November 29, 2011, and could face four years in state prison. Dr. Murray was placed in custody immediately after the jury announced their verdict.

PHOTOS: Key Players In The Trial Of Dr. Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson and the Doctor: A Fatal Friendship is scheduled to air on Friday night.

1080 days ago


Murray saved other children

-Michael Jackson was thrice accused of child molestation (Chandler, Francia, Arvizo)

-Michael Jackson settled his 1st case for $25 million after a 13-yr-old boy accurately drew a detailed description of his genitals...including marks that can only be seen during an erection.

-Michael Jackson had an alarm system for his bedroom that would go off when someone was approaching.

-Michael Jackson had a 2nd hidden bedroom within his main bedroom.

-Three different types of semen were found on Michael Jackson's mattress--one belonged to him, and the two others belonged to different males. A fourth sample of semen was found in Michael's bedsheets, and a fifth on a size small pair of underwear stored in a bag with Michael's own soiled underwear. No female DNA was detected.

-During the raid, police discovered that Michael Jackson had multiple books of nude children including "Boys Will be Boys", which is an extremely explicit book of young boys in erotic poses (this was locked in a filing cabinet in his room)

-Michael Jackson owned a nude photo of his pubescent friend Jonathan Spence...a boy he shared his bed with for years.

Anyone who still doesn't realize that he was a child predator is an idiot.

further reading, includes police and court docs

1080 days ago

Colon Pow    

Pot meeting the kettle....definitely. Most of the members of the Jackson family (especially the Father)are gold diggers. Not one of them tried to help MJ and turned a blind eye to his addiction problem. MJ was an addict. He lied to his Doctor saying he could not sleep, but we all know that he was trying to escape reality his who life probably due his family history with his father. MJ was a sick person that needed help. (remember all the molestation allegations?) He always had a vice...Whether it was drugs or sex or the high of performing. MJ wanted to feel GOOD all of the time. Us normal people know that, that is not possible. Sometimes you Can't sleep so what...stay awake long enough and your body will shut down and sleep. I don't care if he was preparing for a tour....CANCEL IT YOUR LIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT! (YOU HAVE KIDS MJ! Stop your bitching and live like a normal human being to stay alive for your kids!!!!!!) I think all of the doctors MJ had before Murray should be investigated. They are the one's who got MJ hooked on the stuff. Murray believed MJ about his sleep issues and that's what happens when you lie to you could die. If Michael or members of MJ's family came forward to Murray announcing their concerns that MJ was an addict, MJ could still me alive today.But NO ONE SAID A WORD! I think Murray is partly guilty but if MJ was one of my family members and all I cared about was his money, I would feel as guilty as Murray. Can someone tell me that the Jackson Family is functional? Definitely not! None of them tried to get him out of the situation they all knew he was in. And now they are jealous of Murray's interviews? sounds like they are a bit digusting money hungry and jealous someone else got paid for something regarding MJ but them. I hope the Jackson Family gets no more interview deals and goes to Hell. If they do get an interview I want to interview them with no B.S. Questions! If MJ was my son or brother I would have said NO MORE SHOWS OR PERFORMING UNTIL YOU GET CLEAN OTHERWISE I DISOWN YOU! But no his family lived off his money and are continuing to. The Jackson Family is a complete disgrace and I am sure 90% of the people reading this will agree. This topic makes me sick,I am done.
Thank you,
Colon Pow
Colon Pow

1080 days ago


Dr. Murray has the right to free speech. He can go on any interview show and state his views. His trial is over now. The Jackson's need to get over it and think about something else unless they have something to hide. Maybe Murray will say something that they want kept a secret.

1080 days ago

Pamela marshall    

I think that do***entary will show a lot the jury never heard

1080 days ago
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